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2003 01 31.1
For thus saith the Lord. Do not despair. I am going throughout the churches of America to see who will put My Name first, who will put the salvation by the Blood of the Lamb above all else. Those who do so will be blessed by the Lord above; but those who do not will be condemned by Me. Do not turn to the world or the world's ways. Do not listen to the ways of many who compromise My gospel. Those who turn away from the compromising position of the worldly church will be blessed by Me. Those who continue in the work of compromising My Word will be condemned! Do not doubt this word. I am going throughout the world and throughout the churches in America to see who will put me first. It is time that the worldliness be burned out of the church! It is time to see that God is placed first above all things. There is power in the name of Jesus. Those who walk in that power are walking with Me. Those who do not walk in the power are walking with the world. Not only will I turn away from godless churches, but I will turn to those who are truly serving Me in truth and power, and I will give them a protection in this time. For coming soon is a persecution and a strong attack against My people. Not only that but there is coming trouble to America's shores. I will protect and guide My people through this time. Do not partake in those churches and religious organizations who will not listen to the Word of God and follow it in a complete way.

2003 03 05.1
For thus says the Lord. I am that I am. I have created one church, one Bible, and one truth. Therefore, all who profess to believe in Me must believe to one truth, one God, and one church. Where do we find one church? Where? Why are there so many organizations that use My Name and do not bow to the will of God for one church? In My Word I condemned factions and denominations or sects of My church. You will find it in I Corinthians 1. Obey My Word now! Return to the days of the book of Acts where My people were one; humbling themselves under the might hand of God. Turn away from the sins that you have. Destroy your divisions of Me. Become a local church that will not, under any circumstances, change or alter what the Bible says. Leave any church that will not confess that God is all and they are nothing. Return to the humility of the first century church. Look at what My Word says and believe it; not what some theologian interprets. Stand for all of God's Word and lead the world to Christ!

2003 06 18.2
For thus says the Lord. I am the One who you should be worshipping. I am the One who you should be paying attention too. I am the One who is in control of everything. Those who stand for their denomination, those who stand for their beliefs separate from the Bible, those who stand for their money organized churches; will stand for the world and I will not be their help when the troubles and denominational fights begin. Yes, there will be fights between churches, fights within churches, and fights between those within the churches and those without. I am calling My people to stand for peace and love even to love those who are wrong and bring a Spirit of love to those who persecute them. I am calling My people to stand for peace and not fight at this time. For those who fight will lose; and those who will not fight but stand in love for the truth of the Bible will be raised up victorious by Myself in the end. Stand and know that troubled times are coming. Stand and know that there is a way of the world which will lead to sin within the churches. Stand and know that there is a way of God which will lead to truth without man-made, money organized, churches. So says the Lord.

2003 11 25.1
I cry for My people who are deceived by such a wicked world. So many have tried to make the church look good in the eyes of the world by making the church worldly. So much has been done by these people that My church looks more like the world than Me. I have become strengthened by those who will stand against the worldliness that is in the church always wanting to be so worldly that they have gone away from Me. See in the Word how powerful My church was: healing, miracles on a regular time. But now how many are healed, how many miracles, how many signs and wonders? When they come back to Me, I will come again in signs, wonders, and mighty deeds.

2004 01 28.1
For thus says the Lord. My people who are tormented by unbelievers within the churches are truly those who are My witnesses in all the land. For when those who are within the churches will not bow down and serve the Master, Jesus; then truly sin has come unto the churches. I seek those who will bow down and humble themselves and obey the Spirit of God.

2004 02 8.1
My true church is not a denomination, but rather it is My people gathering into a local congregation with a name that represents the local area. Beyond this is sin. For if one creates a division with Christ, one creates a division of My people which is wickedness.

2004 02 8.2
Thus saith the Lord. Those churches who are truly not part of division-making shall be blessed by Me. Those churches who will not stand as a true and separate church from divisions (denominations) shall be removed. I will not longer have divisions within My body. They shall be removed. I will do this in the coming years.

2004 03 27.1
How many people, says the Lord, have I called out of My church to begin a teaching of My power? They should have been able to learn this within the church, but they could not because the church has preached against My power! I said in My Word, that you shall do greater miracles than I did [John 14:12] Why is this not seen? Because the church preaches worldly man-made power and not Godly power through fasting and prayer!!

2004 04 23.1
There are many who walk in pride in the church thinking that they are someone important who will be used in the coming revival. But no! I will use the humble ones who are not part of the great organized man-made church. For the man-made man-organized church will not partake of what is to come. For what is to come must come through the unhindered move of the Holy Spirit. Anything else would taint the move of God. So says the Lord God.

2004 05 06.1
Thus says the Lord. Did I not command My people to submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit? Why then do I find man-organized man-controlled organizations who call themselves by My Name? In the book of Acts I saw the multitudes bow down and serve Me. But here in this world we now have an organization which is answerable to itself and the votes of its members.

Blasphemy! Great blasphemy!! So says the Lord!

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