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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

War and Preservation

David Eells

Ever wonder why Jonah was so averse to warn Nineveh, the capitol of the Assyrian Empire, of its coming destruction? Could it be because he knew they would repent and be spared (Jonah 4:1,2)? Could it be also that well ingrained in his consciousness was the fact that his predecessors Hosea, Joel, Amos, and Obadiah, had prophesied the destruction of Israel and Judah by their hands? Jonah was not a little miffed that his preaching would save the Assyrian Empire so that later it would destroy his nation. It's like us preaching the gospel to Russia and China so that they can later conquer us. God has always raised up a beast to conquer his people, when they fall into apostasy. These beasts were the "7 heads" of history and their seal will be united in an end time corporate beast to come against apostate Christianity.

Now after Jonah, Micah told once more of the destruction of Israel and Judah at the hands of Assyria. After Micah, Nahum prophesied of the fall of Assyria (Nahum 3:18,19) because God avenges the destruction of Israel and Judah (Nahum 1:2,3). This tells us that between Micah and the fulfillment of Nahum's prophecy, Israel and Judah were conquered. It is important for us to understand that Joel's prophecy was initially fulfilled at this time. I say initially because there is more that one fulfillment of this prophecy. Be patient with me and I will show you something important that the Lord showed to me. I did something I never do, I read that the theologians had to say about Joel. In their bar charts they leave Joel floating because they don't know where to place him or his prophecies. They even think that Joel spoke in chapters 1 and 2 of an insect invasion! If so, these insects are burning the land that I'm sure they would rather devour (1:19,20). I'm going to place Joel's prophecy for you from God's word. Joel spoke of the locust and the canker-worm (Joel 1:4). God's great army which he sent among his apostate people (2:25). This was the Assyrian army identified by Nahum in 3:115-19. Everyone gets so happy when they sing "They leap on the city; they run on the wall, for great is the army that carries out his word" (Joel 2:9,11), not realizing that this army not God's people, but the enemy come to destroy the unrepentant (12-14). They rejoice when they sing "Blow the Trumpet in Zion, Zion, sound the alarm in my holy mountain" (2:1,15), not realizing that the alarm was sounded because of an enemy attack and they were not rejoicing but trembling (2:1), weeping (2,17), lamenting and wailing (1:13,14). In 2:1 it was called the day of the Lord (not to be confused with the Day of the Lord for the world at the end of the Tribulation) and verse 2 shows us it is not to be desired. Amos 5:18 rebukes those who desire this day. It is "destruction from the Almighty" (Joel 1:15). Isaiah 10:5-7 tells us that God put it into the heart of the Assyrians to plunder his people. They were his axe and saw (v-15) to do a work on his people, and when he was finished he would destroy this enemy army (v-12,13) (Joel 2:19,20). This was partially fulfilled when God slew 185,000 Assyrians on Jewish soil (2 Kings 19:35), sparing only Jerusalem (30,31), which also Joel speaks of (Joel 2:15-20). Later Babylon conquered and destroyed Assyria.

God identified this army as the "lion" and "lioness" (Joel 1:6,7). In Nahum the "lion and the lioness" was Assyria (Nahum 2:11,12,8 - 3:18). Once a sister in Gulfport Mississippi related to me a prophetic dream. Her husband is crippled through stroke and they were sitting in her backyard. She became very frightened when she saw a lioness coming toward them out of the brush. Her husband told her not to fear and he reached out and petted the lioness. Then they thought somewhat anxiously, this is the lioness but where is the lion. Then they saw him coming out of the brush. Though at first they were fearful they petted the lion also and she woke up. Friend the lion and lioness are coming to the U.S. soon. Another sister who was not aware of this dream had one similar. She was in a desert (wilderness) walking down hill (humbling) toward a travel trailer (symbolizing moving a-lot) with her husband. They saw lions all around the trailer and she was fearful. Her husband said "don't be afraid" and they started petting the lions. The Bible says "If a mans ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him" . God will bring this promise to pass even in the midst of an invasion by a vicious enemy.

There will be another fulfillment of Joel chapters 1 and 2 when a confederacy of nations led by Russia and China (lions) attack the U.S. Let me prove this to you. Years ago the Lord appeared in a vision to me as a King. He ushered me into a great palace, that I now believe to represent the New Jerusalem. He showed me in this palace a tower that was built of logs like a log cabin but narrowing toward the top, where there was a place to stand. He said, "I want you to have this". He showed me a payment book with so much a month in it. I have lived on an average of that amount coming miraculously from many directions, ever since. After this, in a vision, I was caught up high above Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where I lived. As I looked toward Florida, I saw that tower in Pensacola. A few months later God had miraculously bought me a house and car free and paid for in Pensacola, Florida, where I now live. Only recently have I really understood the meaning of the tower. The tower to the Jews was a place of refuge from an invading enemy as in Judges 9:46,51. From 887 B.C. Israel was at war every seventeen years for a period of fifteen cycles until 631 B.C. when Israel and then Judah were conquered by Assyria and ceased to be nations (2 Kings 18:9-13). The only city to escape capture by the Assyrians was Jerusalem (2 Kings 19:31-34) which was called "the tower of the flock" in Micah 4:8 because when an enemy invaded they fled behind those strong, towering, walls.. Only those in the tower escaped the invasion! Now history must repeat for "the things that have been are the things that shall be" (Ecl 1:9-11). Now these things happened unto them by way of example; and they were written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the ages are come (1 Cor 10:11). The U.S. is in a war every seventeen years (see war cycles chart) and we have passed the fifteenth cycle, when in Israel and Judah all was destroyed but Jerusalem, the Tower of the Flock! (See also Judgment Delayed.) It is obvious that God is dealing with the U.S. as he did with Israel. He made an example of them to the world when they fell into apostasy- even to the extent of destroying them as a nation! Now it is America's turn to fulfill Joel's prophecy and the lions are on the way. Who will be in the tower of Zion? Ps.15, Ps. 24, and Ps. 91 tell us. Ps 18:10 says, "The name (Heb; nature, character, authority) of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous runneth into it and is set on high". Paul commanded, "Whatsoever you do in word or in deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus". This is not "saying" the name but abiding in it. Each of us should be building this tower of the name (nature) of Jesus in our lives, by counting the cost and bearing the cross (Lk.14:26-28). Those who don't will perish in the coming judgment (Matthew 5:13).

When this ten nation beast comes against the U.S. they will conquer until they become a threat to Jerusalem or God's holy remnant, then they will suffer a great defeat just as the Assyrians did in the same circumstance when an angel smote 185,000 of them and they retreated. George Washington saw, in his vision of WWIII, angels begin to fight for the remnant of the U.S. and the attacking armies were broken up and retreated (see Washington's Vision of America: Heaven Intervenes). Joel predicted this same end to both of these wars over 2,700 years ago. After conquering all but the remnant in Jerusalem (Joel 2:15-18), the northern army is broken up (Joel 2:20). In our case it is called the northern army because the largest part of this army comes from the north. The shortest distance between China and the U.S. is the north Pacific by sea, and over the Artic Circle by air. Henry Gruver saw the Russian fleet coming from the Artic Circle between Iceland and Norway (see I Saw the Russians Attack the United States) and by air the shortest distance is over the Artic Circle. Also Russia is north of the 50 parallel and the U.S. is south. God said he would drive the northern army into a land barren and desolate (Joel 2:20). The enemy will have a scorched earth policy and will leave everything burned behind them (Joel 1:19,20 - 2:3)(see also Washington's vision: Third and Most Fearful Peril) so when they retreat it will be in a land barren and desolate (2:20). God will drive "it's forepart into the eastern sea, and its hinder part into the western sea" (2:20). There are few nations that this could happen in but Israel and the U.S. have an eastern and western sea and Washington and others have seen them retreat by sea. Just as Assyria did, so will the beast that comes against the U.S. They will leave the stench of dead bodies behind (Joel 2:20 - 2Kings 19:35,36). Fear not! God preserved Noah and his, in the ark as a remnant seed to bear fruit in the earth and God preserved a remnant in Zion for the same purpose (2 Kings 19:30,31). According to the proofs I have given he will preserve a remnant in the U.S. "to take root downward, and bear fruit upward" (verse 30). Judah (outside of Zion) and the northern 10 tribes were just too far from God, whose presence was in Zion, to be preserved (2 Kings 18:11-13). Some today are too far from the ark or tower to be able to flee inside and escape, but far better it would be to live in Zion.

Curt's Dream #3

In my dream, I was at David and Mary's house. It was a white house (righteousness). It was centered in a thick forest. The forest was on fire. It was raging out of control (Isa 9:18,19 destruction of the wicked -Joel 11:19). There was several people in the house with us besides their family.

The roar of the raging fire outside was horribly loud. The black smoke reached miles into the sky.

I heard Mary's voice say that if we stayed inside the house (Pr 11:4 - abiding in righteousness - Ps 91) we would be safe. Although I knew the fire was consuming and destroying everything in its path, it only came up to the edge of their property. Even the air inside the property was clear and easy to breath.

Something more strange, I thought, was the dirt was charred several inches deep only about 3 inches (Grace) outside the property line. I realized the heat was so intense outside the property line, but inside it the temperature was comfortable and clear. With the raging fire around us, it seemed to me impossible. We should have been consumed too, but we were not! Then I woke up. Every tree therefore which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire (Mt 3:10)

Bob's Dream #1

I found myself in an unfamiliar city. As I walked thru the neighborhood I saw there was no car traffic or human activity. There was no evidence of destruction, however people were on the ground here and there having suffered the influence of being knocked out or stunned. (not in touch with reality, as a drunk until it is too late to resist an invasion, Jer 51:39,40 - 25;27) As I walked thru the neighborhood slowly people began to become conscious and struggle to their feet one by one. End of Dream.

Bob's Dream #2

Repeat of Above

Bob's Dream #3

I found myself outside what appeared to be a mall. People were not shopping. Things had changed. There was a foreign occupation in our country. Soldiers were inside the mall and outside. There were executions taking place in the distance. The chief executioner in charge was cold blooded and was a female. People were scattering in different directions and trying to hide in the forests. End of Dream.

Bob's Dream #4

I found myself walking the floors of a very large government building. The building was occupied by foreign troops. As I walked down the hallways I knew I was somewhere I was not supposed to be as an American. I attempted to be cautious as I moved about. A lot of filing and electronic communication was taking place in all office areas. This large building seemed to be a command center of sorts. Down stairs I looked thru a glass double door and saw people in a large kitchen preparing meals for people in the building. There was a worker who noticed me and immediately pulled an alarm handle and an intruder alarm sounded. Down the corridor the entrance doors slammed shut and locked. I walked up to the doors and they opened and I passed thru to escape. Once outside, perimeter guards were alerted and were all about. I walked as if invisible. I walked by a man who also was undetectable and said "Isn't the blood of Jesus wonderful". Once outside the area I saw lines of cars and people. Families were packed, cars had household belonging. Lines were as far as you could see. All the lines led to checkpoints where occupying soldiers made life changing decisions about families. End of Dream.

Dave Eells' Dream

I saw a group of Christians running from a dragon. At first they were in a house. When they were discovered, they ran to a cave. They were discovered again, so they ran out the back to a body of water. They jumped into the water next to the bank to escape the dragon. Then they got a revelation that they must get out into the deep water or the dragon could step on them.

Interpretation: The dragon is the beast of the tribulation (Rev.12). The Christians left their homes for more primitive hiding facilities, the ancient, Apostolic Word of God which is the water according to Paul (Epe.5:26). The shallow water will not protect from the coming beast, only the deep waters that put to death the old man. The deep waters cover not only the feet but also the head. There are some who do not walk in sin but their mind is not renewed to believe that Jesus bore the curse (Gal.3:13,14). Protection is only going to come from getting into the deep waters of the Word and believing what it says (Psa.91, 34).

Kristina Webb's Dream

After the attack on the W.T.C. October 11, 2001 10:01 PM, I had a prophetic like dream that I was in a meadow running and hiding from a white hawk that had a great wingspan. The setting was so beautiful it was beyond what I've ever seen here -I can imagine the new earth as such though. There was a crisp white waterfall in the background and a pond in the forefront. I saw what appeared to be the illuminated brethren communicating with the black ops over yonder. They were seeking me out as I got away with my backpack I literally have prepared. I looked up to see a huge white hawk. (In reality I didn't know there were white hawks.) The white hawk dived down at me, as I was running and praying, yet as I looked over at the illuminated brethren in the forest. The Holy Spirit told be to leap into the water ( Editors note; The Word) and the white hawk would not be able to sense me. So I did. The white hawk missed my head with it's claws by about 3 inches. I then awakened from the nap.

Ever since then I've prayed and pondered just what the white hawk was. I did searches but didn't find much then; Indian spiritism and political hawks. Well, since then I keep seeing reports about hawks of different natures. I found that odd. But then I came across Global Hawk Technology. It's an unmanned aerial reconnaissance surveillance plane for the DOD. Boy, does it fit the profile. It has similarities to the AWACS as well. Now I'm really wondering. Freaky. I have many dreams in which I'm being chased by the government of various factions. Lately they have proved to be great preparations beyond what the Holy Spirit told me. So many have even proven to be prophetic within the past year I'm still astonished. What this means I don't know. Sometimes I don't know what they mean until later. I thought the white of the hawk represented the white of Lucifer. Maybe not now. BTW...I knew of this technology I just didn't know the label. Global Hawk Technology profile: https://www.airforce-technology.com/projects/global/ (Note: new unmanned aerial surveillance technology has far surpassed this now.)

Notice at the end of Joel 2 there is an outpouring of the Spirit called the latter rain. Before the attack on America there will be an outpouring of the latter rain of the Spirit on God's true people but God will turn away from the remaining reprobates. Then Joel chapter 3 will be fulfilled at Armageddon.

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