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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Rare Catastrophic Eastern North Pacific Hurricane?

Joshua & Rick Sergent - 09/11/2008

I feel in my heart to share with you anopen visionmy son, Joshua, had on 9/11/08. I am doing this because he wanted to share this with UBM and he has since passed away in January 2009to be with the Lord. Joshua had just gotten saved and made a heart commitment to the Lord in March of 2008. At the time my mother wentto be with Jesus.

He would spend hours praying and reading the Word.

Prior to getting saved he would not get dreams of anything. When he started praying in the Holy Ghost and reading the Word, he started getting dreams often, and only once a vision; and this is the one he wanted to share this Spring.

Joshua was sleeping at his home when he heard these words: "WAKE UP". He immediately awoke.

He heard some people talking and thought there was a radio or television on, but lookedaround in his room and nothing was on. He walked into the living room, thinking the television was on. It was not. Then with his eyes wide open and awake, he saw a television-like screen appear before him, suspended in mid air. There weretwo people on it -- a man and a woman. They were like news anchors.

Joshua told me they were talking about Hurricane Carlos and the damage it was causing. There were words running across the screen at the bottom, trying to give updates about this Hurricane Carlos. Then the screendisappeared.

Joshua saidto his wife it was catastrophic. I asked Joshua where it hit. He said he did not know, but it went where hurricanes are not supposed to go, he thought.

Joshua asked me if I would go on the Internet to the National Hurricane Center website and find out if there is a named storm in the future for Carlos. He said, "Dad, it cannot be this year because we already had Hannah, and Ike is on its way, so the letter 'C' has already passed". So I did what my son requested.

I found the website and looked for named storms from 2008 - 2012 in the Atlantic. Carlos was not there. I then noticed other oceans with their names. Under "Eastern North Pacific" in 2009 there was Carlos! The third named storm for 2009 from that hurricane basin.

Joshua seemed to think it may be a hurricane that could hit the continental United States from the Pacific. While doing research, I found that the Eastern North Pacific region produces the second most hurricanes behind the Atlantic Ocean region. The season runs between May 15th and November 30th each year. There are an average of 16 tropical stormsannually, with nine becoming hurricanes, and four becoming major hurricanes. Theyfrequently affect mainland Mexico and the Revillagigedo Islands. Less often, a system will affect Central America or the Continental United States. Here is a shocker:


Could the Lord be showing us a rare hurricane hitting the west coast of the United States in 2009, and being a catastrophic one to boot? The names of the storms in this basin are rotated every six years, so the next time Carlos will be used will be 2015.They say the hurricanes that are northbound dissipate before reaching the states.So it looks like the third named storm for the Eastern North Pacific will be a hurricane, and probably in 2009, rather than 2015. What are the odds this open vision wasshown to my son was on 9/11? Hidden meaning? Catastrophe?

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