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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Could HiIIary Be President When the U.S. Falls?

Note from David: The following revelations could point to HiIIary's final ascension to the throne; we will see. I believe there will be two presidents after Bush. Speaking of Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, God said, (Jer.27:7) And all the nations shall serve him, and his son, and his son's son, until the time of his own land come: and then many nations and great kings shall make him their bondman. I will leave it to you to decide whether HiIIary could spiritually be a son or not.

President Hillary
L&D - 07/16/2009

I had a very vivid dream about Obama and Hillary. It is very unusual for me to dream unless it has significance.

My husband and I were in a mall. We were together and we saw Hillary. He went up to her and purposely bumped his shoulder against her shoulder and said, "Hey, Prez". She looked at him and there was a look on her face of surprise that we knew something the public didn't know.

So then she told him something we kind of knew already but not the whole story. She told us that Obama had died the day before but the public did not know. And she was officially the President, secretly.

She had on green and purple clothes, yet it was predominantly purple, made out of a shiny material with sequins lining the collar (purple represents authority, I believe). (I wondered later if the green represented the health care propaganda; I'm not sure).

I remember I was looking for a hat to go with her outfit but I didn't find one.

My husband then kissed her on the mouth and then something came out of her mouth. Out of her mouth came what looked to me like some kind of video recording tape. He slipped that one under the front of my shirt and another one came out, which he kept. We then left the mall.

A security guard followed us in his car and he was distinctly African-American. When he came by our car, with his window rolled down, he spoke to us while we were riding side by side for this moment. He told us this: "Obama was the greatest vineyard in our lifetime" and then we parted ways.

Immediately after that, we drove onto the freeway ramp to go onto the freeway. As we were going up the ramp, I told my husband, "The black people are going to be sad when they find out".

After that, I was wide awake and had to tell my husband right away. He said he remembers looking at the clock when I woke him up and the clock showed 2:22. That adds up to the number of a man (six).

The Spirit That Strengthens All Things Feminine
Steven Crowder

(This is a portion of this prophecy.) "In the political arena, you are going to see women rising into more and higher positions of authority, says the Lord. This spirit that is at work in your country will empower them to boldly enter into places that have in the past been dominated by men. Ultimately, you will see a woman attain to the highest office in the land, being swept into office by those who are under the influence of this spirit. As part of the political campaigning, you will see evidence of this powerful spirit at work if you're looking for it--it will be very obvious to you in that day. Whether this woman will attain to the highest executive office in the land due to running as number one or number two on the campaign ticket does not matter--she will attain to the highest position at My appointed time, whether it be due to winning by attrition or winning by election. And, at that time, you shall see the great many rejoicing in this so-called victory, not knowing all the while that it is the Lord who has set their table before them and they shall eat a very bitter harvest. Of this new leader, it has been said decades before that she shall be 'Well-dressed and beautiful, but cruel in heart'. Her heart shall be as far from the Lord as north is from south, and she shall lead the country into its final ruin. Again, when you hear the words 'I am woman, hear me roar,' take great heed, for the time of the end in your country is soon to be upon you, and you will stand absolutely shocked at what you will see happening in the days to come, says the Lord.

"When I cursed the woman in the Garden of Eden, part of that curse was that her desire would be for the man's position of authority, for it is written, 'your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you'. And so it is in your country My son, for women are now heading into the final phase of the great takeover that has been ordained years ago, and what the people shall call a great blessing shall in fact be a great curse--a terrible judgment that will mark the end of the United States of America--a country that had; years before, sold itself out to do evil".

It is written in My Word that 'a house divided against itself can not stand', and in this case the house is your country My son--the United States of America. I have and I will cause the men and women of this country to be divided against one another, and then her end will come. Do not pray against what your Lord has already ordained, but warn the people of this coming judgment and tell them to get their hearts right before the Lord, to hold on steadfastly to what is right, even though everything around them may be going completely off course and contrary to the Lord's will. I am the Lord, and I will protect My own in that day. Although they will walk through the valley of death, they will not fear, for I will be with them. There will be great mourning in that day, for the slain of the Lord will be many, and this will include friends and family as well as those who have persecuted you. In that day, says the Lord, fear will be far from you, although you will lament those who have fallen by the sword and by the multitude of pestilence about you. And in that day, says the Lord, you will know without a doubt that it was by My hand that you stood, and that you are My people--and blessed will you be in that day! This is the word of the Lord".

HiIIary and the Fall of the U.S.
Deanna Slater - Dream in 1992

I had met David at conference in Detroit. I was so blessed to meet him and have followed him ever since, being blessed daily by his teachings. I had a dream in 1992 of the invasion of America, and just recently in November after beseeching the Lord to show me when this was all about to really happen I received the following dream.

I own a cleaning service, so I was at one of my accounts cleaning when I looked out the window and was allowed to see the radio waves falling to the ground. Already knowing this could happen from reading about others' dreams, I said, "Oh MY Gosh, it's happening". All I could think about was my kids. I tried to call them on my cell but it was dead. I ran out to my car it wouldn't start, so I started running and running, and I was running up this hill. I got to the top of the hill, and all I could see were military trucks, men on foot in uniform coming towards me, so I started running back down the hill, and in and instant was swooped away to the White House. I was flying through the White House to these large double doors and found that I was in a bedroom with a large king size bed. From behind came army men. They went right to the bed and took ahold of the man that was on the woman, and I could only see that he had black hair. I never saw the front of his face. They took him and mutilated him. Then I was drawn up close to the bed to see the woman that was lying there completely frozen stiff and terrified; it was HiIIary Clinton. The soldiers took her and tortured her. It was horrific what they did to that woman. Then I was instantly back running down the hill. I ran into the first house I could find and sat down in a chair. There was a window right above the chair I was sitting in, and I looked out the window to see many soldiers everywhere. Two were talking near me at the window in a different language. They looked American but I knew they were Russian. Then a very large man in uniform came out of a room and looked at me for a long moment, then called another person into the room. I remember being at such peace. I knew I was with the Lord and no matter what happened I was safe with the Father. Then I woke up. When I awoke I felt very strong that the Lord was telling me when HiIIary Clinton becomes president is when it was going to happen. What year of her term as president I do not know but it will happen then. Today HiIIary Clinton announced her candidacy for president. The time is shorter than I ever imagined.

Cruel Female Ruler Over the U.S. Before the Fall
William Branham - June of 1933
(David's notes in red)

Vision Six: Then there arose in the United States a most beautiful woman clothed in splendor, and great power was given to her. She was lovely of feature but there was a hardness about her that defied description. Beautiful as she was, she was yet cruel, wicked and cunning. She dominated the land with her authority, she had complete power over the people. (People have thought that this was either a physical President of the U.S. or a spiritual revelation of the harlot organization because of William Branham's personal note that he had written at the end of the vision: "(perhaps the Catholic church)".

(In agreement with the two previous revelations, the next vision was of the fall of the U.S.)

Vision Seven: The voice bade him look once more. As he turned and beheld, a great explosion rent the entire land, and left the land of America a smoldering, chaotic ruin. As far as the eye could see there was naught but craters, smoking piles of debris, and no humanity in sight. The vision then faded away.

HiIIary in the Back Seat
Garrett Crawford

I dreamt I was standing in front of a door, then a man came walking out of the door. As the door was opened I popped my head in for a quick peak. At the front of the room, there was a control panel with four or five men in collared shirts and ties, pushing knobs and buttons while looking through a big window. They were looking at what seemed like a theater of war, where explosions and fires were happening. They were in control of this war and were monitoring what went on in it. These men were happy and in a joyful mood as they were gazing at the scene, which I thought was strange. (I had an overwhelming thought that these men were in control of many if not all the major wars of the 20th and 21st century from this room.) Then I looked in the back of the room and I saw HiIIary Clinton sitting at a sofa. She wasn't involved in what the men were doing but her being in the room made me think she knew about what was happening. It was a shock to me; it was like I was seeing something that is highly top secret and few know about. I know this is not what is really happening and that it's symbolic of something. (David: This may be indicative of the rulers of this world and the decisions they make and that HiIIary is going to be in the inner circle.)


The Principality in HiIIary
Garrett Crawford - 05/19/2007

In the beginning of this dream I had a word of knowledge that HiIIary Clinton was pregnant. I really did not take it seriously because she is past the age. Then some man walked up to me and told me she was pregnant and I was shocked. I told the man, "Wow, I was told that somehow but I didn't think it was possible".

The man told me she was on a bus and I went on the bus and saw her sitting by herself. I walked up to her and she was really pregnant. I took my hand and placed it on her tummy and was convinced she was really pregnant. At that moment I received supernatural x-ray vision and peered into her stomach and saw a long, green gangly alien/demon-looking creature growing inside her. It was not like a fetus at all but like a full grown being.


Vision of HiIIary
Deanna Blakeman - 06/12/2007

I had a simple vision. Those who know me know my visions are quick and short. I was behind a man who was standing in front of a personal jet to escort someone off of the plane. The woman stepping off the plane was HiIIary Clinton. She was wearing a purple button-down dress but she had a very big head of a wolf. The man helping her off the plane had a wolf's head too but I could only see the back of him.

Clinton/Terrorist Attacks/Economy Falls/Invasion
Rick Sergent - Approx. 02/12/1993

I was at the time living in Dumfries, Va. It was approx. 7:30 PM. I was in prayer and meditating in the Word, when the Lord started to speak to me about this nation and its new president. These were the exact words or very close to it, that the Holy Spirit conveyed to me: "This president will be the most evil president this nation has ever had. He will be great in sexual sin and abortion. President Clinton is like Al Capone in the White House".

Then the Holy Spirit started to talk to me about the future of this nation. This is the first time He has ever told me something on a national basis. He said, "This nation will have terrorist attacks". I responded to Him and said this nation has never had any terrorist attacks before. He then said, "There will be stock market crashes in this nation and around the world". The money and gold will not be worth anything". Then I responded and said, "Yes, I believe that will happen during the tribulation but the Church won't be here". He made no response to that but said, "There will be a military invasion of this nation. Natural and man-made catastrophes will precede this invasion". The Lord said, "The invaders will be the Russians, the Red Chinese and other smaller nations".

Personal Notes: I remember when the Lord said the word "evil", describing President Clinton. I had never had the Lord use that word before to me personally; it kind of shocked my spirit. The Lord was comparing him to King Manasseh, the most evil king Israel ever had. Manasseh ruled a long time, about 50 years. He was giving me spiritual similarities.

I wondered at the time how he was to be great in abortion. Later the Lord confirmed it by Clinton vetoing any attempts to make partial birth abortion illegal, despite many in his party being pro-abortion but despising the "partial birth abortion" after it was shown to them. Manasseh also set up prostitution booths; and we all know about Clinton's affairs.

The one thing I have wondered for a long time is, was there a possible connection between the Clintons and the Invasion? I find it strange, the Lord talking about "President Clinton", then without skipping a beat, and went on talking about the military invasion of this nation. Is there a hidden meaning here? I thought at the time the invasion would possibly happen during the time while Clinton was in office. Of course it did not occur and I never dreamed that the "Clintons" may be in the White House again through his wife.

President Clinton may be that president that will be in the White House at the time of the invasion. Also, when the Lord mentioned the terrorist attacks, about two weeks later on February 26, 1993, the first attack on the World Trade Center occurred.

About the money and the gold not worth anything, and me saying at the time, "but the Church won't be here". I believed in a pre-trib rapture at the time but not anymore. The Lord showed me in 1997.

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