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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Poetry of Chris Kopko

A Psalm of Revelation A Psalm of Saints Psalm Sent
The angel of the Churches speak,
Thus does say the AMEN;
The faithful and true witness who's,
Beginning and the End.

I know the works and thoughts of them
who're rich and have no need
They're wretched, poor and blind and nude
a sharp and thorny weed

The works of them that think they're rich
and have stored up their seed,
are those things that will be burned up.
Let them that hear take heed!

I know thy works, they're in between
and cares that are lukewarm
I would that you were hot or cold
there's neither love nor scorn

There's love nor hate and so they think
The world is theirs to have
So let them take all their reward
in this world with the bad

You wretched, poor and blind and nude
thou art before His word
Your heart has spoken self deceit
those riches you adored

I counsel thee, to buy of Me
Gold tried and true by fire
For sightless eyes, anointing salve
Clean raiment for attire

Within this hour, this very night
He could requite your soul
So separate yourself from them
and He'll bemete you whole

Within this hour, this very day
You must pick up your cross
And do not feign to follow Him;
and count your works as loss

Within this hour, this very hour
You must seek out His word
To separate yourself from her;
the world, and lies you've heard

And calling out His people from
the world He will then judge
His called-out ones will not see hurt
The earth and all her grudge

Within the ground, He plants the dead
They compost as they leave
and bringing forth much fruit from them
He'll bind up every sheave

The heart of them that have stood fast
shall bring forth fruit of all
And standing in the Holy place
His hand prevents their fall

Within this hour, this very day
The trumpet blast may sound
To separate the wheat from chaff
And sow the fallowed ground

These words are spoke to virgins pure
yet some whose lamps grow dim
The bridegroom's voice can still be heard
Repent and cling to Him

The Lord will clothe in righteousness,
All those He chose as His
And in their hearts, the inner courts
His dwelling place there is

Out of the fields of Ephratah
We took there for our God
The place in which for Him to dwell
With holiness and awe

These tabernacles are bereft
of their own righteousness
Yet, His own blood shall make them clean
And springs in wilderness

The fruitful bough, with holy lips,
shall gladly speak His name
And yet the enemies of God
be clothed with their own shame

I have awoke in deepest night,
And there cried for my Lord
To show His mercy and His grace
within me to afford

He is my very present help,
in all my dire need
Thus, shelter me beneath Your wings,
Thy Bread, thou do me feed

The God of Jacob, hear my cry,
Yeshuah is His name
A mighty fortress, there unto
Their refuge to proclaim

A refuge and their hiding place
The secret 'neath the stairs
Beloved of our 'doring God
Who culls us from the tares

He calls us out from mother's womb
A harlot that He bought
Hosea's wife, departing from
The God whom she once sought

She sought Him in the streets of night
with ears and eyes made dim
Her heart was pressed for strange apparel
Her lips, no more found Him

Her Bread came from a stranger's hand
Her bed became a haunt
She searched there for her secret loves
Her wares for them that wont

Her mirth shall cease and Sabbaths go
the way of Baalim
That take their pay and curse the day
They chose to love their sin

This day, today, My Mother's breasts
have thereto been for hire
The Church that bore me from her womb
exchanged her love, for mire

I love her still and yet I must
depart from her ill ways
And let them go, with prayer for them
Who glory in their stay

Come out from her, our Lord commands
lest judgment shall befall
those lain with her shall be brought down
Who've heard, but, missed their call

Unfruitful boughs, and wicked lips,
Will gladly speak His name
But yet, the enemies of God;
shall be clothed with their shame

For not all those that call His name
Shall know His life to come
And yet the names are written there;
the Lamb's book holds their sum

These tabernacles are bereft
of their own righteousness
And only His blood can make afresh,
those springs from wilderness

Out in the fields of Ephratah
We take there for our Yah
A place within for Him to dwell
With holiness and awe
We ask our Father, dwell within
this heart made clear for Yah

To those that are your people be
as Israel we're known
Who lift their hands, and bow the head
to them be mercy shown

To your great majesty on high
Your glories shall we speak
Within Your word Your Spirit called
to mortal flesh made weak

From those that by Your name be known
shall glory in the same
For He hath made His Spirit dwell
in them salvation came

Of your great majesty on high
creation always speaks
the glory of our risen Lord
All nations should Him seek

Until the showing of His Son
within their mortal frame
The crying out of every voice
revealed His holy name

That uttered their most wretched call
and bowed each knee that walked
upon the face all of the earth
upon each heart did knock

His hand is sure upon each door
disciples He has sought
and few He's found, with faith toward
the blood for those He bought

With thanks toward our Hollow'd King
with praise on lips made pure
by His Spirit's call and this be all
that make our hearts endure

To wait upon this Holy Lamb
forever is our cause
eternally, laid at His feet
lets think on this, then pause...

Selah, they say, and do not cease
from thinking there upon
The glory in His shining face
His countenance alone

(As in a mirror, behold His face
let not yourself be known
When turning to Him on the cross
His image shall be shown)

Upon the cross, His Father's will
forever be made known
upon His shoulders rest that day
The mercies He has shown

For untold sins, that were not His
He bore them to the grave
but there He could not be kept bound
His Father, Him did raise

Captivity was then set free
those bound in sin to death
His resurrection is their own
called forth to the elect

The call to walk His simple way
is not for all to hear
although He would that none should die
too few that would draw near

Too few are those your people be
a remnant, as they're known
who lift up hands, and bow their heads
for mercy you have shown

For mercy shown Your little flock
They, called there by Your Word
before the founding of the worlds
so have their names been heard

Too great Your majesty on high
too glorious to speak
That still small voice whose Spirit called
Your strength in us be weak

From those that by Your name be known
shall glory in the same
in us you made your Spirit dwell
from You salvation came

Within Your heart our every need
You satisfied them all
How often we neglect to thank
for mercies great and small

For mercies that endure fore'er,
eternity untold
the grace and glory of our God
declared from days of old

Declared of them that came before
through prophets whom You spake
in every age, for those with ears
them promise did You make

And never failed to be secured
Your secrets You declare
and for all those, with eyes to see
Your truth have you laid bare

The truth laid bare within their hearts
Your light is shed abroad
To be made known the mercy and
the love and hope of God

Revealed in them, where faith is laid
a truth yet unrevealed
The Sons of God, that bare Your name
by You have they been sealed

And kept unto a time prepared
by You and You alone
The Father of our Holy King
(or The Father, Son and Holy Ghost)
Together You are one

Yes, kiss the Son, lest in His wrath
you might be found to wont
From His precious mercy do not turn
nor cause your heart to daunt

To steal a line, from David's time
"a psalm You gave to me"
I'll sing your praise for all my days
Your Son has set me free
The Son has set us free

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