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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Redemption from Demons

William Fries - 10/14/2011

The Lord entered my life around 2002. In 2000, I started feeling there was something strange going on in the world. So I started going to conspiracy sites and believing that there were 13 satanic bloodlines running Earth behind the scenes. It's funny because I believed that but I still hadn't accepted the reality that there was a God. I had gone to Sunday school when I was young but I thought it was just a story and I needed proof or I wasn't going to believe. I am 41 years old now.

So then I went to a website that was a mixture of conspiracy about a reptilian race and religion. She was quoting scriptures and claiming to be a descendant of David. The lady running the website had a blog and it was a lot of argument about scriptures. I didn't really know anything about the Bible so I was just listening.

Then she claimed that the apostle Paul didn't write any of the Bible and that really upset a lot of people. I just left that website and ended up at Unleavened Bread Ministries in around 2002 and immediately God put it in my heart that it is all true. I believed the testimonies right away and knew there is a God. I started reading the Bible and wanted an ASV Bible because David Eells said it was more accurate numerically. Having no previous experience in the Bible at that time, I was reading the Old Testament more than the New Testament. I didn't understand about the letter of the Word verses the Spirit of the Word. I started reading all night long a lot and then strange things started happening when I was reading. The words started to speak and the pages started to breathe. I would start struggling to speak the words and when I put in all my effort I could keep reading, eventually. I heard the words in an audible voice speaking in my head and I would be in a trance all night long reading out loud while hearing the words inside my head. I have been living with my parents all my life. I'm one of those people who felt like I was a child and never grew up. My parents thought I was losing my mind.

I had the idea strongly in my head that God would supply all my needs, so I stopped eating, drinking and sleeping. Reading the Old Testament, I thought I was a priest from the Old Covenant of the Levitical Order. I wandered the neighborhood aimlessly, waiting for guidance. Since I refused to eat or drink, my parents eventually admitted me into the psychiatric ward in the local hospital. I knew God was with me in the hospital because vapors would appear and would look like they were breathing. This was really encouraging. I went a total of about 30 days without sleeping, drinking or eating. When they told me I had to turn the lights out at 10:00 each night, I would sit on the floor of the bathroom reading the Bible at night. Eventually, because of my persistence, they let me keep the room light on at night. I would read the Bible all the time --day and night -- and I would see the breath of God. He wanted me to know that He was there for me. After about 30 days, I had fallen asleep leaning on my elbow and when I woke up I was still leaning on my elbow.

Now looking back, I know that I was ignorantly following the Old Testament, as if I was a Levitical Priest, but God was still there for me. I had been locked in the psychiatric ward about seven times in my life, mostly for suicidal reasons. Sometime after that, I started listening to the teachings at UBM, trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do. I took all of the money out of the bank and started giving it away in a poor neighborhood and saying that Jesus wanted them to have the money. Then I started worrying that I didn't give away everything and I was running out of time to live in the wilderness. I tried to do everything that I thought I was supposed to do. Being still ignorant, I ended up getting really paranoid that God was going to kill me and burn me in hell fires. I knew that I was supposed to drive the speed limit just like David Eells said, to obey all the laws of men. I kept putting a great burden on myself, thinking I had no time to waste to get into the wilderness, so I eventually started acting very hastily. I had given away every penny I had and I started driving the car too fast and I knew that I wasn't obeying God, so He made me get lost and was on a tollway and when I got to the exit I had no money to pay the toll; and since it was unmanned, I had to drive through it without paying.

I guess I started getting angry with God because he sent me to a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. I had no idea where I was but He started giving me visions that were real to me: violent snowstorms and lightning and thunder; then it changed to sandstorms and my eyes were all crusty, as though I became really sick and all kinds of things. I don't remember too clearly anymore.

So after that he put a demon in me and I started swearing in my mind all the time, day and night. That lasted for about a year and the whole time I was in despair that I was going to be burned in the lake of fire forever. I kept asking for forgiveness and mercy but was really in fear of judgment all the time. I got really suicidal, thinking it was too late for redemption. I would drive my car, looking for a place to crash it, all day long.

I got locked up in the hospital again. I didn't go back to UBM or read the Bible for about four or more years. I finally was at a point where I felt good about going back and I started reading the Bible and listening to UBM. I am now reborn and have the Holy Spirit. I accepted that Jesus died for me, was buried and on the third day He ascended into heaven to be seated at the right hand of His Father. (1Pe.2:24) who his own self bare our sins in his body upon the tree, that we, having died unto sins, might live unto righteousness; by whose stripes ye were healed.

I praise God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ for having mercy on me and giving the gift of eternal life through Him. Amen.

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