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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Latter Rain Coming Soon

David Eells

Early on the morning of December 26th, I had another vision. I had gone to bed late and turned the heat down low. I got under the covers and felt strangely cool for a while without going to sleep. The last thing I remember is asking the Lord why I hadn't gone to sleep. After that I imperceptibly slipped into a very real trance-type vision like Peter had in Acts 10:10. I heard construction sounds outside the wall of my house where the head of my bed was. Without thinking, I put my hand up against a window over my bed and felt the screen and said to myself, "No wonder I am cold; the window is open". In reality there is no window above my bed. When I sat up to look out the window I saw a construction crew in the bright daylight taking out the water line to our house to replace it. In reality it was very dark outside. I observed the situation carefully. I saw that the line they were taking out was a shinny galvanized 3" pipe. Normally it would have been a rusty steel 1/2 " pipe for an old water service. My attention was drawn to a valve in the water line. It was a check valve and there was no gate valve. I knew this meant that the water could come into my house but would not return and could not be stopped. I knew that the new line would be the same but much bigger but I did not yet see it. Then the vision was over and I found myself laying in the bed and thinking on it.

I perceived that through an open window in heaven the Lord was showing me that He had been giving more than the normal amount of the living water of the Spirit and Word but would soon replace it with the latter rain. The bigger line had not been installed yet but the thought came to me that they don't leave your water off for long. I am expecting a much greater move of the Spirit and knowledge of the Word coming to my spiritual house. Of course what comes to my house goes out over the airwaves to our larger house, the house of God. :o) Praise the Lord, saints, the latter rain is on its way. Pray for me.

Expecting Another Trance Vision

Around Dec. 23rd I had a vision of myself standing between Bob and Dan while we were all standing on the beach. I knew I had to prophesy something important to them. The next thing I know I am laying on the ground in a trance and they are still standing there awaiting me to come out of the trance to give them that Word from the Lord.

I believe the beach represents the seed of Abraham, the Christians, since they are likened to the sands of the seashore for multitude. I believe the Word we are waiting for has to do with the church at large also.

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