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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Pray for Your Children

Lori Tucker - 10/06/2010

I have a couple of testimonies to share.

I would like to praise the Lord for a work He has begun in our eldest son. At the UBM fellowship my husband asked for prayer for our son to know Christ and not just "church". After Rob prayed, a young woman there was led to say we needed prayer that our son would forgive us. BOY WAS THAT RIGHT ON! My husband and I know all that we have done wrong with him and have repented. We have even tried to apologize to him. Anyway, this young woman later told me outside before we left that she had a vision of our son in shackles around his neck, arms and legs with a weight binding him down. She then saw an angel come with a sword and smite the chains to break them off.

My son has not really had a relationship with us these past years or with his siblings. They have always annoyed him and he has pretty much ignored them whenever they would try to talk with him. The praise is when we told our other two children about it, our other son asked me, "What time did that happen?" I told him about 10:00 p.m. I asked him why. He said that our oldest son had actually started an online chat with him and had a conversation with him!!! Our oldest son also told me that he wants to start Skyping with us!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

The other praise is that I was led a few weeks ago to pray that my family and I would be delivered from "another Jesus". I didn't know why I was led to do that but I prayed it. A few days later I heard of someone ministering deliverance actually say that they had cast the spirit of another Jesus out of people! I can only assume that this "other Jesus" was picked up from following another gospel from another spirit. Anyway, all I can tell you is that I have been delivered and I know I have! This "other Jesus" had been blocking my relationship with the true Christ and I THANK GOD it's gone!!!

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