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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Poetry of Jerod Thomas

My Keeper, My Father
From the ends of the earth will I cry unto you, O Lord.

Hear my plea, incline your ear unto me and I will live.

For truly you are

my Keeper

my Father

My Help and my Very Great Reward

Love me, Lord, as a father loves his child

Teach me Thy ways in my youth

that I may learn not to forsake wisdom as an adult.

Deliver to me Thy truth in Thy word, that I may be established forever.

Deal with me kindly, as my life is but a vapor.

Pour your lovingkindness into me, as I am a jar of clay, cleansed and fit for the Master's use.

Peripheral Vision
O Lord,

Bless me this day to be reminded of your blessed sacrifice

for me

and all those that you will set free.

Oh God, You

have made a way for all to see, to see that we are free.

If I could truly know what that means, my life would be a holy offering. To bring you glory is what I desire, so create in me a fire

that my soul may be entire, and my spirit renewed, and all my enemies subdued

under your feet.

For you are the King of kings seated on the mercy seat.

To trust you is a must, to turn away from all my lust,

to liberate my soul and let you have full control.

For you are the source; I need to let your Word have full course.

So, Jesus,

purify my heart, me crying out is a start, cause I was in the dark

and you gave me a spark.

Now my soulis on fire and the devil is liar.

Lord, now he's shooting out these darts, wait a minute they don't hurt! Hallelujah! It's your Word that guards my heart.

And your Spirit is a light to survive the darkest night.

And your Word is the sword against the battle that is sore. For no demons can withstand the mighty power of your hand.

So ring the alarm cause it's time to take up arms, not carnally but spiritually.

Because of the blood of Christ, we can all take flight. So be strong and courageous in the power of His might.

God bless you, saints in Jesus' name.


What a King
Most Gracious KING, be my refuge and my redeemer.

Be my help and my heart's desire.

Lift me up when I am down,

Speak to my soul by your Spirit, and let me hear it.

For I perceive that your voice is the sound of victory.

You have overcome the world and the evil one.

And my prayer is to stay here right in your presence.

Yes, yes, now I see what Jesus has done for me:

He set the captives free as he hung on that tree.

What a gift, what a love, that could only from above.

But the devil: what a guy, what a lie, what he told me.

For he told me to search for eternity in vanity, but I see the truth in the destruction of all humanity.

No one is safe except they receive the eternal gift, from the eternal gift giver.

Jesus bled out my life as they pierced him by his liver.

But now I see, now I see, praise the Lord, for I am free,

and this feeling in my heart is so heavenly.

What a gift! What a love! This could only come from above.

What a guy, what a King, now and forever I will sing.

Jesus, you're my heart, you're my love, and I will give You everything, cause you thought of me as you hung on that tree.

Cause my life was saved when they laid you in the grave.

And you came to break bread when you rose from the dead.

You represented the bread that was unleavened, then you ascended back into heaven.

Let it ring! Let it ring in my heart, let it ring in my home, let it ring in the streets the greatest story ever told;

For Yahweh heard the cry from the depths of our souls, and no one can stop the truth as the mystery unfolds.

For at first He loved the Jews and now He loves the globe, for He gave His only begotten Son and now we've got white robes.

Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus, thank you, God.

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