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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Nuclear Attack on Phoenix

Tom Heward, Richard Keltner and Mike Roell have been ministering in New York City for about two years now and they are seeking the Lord regarding additional outreaches to get this warning message out. The following dreams about Phoenix, Arizona being destroyed were given to them and they went to that city May 22-29, 2002 handing out warnings and preaching wherever the Lord opened doors. They believe repentance by the church or a major outreach to the city could delay or avert the event. However since neither is currently going on they believe the curtain is closing for these options and we could see this event come to pass very soon.

Dream given to Richard Keltner. February 19th, 2001 (fulfilled)

I was standing at the top of the South Tower of The World Trade Center Building and I was facing west. I was able to see everything below me and everything looked normal. Suddenly, what felt to be an earthquake coming from below, triggered explosions and rumblings. I tried to keep standing by balancing myself; it felt like being on a surfboard. I heard screaming...screaming like I have never heard before in my life. The North Tower slowly bent itself to a position where it was leaning in front of me and something stopped it. I had not fallen but it looked as if I was about to. I could see people screaming through the windows...saying, "Help me...please, please...Help me!!!" (the screaming was something I cannot explain in this message...it was terrible) The earth had stopped shaking but both buildings were swaying and unstable. I got on my knees and prayed, "Father God, In Jesus Name, please help me out of this My God!! I do not want to die like this Dear God!! Oh Father, save me from this terrible death of falling to the ground!! My house is a mess at home! Don't let me die leaving such a mess! Amen!" As soon as I got done praying an old woman dressed in white approached a window on my left. She was walking on a platform that somehow was raised all the way to the top of the building. The screaming of many people kept roaring in the background. It sounded like thousands. Some screamed, "Oh My God, help us please...help me please!!!" The old woman walked up to some safety window that snapped open and said, "Come!" The people screaming could see me leaving the other unstable tower and screamed even louder now. I said to her, "What about all these screaming for their lives?" She said, "They do not know The Father God and will die today just like you see...they will fall to the ground and nothing can save them".

Dream given to Richard Keltner. March 24th, 2002 (pending)

I was on the phone with my old boss from a company I worked for about 6 years ago in the Security Industry. As I talked to him on the phone I mentioned that he should Get Right With God because there was not much time left before the End of The World. As I explained this I mentioned how I had had a dream on February 19th of 2001 about the World Trade Center falling down and how it came to pass on September 11th of 2001. Then I added that I also had a dream that showed The United States looking like it had fallen into 3rd World Country Status. All of a sudden he said to me "Wait a minute, my daughter had a similar dream!" At this point in the dream I was no longer on the phone with him but in his house looking at his little girl who appeared to be about 6 or 7 years old (his daughter in real life is now about 16 years old). As I talked with him, in his house, he explained to me that "He was not a Christian and his daughter wasn't either, and he concluded that the dream she had might not be true". I told him that it says in the Word of God that The Lord would pour out His Spirit in the form of dreams and visions on "ALL FLESH" in the End Times. As I explained this he said, "His daughter's dream was showing that a Catastrophic Event would be taking place soon that will drag the United States down into 3rd World Country Status". I felt (within the dream) that as he told me this it meant an entire city would be disappearing (I could not tell if this meant that there would be a "Nuclear" or "Chemical" Attack or Something Else). All that was clear is that a city will be attacked and that most of the people in this city will be GONE. This event will bring the United States into total devastation. At the end of the dream I heard PHOENIX, ARIZONA.

Shortly after having this dream me and my friends prayed for confirmation about the Location and the type of Attack. One of my Christian friends has a daughter who lives in the Phoenix Area and the same day I got the dream his daughter received an e-mail from a man she had only met once on campus with the screen name "FuturePhxFire". He was a local fireman trainee and college student whose heroes happen to be the 100's of firemen who recently died in the WTC incident.

Then, that same evening I went to a prayer meeting and shared it with a Pastor leading prayer who said God told him 2 weeks ago that some type of Nuclear Attack will take place in Arizona, and that he didn't want to say anything, but when I shared the dream he said he had to talk about it. So you can see why this needs to be tested by other Christians as soon as possible.

Dream given to Richard Keltner April 10th, 2002 (pending)

I was watching the news on T.V. and Mike Wallace was the newscaster. It seems that Mike Wallace had left CBS NEWS and started his own show. He was announcing "INSIDE INFORMATION" he had received regarding a "TERRORIST PLOT" to launch a "TACTICAL NUKE" against PHOENIX, ARIZONA. He was using several colored magic markers to indicate on a map of the world, with the United States as the central focus, the various nations that were involved "behind the scenes" in this complex scheme to assist the Islamic Terrorists in carrying out their desires against the United States.

Dream given to Mike Roell June 5th, 2002

In this dream I was in Upstate New York and I was speaking to a young man who was a Muslim. He was asking me, "Am I going to be O.K. with all these troublous times coming". He wanted to know if he was right with God. I said, "No, you're not going to make it, you're not right with God, you're not right with Jesus Christ". As I was speaking to this man a whole bunch of young people gathered around me and they wanted to hear what I had to say. Then I started telling them about America's Destruction and about being in the Last Days and all the Calamities about to come upon Us. Then an older woman came over to me and asked, "Are you the same guy that was talking about destruction and naming all the cities like New York City?" And I said, "Yes, New York City, California, Las Vegas and Florida". Then I said, "I have an UPDATE for you and here is the latest one, PHOENIX, ARIZONA". I said, "PHOENIX IS GONNA GET NUKED!!"

Dream given to Tom Heward - April 7th, 2002 (pending)

Last night I had a brief dream while sitting in front of my computer screen and nodding off to sleep for a couple of minutes. In the dream I saw the word "PHOENIX" only the word was TURNED UPSIDE DOWN. Upon waking the Holy Spirit immediately "quickened" the following Old Testament Verse to me to help me understand the meaning of the dream. 2 Kings 21:13 (Good News Bible Translation) I will punish Jerusalem (Phoenix, Arizona) as I did Samaria (The World Trade Center), as I did King Ahab of Israel and his descendants. I will wipe Jerusalem (Phoenix, Arizona) clean of its people, as clean as a plate that has been wiped and TURNED UPSIDE DOWN! Prior to having this dream I had gone to a home bible fellowship and during that time God spoke to me out of the Book of Jonah reminding me of my calling to warn the American People of God's Coming Judgments on This Nation, if we as a Nation and the Christians in particular, do not repent (2 Chronicles 7:14). The Spirit of Weeping and Mourning was all over me as I pleaded with God to be merciful to Phoenix, Arizona and not allow this city to be wiped off the face of the earth in a terrorist attack.


We are basing this warning on the accuracy of dreams given by The Holy Spirit to several individuals with the calling of "Watchmen to America" as defined in Ezekiel 33. Make no mistake about it God has declared to This Nation of America over and over that there would be a "PAY DAY" for the abominations committed in Her Midst (divorce, infidelity, abortion, homosexuality, pornography, greed, lying, hypocrisy, witchcraft, sorcery and perversion). The weather has become bizarre, the rain no longer sustains the farmers' crops, wild beasts attack the people, the economy is a bubble of false hope, and God is knocking at America's Door with even Greater Threats of Judgment (Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Terrorism) as He said He would to a FALSE HEARTED PEOPLE who no longer serve Jesus Christ but their own appetites. For nearly 30 years II CHRONICLES 7:14 has been spoken from the Pulpits of America as "God's Stated Remedy for the Moral, Spiritual, Social and Economic Dilemmas" facing Our Nation. But the People of America only want to hear "Good Things" and the "Pastors and Prophets" in the Pulpits of America are only willing to tell them that which they long to hear. That God only desires to "BLESS HIS PEOPLE". But as God's Prophets Ezekiel, Jeremiah, and Isaiah knew... God reserves "THE MOST HORRIBLE OF JUDGMENTS", not for the pagans or the heathen, but for "HIS OWN PEOPLE" who no longer love Him sincerely but only with "LIP SERVICE" like the "ADULTEREOUS WIFE". And so God in turning over all Judgment to His Son...JESUS CHRIST... is preparing Additional Calamities against This Nation and the only thing that will change God's Mind regarding The Destruction of Phoenix at the hands of Evil Men (as God clearly stated He would do in DEUTERONOMY 28:49-57) is a change in heart, mind and action by the People of God living in Phoenix... serious enough to give God a reason to "Change His Mind Regarding His Ordained Calamity" (as God clearly stated in JEREMIAH 18:1-12). Otherwise Phoenix, Arizona is Doomed...Your Children Have No Future...because Destruction is Coming and Nothing can Stop It. At most it could be delayed or diminished through heartfelt intercession but nothing short of a City Wide Repentance among His People can stop this Judgment of The Lord.

DREAM 01/03/2003

I am walking down a road, heading toward a high school. There are a lot of young people gathering, filling both sides of the road. As I come to the center of the crowd I see some people with a table set up for prophecy and readings. I come to the leader (a woman) and say "what do you see for AMERICA?" IF you really can tell the future? She said "we would win the WAR ON TERROR, and the economy would rebound. I said with great boldness" THERE WILL BE A TERRORIST ATTACK, PHOENIX ARIZONA WILL BE NUKED! THE STOCK MARKET WILL CRASH. THIS IS THE LORDS JUDGMENT. I started yelling to the crowd that these people were DEMONIC and they were leading AMERICA to destruction. The woman leader then started calling curses and demonic attack's against me. I was not shaken and came back at her and said these same curses will come back on you seven fold and you will receive a sexually transmitted disease as judgment. I then entered a church and sat down. There was a man sitting down next to me, taking notes. Someone was speaking from the pulpit, it seemed like he was going on forever, a lot of nothing. No anointing, or revelation, dead word. I then spoke softly to the man sitting taking notes, "PHOENIX ARIZONA WILL GET NUKED. 3 TIMES I SAID IT TO THE MAN". May the LORD JESUS prepare us all for these events.


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