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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Resistance to the Spirit of Truth

The Water Glass Vision
Russ Lewis - 09/01/2007

I wanted to share this vision with my brothers and sisters in the Lord. A friend of mine referred me to UBM about a week before I had this vision. I appreciate the teachings and the faith UBM shares in our Lord Jesus Christ.

I was sitting in church, listening to a sermon on January 14, 2007, when I saw a vision that left a vivid and lasting impression on me. In this vision, I saw a crystal pitcher full of water being poured into an overflowing crystal glass. The water kept pouring endlessly out into the glass, even though the glass was overflowing. The pitcher and the glass were suspended in mid air. There was a constant stream of water flowing from the pitcher to the glass. The whole vision was shown with a black background and there was some kind of light from above that really made the crystal look bright and clear on that black background.

The first thing I thought was, "I know this picture, Lord. It is from Psalms 23:5: My cup overflows". I had heard many teachings about this one verse, how God's Spirit, His grace and His mercy are poured out in us until our cups overflow. In other words, it is abundantly more than enough and more than we need. He pours it out in us freely. You don't deserve it and you can't earn it.

I was intrigued, so I started to take a closer look at the glass in the vision. I noticed there was something covering the glass that resembled clear plastic wrap. As I looked closer, I noticed the plastic wrap had sealed the top of the glass and the water was just pooling up on top and pouring over the glass. I was a little confused. The cup looked from the outside like it was all full and overflowing, but the water didn't appear to be getting into the glass.

I then thought, "If it is not getting into the glass, what is inside the glass?" When I looked at the side of the glass, I could see that the glass was only half full and that the level of water in the glass was slowly dropping.

I asked the Lord, "What does this mean?" The Lord showed me that this was the way I was living my life. I had busied my life up so much with the things of this world (hobbies, sports, computer stuff, etc.) that I had put my hands up to God and said, "Not now Lord, I am kind of busy", or "I will do that real soon, Lord", or just plain ignored Him. Eventually I had built a covering over my glass (vessel) that was keeping Him out, so I could do the things that I wanted to do (worldly things, sin, etc.). The level of water in the glass slowly dropping was representative of the grace and mercy being used up in my life and not being replenished. The Holy Spirit is very much like the water. If we are full of the Holy Spirit (water), then there is no room for sin in our lives (be vessels of honor).

However, there is a more devious side to the plastic covering. When I first saw the vision, the cup "appeared" to be overflowing (the appearance of "All's well"). I ask the Lord, "Am I just a fake, coming to fill a pew and having the illusion of being a 'Good Christian' (my cup overflowing for all to see), when inside I am just spiritually drying up and dying and no one knows it?! " The words "Whitewashed Tomb" (Matthew 23:27) come to mind! The Lord also showed me that it was not just me that was living this way, but most of the Christian world was living this way (Apostate?).

I refused to continue living in this dead way! I decided to pray and asked Jesus to lift off this covering from my "glass" and to let His Spirit flow back in my life and to fill me up until I overflowed!

He did it, just like I asked! He has completely changed my life! Again! I have been filled ("refilled") with His Holy Spirit, His love and His compassion. My cup, once again, is overflowing with His grace and mercy!

I feel like I have had my eyes opened. I can see, so much better, what is going on around me and in the world! I have an unending desire to read and consume His word! When I read the scriptures, the Spirit makes His word explode with meaning to me. What used to be unclear is now very clear.

It amazes me how much the things of this world do not matter to me any longer when I am filled with His Spirit. There is a great thing happening and how could the mindless dead things of this world even compare to the awesome powerful epic events that are unfolding before our very eyes!

Over the next couple of days, the Lord was keeping me up late at night and saying over and over, "Share this with My people". Then He said, "Share this vision with My church and then pray for My church". So the next Sunday I shared it with my local church. Although some responded, I know that there is a battle going on out there for our very lives!

Since that Sunday, I have been sharing this vision with most every brother and sister in the Lord Jesus that I come across.

And now I am sharing it with you. I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ will remove any covering you may have over your "glass" and I pray the He will fill you until you overflow with His Spirit, His grace and His mercy. Amen.

Peace to you in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Note from Bill Rowe: I believe that our Father is calling His people out of the harlot church and into the true church. The true church is a body of believers that are producing the fruit of Jesus Christ. Maybe that thin plastic wrap preventing the living waters to fill us is the teaching of the harlot church. I believe that is much more insidious and hidden than those other things which keep us in the world for the harlot church is full of dead men's bones and denies the power of our Father through His Son Jesus Christ. "Come out of her my people".

Religious Resistance to Truth
Amos Scaggs - 09/11/2007
(David's notes in red)

I had a large cup of brand-name coffee in a to-go cup. There were people, friends and family around that also had another brand-name coffee in to-go cups but it was not the same coffee that I had.

All cups had the brand name advertised on the outer, exposed side of the cups. They wanted my coffee because it had a better taste. I offered them my coffee but they all said the only way they could drink it was if I poured it in their cups so as not to upset the people who sponsored their brand. (If it's not labeled and approved by their religion they can't accept it. The danger to them is that they will not be judged by their religion but the Word. {Jn.12:48} He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my sayings, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I spake, the same shall judge him in the last day.)

I told them I could not put my brand of coffee in their brand of cup. They could not accept that offer. They were afraid of being fired if caught with my brand of coffee. {Lk.5:37} And no man putteth new wine into old wine-skins; else the new wine will burst the skins, and itself will be spilled, and the skins will perish.

There are church people in denominational churches that want the real gospel but are afraid of being exposed if caught listening to it. There are some that know they are listening to a false message but will not move because it is too conformable where they are. {Jn.12:42} Nevertheless even of the rulers many believed on him; but because of the Pharisees they did not confess [it], lest they should be put out of the synagogue: {43} for they loved the glory [that is] of men more than the glory [that is] of God.

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