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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Purifying the Seed of the Word

ve Brast - 06/05/2011
(David's notes in red)

The Father gave me a dream this morning that I would like to share. I need to preface this dream with a short one I had the morning before, in which I was in the living room of my grandmother's old house. (Contending for the faith which was once delivered to the saints; the original saints' house.) Noah, my firstborn son (14 years old this year), was being followed around outside the house in the front yard by a bunch of teens who were trying to get him to mate his very large pet ewe sheep (the corporate spiritual man of the modern Noahs who escape the tribulation and flood) with a very large stray goat (corporate body of the apostates or those who fall away). They wanted him to do this for their entertainment. Noah came into the living room to get my advice on what he should do. The teens were harassing him about it. I told him it was not possible, that God would not allow it and to keep his sheep away from that goat. (The saints are forbidden to receive the seed or teachings and actions of the apostates into their spirits.)

The next morning, God gave me this dream: I was again in the living room of my grandmother's old house. (This is the house she lived in when I was a child. I say it is her house because her inheritance money that she received from her father paid for its building. The house is situated in an east/west direction on a street called Lago Vista.) (Lago is Portuguese for "lake".) Vista means "view" in Spanish. (In the original house of Bible times, there is a clear "Lake View" or clear understanding of the Word.)

David's Bible study chair was setting in the living room facing the east toward the sun (the corporate Davids are facing the rising of the Son in their lives) room and David was sitting in the chair but he was merged with my grandfather and spoke with my grandfather's voice. (In the Davids is the Word of the ancient saints in the Bible.) I approached David's chair and asked him to help me do a research paper on "Purifying Noah's Seed". (A study on the truth of how to receive the pure seed.)

Speaking with my grandfather's voice, he explained that the way to do this was to skin the sack that held the seed and take the blood and place it on the doorpost of the white door on the north side of the sunroom that had the dog door in it. (The beast or dogs comes from the north to enter the house of God's people. Those whose way is washed in the blood will be immune to invasion by the fleshly beast.) While my grandfather/David was speaking, I saw the process in a vision: Two hands, the left one holding the flesh while the right one holding a double-edged dagger (the Word) skinned the sack and a lot of blood came out. (None of this will be done by our own hand.) (Cutting the flesh away from the Word/seed to make it pure.)

I published the paper in the form of a dream and sent it to UBM. (A warning to those Noahs in UBM not to receive the words of those who fall away.)

When I went out into the sunroom, another vision of a bowl of blood appeared above my head but as I opened the white door facing north that had the dog door in it, the bowl disappeared. (Christ's blood in the spirit is our passover.) (We have the blood covering as long as we do not leave the house of God's presence.) The door would only open halfway. I leaned out to see what was blocking the door and noticed two trimmed hedges that grew on either side (Job's hedge in 1:10). There were several small staffs leaning upright against the right hedge near the opening of the door. (Hedges keep the enemy out and staffs keep the righteous in line.) But as I leaned around the door to have a better look, I saw a very old, large staff that was leaning at an angle across the door between the two hedges. This was the staff that Abraham had used and after him Moses, and was now the Man-child's staff. (The Man-child shepherd's staff will keep the righteous from wandering from the house of God with the dogs.)

I then noticed that a young, tender, green vine had grown out of the top of the right hedge and was clinging along the side of the staff. (It didn't wrap around the staff like normal vines do.) There was also a door in the center of the eastern wall of the sunroom that is not there in real life. In the dream, no one used this door. It seemed to be sealed up. (As the door of the eastern wall of the city of God is reserved for Christ's return. Since the Davids who have the original teachings are facing east to see the Lord's return in them, as in Hosea 6:2,3.)

After I shut the door, Ellie (meaning "shining light") called me on my cell phone. (When we shut the dog's door, the light will come shining into our life.) She told me how much our sister in Christ (Mesha Thomas) had been blessed by the research paper. ("Mesha" comes from the verb "mush", meaning "depart, remove". The verb occurs 20 times in the OT, denoting how God will not depart from Israel [Exodus 13:22], or the removal of sin from Israel [Zechariah 3:9] -- abarim. "Thomas" means "twin". Hence, the two witness company will be blessed by the revelation of the pure seed and are washed in the blood; their sins are removed.) I saw her in a vision while Ellie was talking and she was a white woman in the vision and represented a large group of people. (The shining light turned Mesha white or pure.) We then rejoiced together that the brethren were being blessed.

When I walked back into the living room, there was a homeschool convention being held there next to the library of research papers that had all been published by different brethren. (Those who are not educated by the beast through the north dog's door but have the revelation of the pure seed.) I saw a woman, Cindy Biddle, whose husband was also her son. ("Cindy" means "light" - {Mat.6:23} But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is the darkness! Biddle is the founder of English Unitarianism, believing everybody's god is God. Inbreeding spiritually means to believe what you want to instead of the truth.) She was living in sin and was trying to steal the research paper I had published so the brethren could not be blessed by it any longer. (I had a dream near Christmas of 2008 that this same woman was holding a keychain of an Egyptian ankh, the symbol of Tammuz [another Jesus].) (Those who have another light or another Jesus will always try to take the revelation of the pure seed away.)

The Holy Spirit told me in this dream that she was the son of perdition as I watched her and her husband/son try to sneak out the front door with the research paper. My grandfather/David would not allow her to take it and ordered them to leave my grandmother's house. (The Man-child will purge the house of apostates who turn brethren away from the pure word. We just received several dreams that said this. Read Dealing with the Factious.)

When I woke up, I asked the Lord for a verse and opened my Bible to Jeremiah 46:17. I then read in context from verses 16-28. (The beast from the north took Egypt, who fell away into captivity) I asked the Lord about purifying the seed of Noah and I opened my Bible to Psalm 24:6 and went on to read verses 1-10. (Those who have not lifted up their soul to falsehood will ascend the hill of the Lord and they will be full of the Lord, the true light.)

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