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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Planet X, Pole Shift, Earthquake, Martial Law

Carel de Lange (Taipei, Taiwan) - 10/08/2012
(David's notes in red)

Around September/October of 2010, I awoke early the morning, wide awake with a very brief but vivid vision. I dreamed that I was walking on the streets in Taipei. The sky was very clear and blue. It seemed to be winter because most people wore jackets and scarfs. I suddenly noticed people pointing at the sky and starting to take pictures. As I looked up, I saw the bright Sun, but slightly to the left and bottom I saw something like a very bright 'moon' but it wasn't the Moon. (Planet X?) The vision ended there.

The following night, I had another short vision and I awoke at the same time. I dreamed that I was visiting my retired parents in Mosselbay, South Africa. I love taking pictures and especially of the moon. In the dream, there was a very bright, full Moon. I was standing on the balcony, looking out over the ocean and starting to take pictures of the full Moon, when I noticed four or five smaller 'moons' to the right. (Planet X moons.) Suddenly, our Moon (which was bigger) started to move very quickly across the horizon of the ocean from right to left (west to east). (X causing a pole shift.) It moved so quickly across the horizon that it was difficult to follow with my camera. I immediately called my dad to come and see. The vision ended there.

I need to mention that I never dream of planetary objects, so these two visions troubled me a lot. I did a Google search of any similar dreams at that time but none really gave me an answer. That was until the UBM website started to talk about Nibiru/Planet X. It all fit and fell into place. One article on the site described how it would appear in the sky. It described it exactly as I saw it in the vision. I was pretty sure it would happen in about 2011, as many predicted, but I had a few visions before in my life which came true but only came into fulfilment two years or a little more after the vision. (Like Garrett's vision of X two years into the tribulation.) It usually happens when I feel worried or stressed about the future and I believe our Father comforts me in the fact that my whole future is in His hands and I do not have to worry. My sister also had dreams and visions of planetary objects and comets/meteorites/fireballs hitting South Africa.

During this time, I also came across a documentary which has a very interesting view about a planetary tilt but doesn't go so far as to explain why or what caused it. (You could find a little book called Prophecy in Stone by Noah Hutchings, I believe. [Perhaps there is a follow-up or new edition to this.] It is the clue to who designed the Great Pyramid and why. Josephus said that Enoch, who was a prophet, built it for God. God knew every generation along that old equator line mentioned in the video and wisdom comes from Him. He planned those wonders for His purpose. The people who built the Great Pyramid -- Enoch and children -- received wisdom from God, who designed Pi. They were not cavemen but were very wise before degeneration because of the curse fully set in. They had things that many do not believe today.)

I started talking to other friends about these things but they were very skeptical, to say the least. On one such night I prayed to God to confirm the visions I have had. That same night I dreamed that I was walking in the streets of Taipei and then it changed into the fields of Pretoria Boys High School, through which I used to take a shortcut, as a little boy, to get home. There were a few people walking in front of me, mostly neatly dressed in suits. Suddenly, a very tall man in a black suit stopped in front of me and pointed to the sky. I looked up and saw moons or planets. I started to feel very scared and told the man that it is very bad news. He replied that I knew the truth and I need not to worry. Suddenly, his dark suit split in half and he was revealed as an angel with wings. He had black hair, a short neat beard and dark eyes. He then got on a pale, brown horse and disappeared. That was the first time I have ever dreamed about an angel.

A follow-up vision I had was in January 2011. I dreamed that my family and I were in a very tall hotel in Taipei. We were all wearing suits or were neatly dressed. The hotel we lived in had an egg-shaped framework around it. I could see all the buildings far below. Suddenly, the earth began to shake violently. It looked like a rug was pulled out underneath some buildings, so that even two-story buildings collapsed. The framework of the "hotel" also shook violently but the hotel itself barely moved. We watched the whole earthquake from above, without any fear. After the earthquake stopped, some people and I went outside and met a fellow South African and we prayed together for a missing person to be found. The dream ended there.

The most recent vision I had was on about July 23, 2012. I dreamt about David Eells and I felt worried. In the dream, David told me not to be worried and showed me how happy he was by dancing. Suddenly, jets appeared with lightning and flew in a huge formation, passing above our heads. A second huge formation of slower jets followed, carrying away what looked like people's passenger cars. (Note from Brad: When the second wave/attack happens, either the military will restrict travel by automobile or the roads will be destroyed by bombs -- or both [or gasoline will be gone].) Then I saw children and felt so sorry for them that I started to cry. They reminded me so much of familiar faces in South Africa. Shortly after, men in black riot gear appeared and pounded on neighbourhood house doors. It looked like martial law. David still looked happy and told me that everything was ok. I didn't need to worry. I think the reason why the children looked so familiar is that the same would eventually happen in South Africa.

The following night, I dreamed that I was looking down on a map of South Africa -like a Google Earth map. The focus was more on the Gauteng and Eastern Transvaal (Mpumalanga) area. From the east, I started to hear gunshots. It was first sporadic but then became more and more intense as it moved westward from the East Rand to Johannesburg. It turned into a full-scale conflict. I asked someone if it will start on September 11th, as it seems so many things happen on that date. A voice replied very firmly, "No, it will start on September 10th". This was also the first time that I dreamt about a specific date. When the dream ended, it felt strange because it felt that somebody physically shook my shoulder to wake up. There was no year mentioned. I think it may happen in 2014.

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