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Prayer Worked in Me to Will and Work

Gloria Benson - 11/11/2009

{Php.2:13} for it is God who worketh in you both to will and to work, for his good pleasure.

I contacted the UBM prayer ministers and asked for prayer for our dog, who needed an extra large dog house. Bill sent me a prayer:

"Father, we add our faith to Gloria's and believe that You will provide a dog house for her dog and we believe this because Your word so states it in Mark 11:24, Matthew 18:18-20".

I had prayed and believed I received one for her and then our neighbor came up to get a dozen eggs and asked if I needed a doghouse. They said they found a large doghouse on the side of the road. She said that she would give it to me, but when I called and asked her about it a couple days later, she said she was sorry but her husband had plans for it. I said, "That's OK". I know in my heart the Father has a better one for my dog, Leah.

The prayer for a large doghouse for our dog was answered; Praise Yah! He is so good.

Yesterday I got up and felt an impression to build Leah a doghouse. So I went out and got together scrap lumber from behind the barn. Not too long ago I thought to build a doghouse and it just didn't happen; it was like I just could not do it. But yesterday was a different story. I worked till dark, then got up and did the chores and went right to work on the doghouse. At this point, the roof and sides are on and it is boxed in on the inside but for one wall (I will finish tomorrow). Tomorrow I will also put roofing material on the roof and, hopefully, paint it, too.

I know I did this because of the prayer minister's prayers. The Father gave me His Grace to do it and I thank Him. Thank you for your prayers. Leah has a large doghouse and she is happy. Bless you all in Yeshua's name.


This is an answer to prayer. The Father is so Good; He is so wonderful.

In my prayer request, I expressed my need for a goat house; and if I was to build it, I needed material to do so. Well, yesterday it came up in me to go to the back of the barn and also to check an old wood pile that I had planed to burn. Anyway, as I looked and did some figuring about measurements, through some bits of scraps there was plenty to build one 29" tall (inside), 38" long by 29" wide (outside), plus a flat slant roof with aluminum sheeting to cover it all so the goats don't eat the wood. It is mainly made out of old oak wood, very hard to nail.

I had no idea that the material to do the house was here until the Father opened my eyes to see. Glory to the Heavenly Father, in Yeshua's name.

I finished the house just as it started to rain and it was a cold rain. Adi, my goat, got into her house as I was nailing the roof and the sheeting on. Adi likes the house. Praise God!

Thank you so very much for your prayers; I appreciate you all.

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