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Provision and Protection in Tribulation

Rex Veron

PREFACE: When I was a new Christian and signs were beginning to follow my trusting in Him, I went to the Pan-Hellenic Building on USL's campus to hear Colonel Speed Wilson. This was in the late '70s. He was teaching that the pre-tribulation rapture teaching was false and that it was dangerous to the believer. I remember meditating, studying, seeking and searching the scriptures for truth. He is faithful to fill them that hunger and thirst after righteousness and to those that are diligent He will reveal the mysteries. The Holy Ghost began to speak and reveal what was meant about the four seeds in the different soils and the tares and the wheat and the two doing things and the one taken and I diligently studied Matt. 23, 24, 25. Luke 21, Mark 13, 1-Thes. 4, Genesis and Noah and Joshua, Exodus, Amos and Haggai and the list goes on. I understood through study, seeking, prayer and revelation of the Holy Ghost that not only was Colonel Wilson correct, the teaching of any Pre-Tribulation Rapture was a demonic teaching and deception to the body. Therefore I have taught it to be demonic, evil and dangerous for the past 25 plus years.

THE VISION/DREAM 1983 or 1984:

I was asleep in my bedroom in Lafayette, Louisiana and I remember leaving my body and floating above it for a while. I remember looking at myself and my wife and thought, this is strange. Then I floated up through the roof of my home and up into the sky. It was a beautiful night and I could see my home from the air as well as the neighborhood. Everything I saw was crystal clear. I began to go higher and higher, my home grew fainter and fainter and I began to see the earth and then I was looking down on the earth as it looked from the moon pictures. There were no other ones around me, at least that I could see and I began to wonder what was going on. The higher I went the darker it got. I noticed in the distance a very faint light and I perceived it was moving towards me. I looked down and could see nothing but darkness which was what I saw looking in any direction except up with the light growing brighter and brighter. As it drew closer I could make out the shape of a body in a full cloth covering, He was too far away for me to make out details but I could tell he was coming closer. I was not afraid but I was curious as to what was going on. He drew closer and closer and I could see it was a man dressed in soft white clothes all the way to where His feet would be, though I could not see His feet. He had a belt around His waist and it had a sash cord tied to it that hung to about His knees, He had brownish colored hair shoulder length, only His hands were visible from the sleeves of His garment. When I looked to see His face it was a brilliant light and no features were discernable. It reminded me of the light I saw when I gave my life to the Lord when I was 28 years old. When He was about five to six feet away from me He moved His hands from His side with His palms up and made a motion as if asking me to come to Him yet I knew I was not to move. I began seeing lights streaming up from below me moving at a tremendous speed. At first just a few at a time then more and more; it looked like fireworks. They moved up and up and went beyond where we stood and continued up until I could not see them any more but they continued to come up from below me. (They were not all leaving the earth at one time like "in the twinkling of an eye". The Holy Ghost has showed me that these were saints that were being killed for the Word of their testimony.) I began to weep and look down at my feet and cried out to Him and I said "I know I have taught there is no rapture and that it is a demonic teaching but I have faithfully followed you and I love you and I have given you my life. Does this mean that I will not be able to live with you because I do not believe in rapture. I was looking down weeping actually sobbing because I thought I had missed Him and was doomed. Finally He spoke to me. It was wonderful. The only words He spoke were, "Rex I have need of you".

Instantly I was in a deep forest with about 10 other people, both men and women. (I have since come to believe this forest was in North Carolina even though I have never been there.) We were dressed in raggedy clothes with well worn shoes. All of us there had peace and none of us were afraid. It was the thickest forest I had ever been in and I do not recall ever seeing the sun shine. It was always dark/hazy looking like looking through a fog but not really. Every day at a certain time, (none of us had watches but we knew when we needed to do something and we all were of the same mind at the same time) we would leave the forest and head toward the city. The city was completely bombed out. Everything was in ruins and there were guards at all entrance places to the city. My first trip into the city I remarked to one of the men, the guards will see us and take us captive, before he could answer the Holy Ghost told me to be quiet, the man never answered me. We walked up to where the guards were. They had automatic weapons and were dressed in full battle armor and looked hard and stern as well as mean. I thought this is crazy they will capture us at best or shoot us at worst. While these thoughts were racing through my mind we walked right past the guards they never saw us. (When they wanted to take Jesus and throw Him off a cliff yet He passed right through them without them noticing.) After passing the guards we split up entering the city. I went to a bombed out area which looked like an apartment complex, I began preaching the gospel and begging the people to come out. Some would stick their heads out of the windows and yell for me to go away, others would look out and then come down into the streets. Some of these, not many would receive and would stay with me as I walked through the area. Then all of us would show up at the guard area at the same time, without watches. They like me would have a few people that listened and received. It occurred to me that even though the guards did not see us come in surely they will see us leave for now we have others that did not come in with us. Again I heard the Holy Ghost say to me, "will you be still". I obeyed and we all started out the gate past the guards at one time. They never saw us nor heard us even though we could hear them. They were complaining about their duty and the situation they found themselves in. We would head back into the forest to teach the ones that came out with us. When the Holy Ghost would tell them they were ready they would return to the city to bring others out also. I do not recall how long we did this but I do remember our numbers growing until we were a large army. We did not forage for food nor did we worry about it for at a certain time each day food would float down through the canopy of the trees. It was flat, soft, had no smell and was in different shapes. When placed in the mouth it would fill the mouth and in a short time one was full. I do not remember drinking any water even though there was a stream that went through where we were. The next thing I remember is waking up.

Tim Carter

I had a vision (12/07/04) from a vantage point where I could see myself but I could also see other people, as if standing on the earth like giants. I could see the curve of the Earth from my view with these peculiar people everywhere and I could see this bright golden light coming from a place above us and it penetrated through our heads and shined through our flesh. All those people who had the light shining through them were connected by this hovering bright golden light. It was a beautiful sight to see. We were all connected and moving together all over the globe. It was just like you spoke concerning the body of Christ moving together in unison. I found your comments exciting.

Safety in the Spirit
Ryan Kwasnica - 06/14/2008

I was in an apartment-like building at night (the corporate Church building), and in this building was a car (your life). I began wiping this oily substance onto this car and I said to someone, "This is to bullet proof it". The oily substance would get as hard as rock. (The oily substance represents the Holy Spirit on your life to protect it.) Then I was outside of the apartment and I saw a car pull up to the building and two black men with guns got out and began marking certain doors on various apartments and mine was one of them. They were searching for me but could not find me because I hid myself. (And so it will be if we follow the Spirit.) Then just before I awoke I heard a voice say, "We are closer to a police state than we think". (Yes, martial law will be here with the next strike on the U.S. and demon-possessed people will be in control. From there it will be downhill. Christians and Jews will get the blame for the world's troubles.)

Martial Law, Insurrection, Invisibility
Reuel Stewart - Beginning Sept. 2008
(David's notes in red)

At the beginning of the dream I was walking toward Houston. As I got near the outskirts of the city, I noticed that the entire city had a defensive perimeter. There were blockades and checkpoints at all of the entrances to the city. I also noticed that there were lots of gun shots going off all around the outer perimeter of the city. They were coming from people on the outside attacking the city's defenses. It was mostly small arms fire but there were some explosions also. It was like guerilla-type warfare -- hit and run.

As I got to one of the checkpoints, I walked up to the soldiers and they didn't even seem to notice that I was there. I walked right past them without them saying a thing or even looking at me. As I continued past them, I turned around, still wondering why they didn't stop me. At that moment the checkpoint came under attack from all directions. (This invisibility from enemies on both sides has been seen by many, as in Rex's vision above.) There were guys in the woods sniping at them. I could tell the soldiers were pretty frustrated because they couldn't really see where the shots were coming from. They just started shooting toward the woods in all directions, somewhat frantically. Once they started to fire back, the attackers seemed to have just left. There were several soldiers who had been shot.

I continued walking further into the city to the Wal-Mart distribution center for food, where I currently work, only in the dream it was really primitive. The entire warehouse was all outdoor and all the food isles were just dirt roads with roofed but not walled storage structures. The only food they had were large bulk sacks of grain and beans, and maybe rice. I saw my manager with one of the other guys who I work with riding on a large outdoor-style forklift. He was moving whole pallets of the bulk food. There were also soldiers everywhere in the city. I noticed that there was no traffic other than Army vehicles. People seemed to stay near the center part of the city. It was like the city had become really run down and most of the buildings and houses didn't have electricity. A lot of people were sick. (With the fall of the economy, martial law will come and those who will fight against it in an eventual civil war. Islamo-facists will release biological weapons in the cities.)

I began to walk back to the outside of the city until I got to a bridge that was about one or two miles from the perimeter where I saw two soldiers talking. They were looking across a field where some of their guys were being shot at. One of the guys was telling the other guy that he was glad that they were assigned to patrol the inner part of the city because the guys assigned to the outer perimeter were always getting sniped. He also said that he hoped they wouldn't send him to replace one of them. The other guy agreed with him. At this point I realized that the soldiers were UN troops in blue uniforms. (I got the verse in Ezekiel 7:15: The sword is without, and the pestilence and the famine within: he that is in the field shall die with the sword and he that is in the city, famine and pestilence shall devour him.) I then proceeded to leave the city. As I passed the checkpoint again, I could see up ahead of me there were guys on both sides of the road hiding in the woods. Most of them were dressed in normal-looking clothes, but none of them seemed to notice me walking by them (invisibility from revolutionaries).

Anointed Protection
Samuel Paguaga - 03/14/2012

It was night and with group of people, we were hiding in a house. The house was just like my old house in Leisure City, Florida. The walls of the house were thick, poured concrete, with a flat, concrete roof. (Those houses made it through one of the most devastating hurricanes while I lived there -- Hurricane Andrew.)

We were in the front bedroom, then we heard helicopters and saw red scanning lasers flashing everywhere. "They've found us", someone said. As I looked toward the blinds, I could see the red lasers and hear the helicopter. As I looked, I was transported through the wall, where I could see all the soldiers had their guns ready to shoot. Someone moved the blinds from the inside and they began to shoot without warning. Without thought, I quickly moved in between the soldiers and the people and held my hands out to stop the rain of bullets. The firsts bullets fired stopped and fell softly to the ground and the others stopped at the gun. It seemed like they kept firing but with no sound and other bullets just kept backing up in the chamber of the gun. I looked down at the people and said, "Don't worry. We are protected".

When those in the black helicopter saw they were not prevailing against the anointing/forcefield protecting the people, another helicopter came and both went after me. They chased me higher in the air and began to fire with even more intensity, but to no effect. I concentrated even more to direct the protecting field, which felt like anointing flowing through me and not of my own power, to the stopping of their weapons. I was grunting while forcing full anointing through me. Their bullets were not even firing and their lasers were not passing the front part of their weapons. It seemed like they fired until they were out of ammo and laser power. As they began to turn to leave, I awoke.

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