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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Radiator Miracle

Eve Brast - 06/18/2012

This last Sunday, June 17th, my mom and I drove my two oldest sons, Noah and Elijah, out to east Texas for a week of summer camp. The drive back from camp sure was a witness to my mom. My 14-year-old station wagon started overheating as we were pulling in to drop Elijah off at his camp, so we had to get one of the counselors to bring a bucket of water to fill up the radiator because it had sprung a leak and was bone dry.

My mom was getting all flustered and bent out of shape, so I started praying that the Father would be merciful to us and help us to be able to drive the three hours back to Dallas-Fort Worth without any problems. I prayed that He would not let me be put to shame for His namesake. Then I started making faith statements over our situation to my mom telling her everything would be OK and that the Father was not going to allow us to be stranded on the side of an east Texas road somewhere.

After we dropped Elijah off at camp, we drove several more miles down to Noah's camp to drop him off and the same thing started to happen. The car overheated and was steaming again. We again asked the camp counselors if they could help us fill the radiator up with water because, again, it was dry. As we were waiting for them to finish, my mom got upset and was angry that my husband Eddie had his phone turned off and was railing that he should always keep his phone on and near him when the boys and I were out of town.

I asked, "What is Eddie going to do?" (Knowing that Eddie is not my ultimate protector or provider.) "We are way out here". My mom said, "Well, he can come and get us, if we have to be towed!" I said, "We won't have to be towed. The Father will help us". She was still just shaking her head. I said, "Don't worry, Mom. God is in control. He won't let anything bad happen".

When we got back in the car and started back, Josiah, my youngest son, was worried and was asking if we were going to break down. I said, "No, Josiah. We will be just fine. Let's pray that the Father sends His angel to plug the leak for us with his finger so we can drive back home". So he and I agreed by faith that the angel would plug the hole where the leak was for us.

After this, the car stayed cool and didn't overheat anymore. When we got to I-20, after 30 minutes of driving, we pulled into a gas station and I checked the fluid level under the radiator cap and it was still full! No more fluid had leaked! My mom still went into the gas station and bought two gallons of water and a jug of antifreeze (just in case) and we got out on the highway. For the next 2-1/2 hours, however, the car never overheated again and the engine stayed cool. When we pulled up to our house Josiah said, "Oh, man, we just wasted all that money on water and antifreeze and didn't even need it!" I laughed and said, "God is faithful, Josiah. The righteous will not be forsaken". My mom smiled and said, "Praise the Lord!"

She still wanted my husband and I to take the car up to the shop the next morning and said she would help us pay for any repairs. So when I went out to the car and popped the hood and looked under the radiator cap, it was still full. So we shut the hood and took it to the mechanics. I prayed for a good report from them, that they wouldn't find anything wrong with it because the Father's salvation is always free! They couldn't find anything wrong with the coolant system. The garage guessed that the radiator cap was the problem but that doesn't explain how the car could run so far without a problem after prayer and faith.

With love and encouragement for all my brethren.

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