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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Planet X / Earth Changes


We are examining this subject with a healthy dose of skepticism but we know that we will soon see the whole truth.

Below are some articles to consider concerning a pole shift. We expect it sooner or later since the Word and prophecy predict it.

Pole Shift: The cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis is the conjecture that the axis of rotation of a planet has undergone relatively rapid shifts in location. For the Earth, such a dynamic change could create calamities such as massive floods and large scale tectonic events.

Geological Changes from Cosmic Upsets

Although the mainstream media is obediently silent on the real causes of our recent Earth changes, most know something is drastically different. While many in the U.S. have their eyes on the New Madrid fault, as they well should, the East TN Seismic Zone is also a place to watch. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) serves electricity to nine million people in seven states. A loss of their hydroelectric and nuclear power plants in the valley due to quakes would decimate the economy. Nuclear power plants could have problems like they did in Japan with the 8.9 quake off the coast of Japan. Below are some excerpts from two articles concerning studies in the area:

Article 1 The area, known as the East Tennessee Seismic Zone (ETSZ), is the second most active area for earthquake activity in the eastern U.S. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is funding the study.

Hatcher says, "Now we know in East Tennessee, that there is a probability that there could be a large earthquake here too".

A magnitude 7, along the New Madrid fault would also impact East Tennessee. Hatcher says, "We would feel it here without any question, and there would be damage in East Tennessee as well".

The other question is how strong a quake could be in East Tennessee. Dr. Hatcher says, based on frequency of earthquakes and the size of the area, the USGS has estimated a 7.5 magnitude maximum.

DArk Invisible Star Brings Turmoil
Anonymous - 08/02/2011

Here is a Bible Code that was one first light bulb about this in fact being true. It has been around now and on the web for a couple of years, but it does substantiate what is written in the article. Also, there was (at one time) a Bible Code about how the heavenlies ARE a binary star system. There is SO much on that site.

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