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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Purity Delivers from the Storms

Paula Burns
(David's notes in red)

I had a dream the evening before the waters came to New Orleans. My husband, Roy, and I had been traveling in our RV through some hill country. We were stopped to check the RV. I went over to a lookout place behind the RV and was looking at all the hills we had just been through. Then what I saw was a wall of water come over each one of those hills (mountains). I told my husband and he said we needed to get to higher ground. He suggested that we climb the steep embankment next to the RV. We did. At the top of this massive hill there were no trees and no place else to go any higher.

RVs are for sojourners in this world. The righteous are just passing through. Spiritually, higher ground is all that will save us from the water, which represents the curse of the Word on this wicked world.

But there were four tall, clear, square buckets, large enough to hold my husband and myself. My husband said that they would never be able to hold us upright. We got into the same container just in time for the water to lift us up, up, up and then there was no more land anywhere! There was only room to stand in these buckets. I told my husband it felt as if we were walking on water and we laughed.

The Gematria for the Word is 4. 444 = The Word (Jn.1:14). If we abide in the 4 clear buckets of the pure Word we will be preserved in the judgments to come. In Noah's day the waters killed the wicked and preserved the righteous who were abiding in the ark of Christ, the Word. Walking on water represents this. When Peter started getting his eyes off the Lord and His Word he started to sink into the curse of this world. "The righteous shall live by faith".

We began to paddle with our arms on our way to find land somewhere. We had been paddling for a while and I was not paying too much attention to what my husband was doing. I then heard, "So how is Katlyn doing?" (We have a granddaughter named Katlyn.) I said, "Excuse me?" I looked and in front of me was a blond-haired, blue-eyed person. His hair was shoulder-length and all I could see of him was from the top of his bare shoulders up. He seemed to just be in a space (don't know how to explain about him). I said to this person, "How is it that we are in the middle of nowhere and you know about Katlyn?" He said, "I do not know Katlyn, but this gentleman (my husband) has told me that he is Katlyn's grandfather. I was just inquiring how she was". I gave it no more thought and he was gone, just that quick. So I suggested that there might be land or something toward the right (east?) side of us, so we continued to paddle and then I woke up.

Katlyn has the same meaning as Katrina, which flooded New Orleans. It means pure or purity. The flood of judgments will ultimately leave nothing but purity.

Katelyn (KAYT-len) (English) Alternate form of Caitlin, an Irish form of Katherine. Kateline is a medieval English form. See also Kaitlin. [Kateline, Katelinn, Katelynn, Katlin, Katlyn, Katlynn Katlynne Kitlyn] Katherine (KATH-rin, KATH-er-rin) (Greek) "Pure". From the word "katharos". A name in use since at least the third century A.D. The early Latin forms Katerina and Caterina became Katharine and Catherine.

The question by the angel was, I believe, important to all who wish to be preserved through the storms: "How is Katlyn doing?" or "How is your purity?" Katlyn is Paula's fruit. So the question could be "How is your fruit? Is it pure?" "How is it doing?" The answer is obvious. Paula and Roy's purity of fruit was saving them from the storm. The storms cannot touch purity. They are coming to restore the fear of the Lord and to cause us to abide in the pure Word. Traveling towards the east is towards the coming of the Son in our life.

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