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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Revelation of Theft Sinks World Economy

Debbie Horton - 02/18/2009
(David's notes in red)

I had two dreams. I dreamed the first and then the cats decided that they were roosters and had me up from around 3-ish. Then I lay back down and the second one came.

#1 - Care (a friend) and I were in the spirit in outer space over the earth's equator, not in our bodies, just spirit, invisible. We were only voices. The earth took up almost the entire view. I had finished making some kind of comment about a particular place not being safe for what's coming, possibly Flagstaff (where Care lives), and she immediately corrected me. She said that "no place is more than 24 hours away from destruction" and we turned our gaze to focus on the earth. (She is right; no place on the earth will escape this destruction. Only those who have invested in the Kingdom of God and stored up their treasures in heavenly places will escape.)

The Arctic was to our right and the Antarctic to our left. Since we were over the equator, the earth was spinning toward us; i.e., the night part was on the top, rolling over the horizon into day. When Care finished speaking, without warning, the part of the earth that was coming over the top was a scorched, dead, never-to-be-alive again part of the planet. I realized that the entire planet was going to be destroyed as it came over the horizon and that Care was right because it would take 24 hours -- one day. I became ill to my stomach at the thought that it was irreversible and unstoppable, at the hopelessness of it all. (As what is hidden in darkness comes to light, all will see that the things they have invested their life and savings in is gone forever, as in a fire. People will wake up in the morning broke. This agrees with the lens and sunlight [revelation] dream below. A depression will sweep the globe. Suicides will be many.)

#2 - I was in a branch of my bank, First Citizens (the people's bank), that doesn't exist in real life. Somehow, I knew all the people, mostly women (the churches), in the bank and they knew me. The light was not very bright, subdued somehow. (The people don't see what is hidden well.) I was chatting with them and leaning on a counter. One of them mentioned casually that the bank had bought Capital One. (The government's bank. After this dream, they started buying up private companies.) I was like, are they crazy?! Capital One is going to bankrupt First Citizens! But they seemed to think that it was just a great move to have bought Capital One. (Capitol One represents the Federal Reserve, whose mistakes and thievery are being charged to First Citizens, representing the citizens' savings, which now have become endless debt. Like fast falling dominoes, this will take down the world economy.)

Somewhere along the line, I noticed some yarn (a yarn is a lie, a tall story) on the counter was all tangled up in things on the counter, like pens, a piece of something that looked like an eyeglass lens, etc. and I started untangling it. (In real life, I was able to purchase, for $2, a garbage bag of tangled yarn from Big Lots and I've been slowly untangling it.) As I was talking with the bank people and untangling the yarn (revealing the lie), they became impressed with me and offered me a job. (Making sense of the banking mess we are in.) I used to be a bank teller in the '60s but they didn't know that. Anyway, I think I accepted the offer and was going to be trained.

At one point, Willard came in and walked up to me. He was upset at something he'd learned about how the children (all children) were going to be treated, or have something done to them. (The immature Christians, the children of God, will be blamed, persecuted and plundered, to serve the bankrupt beast, like Israel in Egypt. The mark of the beast will exclude them from world benefits.) As he spoke to me, I felt an overwhelming love for him that he could finally feel that way about anyone, let alone the children.

I'm showing a lens to someone, asking them what it is and what to do with it, when I hear a man's voice saying, "Open the front door". (A lens is to magnify what we see. This is a symbol of deeper revelation that we are being robbed and many can't see it.) The person I'm speaking with and I look over in that direction and we see that the bank is being robbed. They came through the back door. (You two who have learned to use God's magnifying lens see that we citizens are being robbed by the banksters, in secret.) A gang of armed men, some with half-masks on (half hidden to the public), is herding out all the employees. They didn't see the two of us because we'd crouched down to hide behind a chair and the wall. (Hidden in the rest [chair] and sanctification [separation wall].) When I saw everyone being herded outside, I told the person that we'd better go, too, because I was afraid that the robbers might take some of the people hostage. (Everything they have is being taken hostage, like socialism or communism, under the banksters.) Somehow, I knew I could prevent that or go in their stead. (Christians will sacrifice their lives for others to be set free. {1Jn.3:16} Hereby know we love, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.)

{Mat.6:19} Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon the earth, where moth and rust consume, and where thieves break through and steal: {20} but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth consume, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.

So now we're all outside the bank (no access to funds) and in very bright sunlight. (The fullness of the revelation of this robbery will be seen by all but too late.) The robbers wave their guns and direct us to the end of an unpaved driveway (tribulation wilderness) that runs alongside the building. There's also a gravel parking area. I notice that there's a daycare next door to the bank but am not concerned for the children playing outside. (A symbol of the immature churches playing games while they are being plundered.) Since the driveway goes on for quite a distance (seven years), I ask the person next to me, "Is this the end they want us to go to, or is it over there?" meaning alongside a low wooden railroad tie (their expected end for some is prison boxcars) separating the bank and daycare lots. Not receiving any answer and with the robbers not really paying any attention to me, I decide to keep on going to where there is an outside wooden stairway that leads up to the daycare office and rooms.

I run up the stairs and rush in (bringing the Word to the "high places" [idolatrous places of worship] of Christianity), expecting to see toddlers, babies and young children, but, instead, there are women having their hair done, as if it's a beauty shop. (The women are the churches. Getting their hair done represents the various systems they are being brought into submission/bondage to [1 Cor.11]. It's in a nursery because they are immature in the ways of the Kingdom.) They're sitting under dryers, etc. I yell out breathlessly, "Call 911! " (A possible reference to a new strike on America at this time.) The bank has been robbed! " They look at me without comprehension and are annoyed that I've disturbed them. (They don't believe their future is being robbed.) I repeat my plea and one of the women waiting on a sofa to have her hair done reluctantly gets out her cell phone to call the police, mostly just to shut me up. (The harlot will use the beast against the saints, as in Jesus' day.)

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