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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Rejection Conquered

Marie Kelton - 10-3-19

I was asleep Tuesday night and the father woke me up and what was playing on my phone was David's teaching about how Rejection Lied The Father loves me.The Lord told me He wanted me to listen to the study and I was mostly praying instead of listening to the study. Then the Lord  had me to look at the article that David had mentioned in the study Deliverance from Rejection and Its Fear - UBM [David Eells] so I started reading the article and it was talking about how people use things to kind of medicate themselves if they’re dealing with rejection.  What stood out to me was food.  The Lord showed me that I was using food as a comfort when dealing with rejection in my trials. 

Then for some reason I started crying which didn’t make sense to me and I was wondering why I was crying it seemed like it wasn’t me crying but that the spirit of rejection was crying in me and speaking through me telling the Lord that it was too hard to read the article.  Because the article was talking about unforgiveness and self-hatred, feeling incapable etc., which is what I was dealing with in the trials at work and other trials in my life.  I started listening to the study again of Rejection Lied: The Father Loves Me httpss://www.ubm1.org/?page=rejection and I was laying down listening to it and the Lord and I was impressed to pray to the Father that He remove the blackness from my heart so I started praying that and I saw a vision of the Lord removing a black heart with the arteries and I ask the Father to give me a heart of flesh instead of stone and as I was laying down with my right ear on the pillow I heard a male voice audibly with my right ear and it screamed “No !” and I knew it was a demon and I knew it was the spirit of rejection so I started coming against it and after that I felt much better.  Because for a couple of weeks I had felt this heaviness in the middle of my chest and I didn’t really understand what it was, but as I prayed for the Father to give me a heart of flesh instead of stone. Then seeing the vision of the Lord removing the black heart. I felt much better and I was praising the Father for removing it.

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