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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Possible Attack Coming to Texas Border

(David's notes in red)

David Eells: Many are expecting an ISIS/Al Qaeda or 9/11-style attack "on the border" of Texas. Since we are receiving this from bots, intelligence and God's dreams, we thought it important to share. There are variables, including the time and place, since all the attention could change their plans. Also, God Himself is the variable, since He warns so that His people can act to avoid such things or pray to change such things, whichever is His will.

Dallas is 631 driving miles from the Mexican border to its west where Fort Bliss is. This is where Intelligence thinks the Islamic terrorists are camped. This short distance is not a problem for them since a captured enemy combatant revealed that there are many Americans involved in ISIS and, of course, they can freely move across the border into Texas. And as Deb suggested, they may already be in place and ready to act.

Dallas is also near the northern border of Texas where Eve saw a bombing in a dream below. Deb: "And Noah's dad, Robert, who works for a private security company, told Eve that they're expecting something to happen on the Texas border during this time and he has to be ready at any time to go there".

Fort Bliss is on the Texas border across from the terrorists and they have beefed up security for the military and families.

Retired Generals McInerny and Vallely speak of this threat coming possibly on 9/11/14. General McInerney believes America must go to DEFCON 1 immediately. (This means nuclear war is imminent. This also fits Eve's dream below.) General Vallely says a constitutional crisis is quickly approaching which may require the U.S. military to take action domestically to save the Republic. (Martial law?)

Eve Brast: Deb Horton had sent me this link (which is based on dream analysis and bots) suggesting a terror attack is planned for Dallas. When I read it, the Spirit brought to my remembrance a dream I had several years back of two bombs going off in Dallas. I've searched for it in my dream journals but haven't been able to find where I wrote it. So I typed what I remembered of it.

Also, in my search, I came across another dream of terrorist attacks on this country. It seems very relevant to current events, in Father's plan, that are taking place right now.

I've also heard suggestions from different Youtube videos that "the powers that be" may be planning something on October 23rd to coincide with the solar eclipse that will be visible in the U.S. this October 23rd. (This is the date given on the soccer ball invitation from the dream, Man-child Death & Resurrection Anointing.) This event on this date could be a cyber attack on our banking system (seemingly by Russia or that will be blamed on Russia) in retaliation for U.S. meddling in Ukraine. Dream #2 below indicates an attack on the banking system first, in a series of three terror attack events.

Dream 1 (2008)
I dreamed that my oldest son, Noah, our family members and I were in the back of my Father's land, cleaning up all the scrap metal and junk lying around on the ground. Noah (who was about 10 or 11 at the time) was building a jet plane out of all the scrap metal parts and an old nose cone and cockpit from a military jet plane that, in real life, my dad had bought at an Army auction years ago. (Collecting scrap metal is what historically has been done by individuals to help prepare for a war effort. No doubt a war is close.)

Suddenly, I looked toward the east, in the direction of Dallas, which is about 30 miles east of us. I felt the ground shake and heard a rumbling and saw two mushroom clouds of fire and black smoke rising into the air. (Mushrooms being so close and not harming them could signify that this is a battlefield-size nuke, rather than the large ones. Or it could just mean God will protect His own, which He will.) I don't know what kind of bombs they were, but I remember telling everyone on my dad's property, who were helping us, not to be afraid, that we were going to be safe.

Dream 2 (5/19/09)
I dreamed that I was the janitor of a two-story living compound. I lived in a room off to the right of the central cafeteria upstairs. I was assigned to cleaning up after all the saints when they were done eating their meals. I cleared tables and swept up food that had fallen to the floor. In the dream, I always went above and beyond in performing my job. My mother, who was in charge of the compound, kept a very close eye on me in the dream and was very impressed and pleased with the level of excellence that I performed my duties.

It was very dark outside in this dream and I was a prophetess for the people who lived in the compound. They would rely on me to warn them of danger to come so that they could evacuate to safety in time.

While I was cleaning the cafeteria, I looked up toward the ceiling and a vision opened up before my eyes. I saw large city skyscrapers and many buildings appear around the compound. Three very tall skyscrapers the height of the World Trade towers moved forward and presented themselves as the central focal point of the vision.

I then witnessed a rocket shoot up from the midst of all the other buildings and split into three separate rockets. (One rocket here could indicate one attack at one time hitting the U.S. and bringing destruction in three different ways. The most important is loss of lives.) The first rocket shot into the building on the right and exploded the middle of the building out. Once this happened, I saw volcano lava pouring out of the hole in the center of the building. This first building was a bank building and was the first and worst attack. (Attack on the economy.)

The second rocket hit the center building next and black smoke rose up out of the building and became a biological agent that spread out through the air over the other buildings. This building was a hospital building. (Hospitals are the best place to spread contagions.) This was the second hardest hit building.

The third rocket went to the left and hit the center of the third building and blew out its center. This was a residential high rise and was the least hardest hit of the three. (The housing market?)

When this vision ended, I warned all the people in the compound and they started to evacuate the cafeteria down a metal staircase outside the compound. Some of them were UBMers (this dream was given before Father began to purge out the factious) and others were extended friends and family. (I felt that these were people who would have to be warned to escape physically because they were not in the kind of relationship with the Lord to be protected in place through abiding in the secret place of the Most High, as in Psalm 91 or the Passover.) But I stayed behind to finish cleaning the floors and clearing the tables. I knew I had nothing to fear. End of dream.

In another dream, Eve, as a type of the Bride, was given by God to escape a major terrorist attack through entering her closet, probably meaning prayer closet: My dad/husband (Jesus) said to me, "There is a massive terror event that is sweeping through and I am moving you (the Bride) out of the way". (For the Lord to say this is massive, it must be truly significant, far greater than 9/11 and from the same powers that be.) (When I woke up from this dream, I wondered, "Sweeping through what? The world? The U.S.? The Church?" [We might say all of the above.])

The scriptures I received back then for this dream were: Concerning who the people in the cafeteria represented: {Eze.11:16} Therefore say, Thus saith the Lord Jehovah: Whereas I have removed them far off among the nations, and whereas I have scattered them among the countries, yet will I be to them a sanctuary for a little while in the countries where they are come.

{Isa.59:12} For our transgressions are multiplied before thee, and our sins testify against us; for our transgressions are with us, and as for our iniquities, we know them: {13} transgressing and denying Jehovah, and turning away from following our God, speaking oppression and revolt, conceiving and uttering from the heart words of falsehood. (Both of these texts have been received before concerning the factious among His people.)

Concerning who I represented in the dream: {Psa.121:1} I will lift up mine eyes unto the mountains: From whence shall my help come? {2} My help cometh from Jehovah, Who made heaven and earth.

My finger also fell on the chapter number 49 in Isaiah. When I read this chapter, I realized it is describing the safety that Father will provide for the corporate body of the Bride during this event.

Weaponized Stolen Commercial Planes also a Threat for Years to Come

Rob Miller: Something to keep in the back of our minds as a possible scenario (9/11 is a suspect time).

Gordon Borneman shares some numerology that the powers that be love, as do the terrorists. God also does things in numeric pattern and history repeats in many ways.

Gordon Borneman - 9/3/14: I noted as well that 11 planes were stolen 9 days prior to 9/11. So the signaling points toward 9/11/14. There have been some other clues, like the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson 33 days prior, the faked beheading video of James Foley 22 days prior to 9/11, etc.

Also, I have been noting the pattern of 9/11s since 2001.

7 years after 9/11/01 -> 9/11/08 intentional destabilization of markets to cause crisis
11 years after 9/11/01 -> 9/11/12 attack on Benghazi arms storehouse
13 years after 9/11/01 -> 9/11/14 potential date of next attack

If this is true, it would confirm to me that their numerological pattern likes prime numbers. They skipped 9 so it is not about odd numbers, unless 9, sacred to Illuminists, was skipped because it is their special delimiting number.

13 is the number of rebellion to God (Book of Esther, the attack on the Jews started the 13th day of 12th month) and a big deal in Illuminist beliefs for the USA: 13 colonies, 13 stripes on the flag, 13 stars in great seal, 13 arrows eagle is holding, etc., since their idea of the creation of the USA was to rebuild a new Atlantis (world before the flood of Noah).

9/11 is 13 days before Rosh Hashanah, Feast of Trumpets, Tishri 1, this year which, I believe, is 9/24.

Also, there exists this possible alternate scenario that a strike of some kind would occur on September 12th.

The mockers and scoffers would have their heyday the night of 9/11 since nothing happened. Demoralize those trying to warn the people. We would let down our guard and breathe a sigh of relief and then the next day, the attack would occur.

September 12th is 777 days since that demonic opening ceremony at the 2012 Olympics. (Nathan Leal has an outstanding exposition of the satanic symbolism in the ceremony.) Remember Christine Lagarde's 1/15/14 numerological speech about the magic 7s? Of course, if they count inclusive of the 7/27 date, that would be on 9/11.

It is also the 600th day since Obama's second Inauguration. On 600th year of Noah's life the flood came. There is a whole study in God's numbers around 600. David goes into wilderness (start of Tribulation) with 600 men, for example. Again, if they count inclusively of the start date 1/20/13, then that would be on 9/11.

It is the 255th day of the year. I am not able to draw much significance from that, except that it is the maximum digital count of an 8-bit (one byte) counter. 11111111 = 255. I have no idea if or how that is relevant right now, except a basic ASCII time's up.

I would say that the period 9/09 to 9/15 has a general higher probability of an attack but it is all in God's timing. No attack can occur without God's specific permission. With what I see now in society, the question in my mind is how God would NOT allow. He will protect His saints in the midst of it. Be blessed in God's divine protection. (And, of course, if anything was planned on these times for numerological reasons, God could change it, for He loves to confound the wisdom of men.)

Dallas and then Houston Nuked?

Gordon Borneman: I am adding in for contribution other words, dreams, visions.

First Dallas, then Houston gets hit with nukes.

First the city of Houston is lit up and I can see the star coming down. Then I hear a loud boom noise from behind and I turn to see Dallas being hit first with another star. I see Dallas burn.

Aug 31, 2014

Hello Steve, I had a dream last night, it's the same dream that I had sometime last year. I wrote to you about that dream. You posted it. I cannot find it, but the same dream came to me last night.

In this dream, I was standing on Interstate 45 between Dallas and Houston. I could see both outlines of the cities from where I stood. In reality you cannot do that; they are too far apart. But in this dream I can see them both. I see that it is the middle of the day and I can see that people are moving around without a care, like it is a middle of the week day, not a weekend. I then see that in my dream I keep thinking it's a star falling from the sky, very bright and lighting up the whole sky as it is falling. First the city of Houston is lit up and I can see the star coming down. Then I hear a loud boom from behind and I turn to see Dallas being hit first with another star. I see Dallas burn. All I see afterward is that everything is burned completely. Even the trees are all gone. No buildings are left standing. There is rubble everywhere. Very few people are left. Just handfuls. I can see them standing in little huddles looking around, crying and disoriented. I wish I could help them, but they cannot see me.

I then turn around to look at Houston and the same thing happens to Houston. It is completely gone. Not a single soul made it out alive. It is completely gone. Nothing is left. Nothing! A crater is left and it becomes filled with water. I then begin to stand and cry and I asked why these stars fall here.

Then immediately there is a man standing next to me. I have seen him before in my dreams. I do not know him in real life. He tells me the same thing he told me last time I had this dream. He said, "These are not stars; these are missiles made by men to destroy people and to kill". I then cry out, "Why?" He then says to me, "These men are evil and they have been planning these things a long time". I then turn around and begin to walk and he walks with me and that is when I wake up.

These dreams are so real to me, they disturb me and keep me thinking. I have decided to take a job offer due to these dreams. I will be working in San Antonio for a year away from both Dallas and Houston.

The last time I had similar dreams was back in 1999. They were about tall buildings. I had never been to New York, so I didn't know what I was looking at. But when it happened I came to understand what I had been seeing.

Praying for you and yours. May God bless you and the work that you are doing - L.

Dallas and Houston Nuked

I had a dream that Houston was hit with some kind of nuclear or radiation bomb of some kind and almost the whole part of the eastern and north Texas was uninhabitable.

Aug 6, 2013

Steve, God bless you. I had a dream that Houston was hit with some kind of nuclear or radiation bomb of some kind and almost the whole part of the eastern and north Texas was uninhabitable. In this dream, I saw a man standing next to me on my right side. I ask him what is happening as I see a star falling from the sky and he tells me that it is not a star, but a bomb. I stand there and watch people run everywhere in panic.

I saw the same man in my dreams back in 2001, months before the attacks on the World Trade Center. In my dreams, then I was standing facing west and seeing stars fall down toward southern California and the same man standing next to me on my right. I asked him the same question and he said they were not stars, but bombs and again people were running in panic.

This last dream was more specific because I was standing near Highway I45 going into Houston. I could see the skyline of the buildings and recognized it as Houston. I have had these dreams before and they are very real, almost like if I was standing there and watching it in real life. Other dreams just fade and have no impact on me. These are always so hard on me; they make me think.

I have also had a dream of seeing planes from the north to the south, from the east to the west as far as the eye can see, and I see them all going or flying east. I notice that they are military planes and even commercial planes intermingled with them. They are in formation to go to war. I see the same man standing next to me. I ask him questions and I forget his answers; he does answer, but it's as if he doesn't want me to know, as I forget what he says.

Anyway, everything around me is burned down, not even trees escaped this great burn. Everything and I mean everything is completely burned, not even houses or buildings or shelter of any kind can be seen, and I have a strong feeling that I am in Dallas and that this will happen sometime in my lifetime.

I have told friends and family members; some see it as a warning and have taken heed to get right with God; others have taken me for a nutcase. Either way, I think this is what God wants me to do is to tell them about Jesus Christ and for them to get right with God. I am no minister or preacher. I just work and tell my friends and customers what they should be doing and I also mention your website and that time is short. Thanks for listening to God and what he wants you to do. God Bless.

Raul D. (6/20/13)
More October/Fall Confirmations

hagar2583's Dream: 7 American Cities Nuked, Including Houston. My nightmare of Nukes being detonated in Houston and 6 other cities 2 nights I had a dream that I was inside a building and all of a sudden there was an alert of Nuclear Attack and everyone in the building went for cover and I could hear explosions outside and Luckily I was in a building away from the center of the city.. I was on the outskirts of Houston.. And apparently a nuke went off in Downtown Houston because when I came up out of the shelter what I saw was beyond scarey and depressing.. I saw what looked like smoldering ruins.. I was looking towards Downtown and the skyscrapers were not really there anymore and it looked like really dead. The person I was with could not believe what she was seeing either.. 1 min the city was there.. the next complete ruins. And apparently nukes went off in other cities as well like 6 other cities and the nation was under a national state of emergency... And the season in the dream appeared to be fall time... And after this attack took place I heard someone say to the people in the building.. "They have detonated their nukes in 6 other cities and we are no longer a superpower". End of NIGHTMARE. My Comments: She notes "fall time" as the approximate time of these scenes. Fall, of course is October. That is when leaves begin to change color and fall.


Aug 6, 2013


My husband had a dream about Texas on Sat, July 20th. Then, yesterday, I saw a posting on your website about a vision referring to Texas, so I thought it would be apropos to share.

Before I share, I would like to remind people that in dreams, even though the person dreaming it may appear as a participant in the dream, but they may actually be only an observer. We define reality as things we participate in. Activity (see, hear, sense) is not necessarily defined as being in reality. We can see/experience activity but it may not be our reality. An example is intercession. God's purpose is to find obedient servants who will pray into and intercede to change the landscape of that which may be, stand for those who may experience such a time and be prepared if the activity is theirs to experience.

Dream: two major cities in Texas were under martial law; south and north (Houston/Dallas?). He knew it was not San Antonio. FEMA camps were in each city. (southern and northern) The northern camp was much bigger. It was a known fact that many of the people that were taken to the northern camp would be shipped out in rail cars. It was all about a game of mind control; they would entice people to the camps with food, water, provisions, etc. They made it appear that people were better off and safer in the camps than outside and they made it appear they were taking care of the people. At first, my husband seemed to be in the southern camp. He was facing a wall with a shotgun at his feet. A way was made for him to slide the gun underneath something to hide it. (Provision was made supernaturally). Next, he was out of that camp (was not his reality). He arrived at the northern camp; many people were leaving (rail cars?) as he arrived. A small portion of them were dressed in white. There was an Arab man who took great offense that my husband was there and those in white were leaving because he had come. Suddenly my husband's focus was on a woman dressed in an orange slip. She was in a room and it was night time. At this point, his eyes were opened to another part of the country. He saw Corinth, MS and it was a hub with lots of activity coming in/going out different directions (not in a good way). End of dream

After prayer and seeking the Lord on this dream, my husband believes the Arab man (rep anti-Christ spirit) taking offense at my husband represents the Spirit of Jesus Christ in him and all those who are true followers of Christ:

1 Cor 3:16 Don't you know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in your midst?
1 Cor 6:19-20 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price...

We contain the very presence of God. This must become our reality. We are created in God's image and Satan hates the very image of us. It provoked the man's hatred; hence his actions of getting rid of as many of those "dressed in white" (righteousness) as he could.

The woman in an orange slip represents the remnant. Orange can represent perseverance on the positive side and strong will/stubbornness on the negative side. However, if that woman is a follower of Jesus Christ and hidden in Him, all 3 of those characteristics can be very positive. Think about Esther. She persevered in her assignment, became single minded ("if I perish, I perish") in her will and set her face like flint (stubbornness) to accomplish the goal! (Also, David with Goliath) The slip represents the transparency, beauty and grace but, combined with the color, walking in the authority of Jesus Christ. She was wearing the slip at night...she prevailed even in the darkness.

Ps 112:4 Even in darkness light dawns for the upright, for those who are gracious and compassionate and righteous.

Side note: Steve, isn't it interesting that the largest mega church in the US is in Houston and it is compromised? Dallas is like a Bible belt hub for compromised churches. God always judges the church first. Just a thought.

Reuel Stewart - Beginning September 2008
(David's notes in red)

At the beginning of the dream, I was walking toward Houston. As I got near the outskirts of the city, I noticed that the entire city had a defensive perimeter. There were blockades and checkpoints at all of the entrances to the city. I also noticed that there were lots of gunshots going off all around the outer perimeter of the city. They were coming from people on the outside attacking the city's defenses. It was mostly small arms fire but there were some explosions also. It was like guerilla-type warfare -- hit and run.

As I got to one of the checkpoints, I walked up to the soldiers and they didn't even seem to notice that I was there. I walked right past them without them saying a thing or even looking at me. As I continued past them, I turned around, still wondering why they didn't stop me. At that moment, the checkpoint came under attack from all directions. (This invisibility from enemies on both sides has been seen by many, as in Rex's vision above.) There were guys in the woods sniping at them. I could tell the soldiers were pretty frustrated because they couldn't really see where the shots were coming from. They just started shooting toward the woods in all directions, somewhat frantically. Once they started to fire back, the attackers seemed to have just left. There were several soldiers who had been shot.

I continued walking further into the city to the Walmart distribution center for food, where I currently work, only in the dream it was really primitive. The entire warehouse was all outdoor and all the food isles were just dirt roads with roofed but not walled storage structures. The only food they had were large bulk sacks of grain and beans, and maybe rice. I saw my manager with one of the other guys who I work with riding on a large outdoor-style forklift. He was moving whole pallets of the bulk food. There were also soldiers everywhere in the city. I noticed that there was no traffic, other than Army vehicles. People seemed to stay near the center part of the city. It was like the city had become really run down and most of the buildings and houses didn't have electricity. A lot of people were sick. (With the fall of the economy, martial law will come and those who will fight against it in an eventual civil war. Islamo-fascists will release biological weapons in the cities.)

I began to walk back to the outside of the city until I got to a bridge that was about one or two miles from the perimeter where I saw two soldiers talking. They were looking across a field where some of their guys were being shot at. One of the guys was telling the other guy that he was glad that they were assigned to patrol the inner part of the city because the guys assigned to the outer perimeter were always getting sniped. He also said that he hoped they wouldn't send him to replace one of them. The other guy agreed with him. At this point, I realized that the soldiers were UN troops in blue uniforms. (I got the verse in Ezekiel 7:15: The sword is without, and the pestilence and the famine within: he that is in the field shall die with the sword and he that is in the city, famine and pestilence shall devour him.) I then proceeded to leave the city. As I passed the checkpoint again, I could see up ahead of me there were guys on both sides of the road hiding in the woods. Most of them were dressed in normal-looking clothes, but none of them seemed to notice me walking by them (invisibility from revolutionaries).

Gordon Borneman - 9/03/14: Comparison of various target cities lists from books and past prophetic words and warnings.

Top 7 Cities from Paul Williams, the book, the Next 9/11:
New York, Washington DC, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles

Cities Struck in Charles and Ueli Sobeck's Vision of 9/11/05 to "begin" on 1/23/06:
New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Montreal, Dallas

Cities warned of Dirty Bomb Attack due to occur Sunday, 10/22/06 (9 months after 1/23/06) - warning delivered 10/18 on an Al-Qaeda Website:
New York (East Rutherford, NJ), Miami, Houston, Atlanta, Seattle, Oakland, Cleveland

A 2007 book, "The Day of Islam", spells out the details, as do any number of Internet sites about a plot called "American Hiroshima". The nukes, he said, will be detonated over New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Miami, Houston, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Appearances on these lists:

City Number of times

New York - 4
Washington, DC - 3
Miami - 3
Houston - 3
Atlanta - 2
Las Vegas - 2
Los Angeles - 2
Chicago - 2
Dallas - 1
San Francisco - 1
Cincinnati - 1
Cleveland - 1
Montreal - 1
Seattle - 1

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