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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Proof: Trump Won the Popular Vote, Too

David Eells - 11/17/2016

There was a hidden landslide for Donald Trump. Fractionalization fraud was in play in the voting machine computers and that is why the race seemed as close as it was. But enough fractions make a whole.

Massive Election Fraud Discovered By Investigators

The key discovered to alter elections in about four seconds

As you can see, we haven't elected a president since 2001 because of fractionalization fraud and organized crime by TPTB.

At one point, there was a comparison of Hillary's rallies across the nation being 30,000 in attendance but Trump's rallies were 300,000 in attendance. And then it got a lot worse as Hillary fell like a rock through Wikileaks and Weiner, so how does this equate to as close a vote as it appeared? Fractionalization fraud and cheating in every form with faction and slander has happened. Warehouses with crates of Hillary ballots already filled out. People caught stuffing ballot boxes. Criminals stealing the election who could not win any other way.

So if they cheated by flipping the vote, how did Trump win? By God flipping it back when His people prayed.




So now, what is their excuse for vandalism and beating peaceable people in the blue zones and burning the forests in the red zones? You are like Judas who was hired to mistreat Jesus and His disciples. By blocking roads, you have murdered people who could not make it to the hospital. By burning our nation, you have proven your hatred for it and you have killed people who have less lung capacity because of disease. By doing these things, you have proven you hate the US and its people.

We now see that the concession speeches promising "the rule of law" and all help with the "transition" to the new president are lies. Since this president-elect, against all the odds, has been voted in by a major majority of the people of the United States and the electoral map is now more red than any I have ever seen, people's votes should be respected.

The people of this nation have voted against communism, Islamic rule, anarchy, Satanism, faction, murder, hatred, the overthrow of other lands for profit, the crooked media and those who disobey our Constitution. Those who hate democracy have proven their evil by not accepting the vote, so let them move to the lands that live in corruption because they believe in these things. Rebellious people cannot live in a free society. The only place they can have any semblance of peace is under a bloodthirsty dictator who would kill them, so let them move there. The people who respect democracy don't need this. Why is it that there are no republicans rioting in the streets and disobeying the laws? Those who believe in the "Democratic" party are doing this. Those of you who want to save the Democratic party must reject all of this as God and the people of the US have.

God has given a confirmation of His choice for the new administration. 96% of the people in America have new hope because of the incoming Trump Administration. To prove this confidence, stocks are hitting record highs and financial stocks are set for their greatest monthly gain ever. It's time to let the people go, Pharaoh.

Pharaoh Drowned and Replaced at the Red Sea

When the country voted for freedom from bondage and we heard the concession speeches with the words "rule of law", it was as if Pharaoh conceded to let the people go. But we had heard from the Lord that an attempt to reel the slaves back into bondage would come through false flag chaos and anarchy to bring martial law and continuance of this administration. Now we have heard that the chaos and anarchy of the beaters of innocent people, murders of cops who risk their lives to keep the peace, slasher murders of students by Muslims, and burning of our lands are not really terrorists, but we are not that stupid and we know where it all comes from. We see now that organized crime from the top is threatening the electoral voters with death if they don't change their vote. The criminal media is silent about all of this and still railing at the people's choice so they are going down with Pharaoh's administration. These obvious attempts to whip us into line would be the equivalent of Pharaoh and his administration chasing the people to the Red Sea to bring them back into bondage by martial law. The Red Sea of votes below is a sign of what is happening but it will be completed when Pharaoh's administration goes under and there is a new Pharaoh in this Egypt. Also, Moses reformers are coming at this time to lead the people of God through the wilderness to their Promised Land and there will be a great celebration and revival on the far side of the sea. Daniel also is a type of these reformers when he interpreted the writing on the wall to the King of Babylon, who was abusing the vessels of God's house, as a rejection of his regime. Cyrus' army marched into the city on that night and that was the end of him.


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