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Barry and Marilyn Klinke - 11/16/2013
(David's notes in red)

My wife and I both had dreams on the morning of 11/16/13. Maybe these will be of interest to some.

Barry's dream:

I saw a concrete building not too far away and I was shown the "business" that was inside the building. When I entered the building, I could see that the inside of the building had been renovated. The walls were concrete in the building's interior, just like the outside, except the interior walls had a new coat of white paint (representing sanctification by the Word). The work areas were brightly lit, very tidy and orderly.

Inside the building, there was a kind of assembly line, with about 12 people making duplicate keys. (12 being the leadership for the 12 tribes and the 12 keys being duplicated are the keys to the kingdom of God.) The keys were put in boxes that appeared to be mostly 5" x 5" x 5". (I used to send out products in boxes of that size for years at my last job; that's why I recognized the box size.) (5 is grace. By grace we receive the keys to the kingdom, the key of David, to pass on to the brethren. I suspect this is speaking of the materials ministry of books and discs we ship out.)

The boxes were sealed up and put on the assembly line and computer-generated shipping labels were applied in the next stop on the assembly line. Next, the boxes went to a sorting machine that sent the boxes to various bins, depending on where they were to be shipped. It was obvious that many hundreds of boxes with keys inside were shipped out every day, based on the flow of boxes moving down the assembly line while I was watching. End of dream. (This sounds like the revival we have been hearing of for many years and the rapid growth of our ministry.)

The keys could be the keys of the kingdom, that those with proper qualifications could produce and reproduce. The 5" x 5" x 5" boxes represent grace. (This is confirmation because I hadn't read this before making my red notes above.) These would then be sent out around the world to those who would be working in the last days to bring the good news of the gospel to many. The building's renovation could have something to do with the departure of the factious from UBM over the years. (That is surely part of it.)

These two dreams coming in the same night show that the Man-child will be used to start the great revival.

Marilyn's dream:

I was at our home in Washington state and I was pregnant (in the natural, I am 61 years old). My husband and the OB doctor who delivered my daughter 24 years ago were there. The doctor had just examined me and stated that it would be awhile before the baby would be born. I gathered that he meant several weeks. (Meaning more than two weeks, maybe three, but not much more.) My husband and the doctor left the room and I was suddenly aware of something trying to emerge from the birth canal. I could actually see the birth canal as if I was facing it. What I saw kind of alarmed me because I thought it was a piece of the umbilical cord emerging, but quickly I could see the head of the baby "fully crowned" and obviously the baby was just about to be born. I began to call for my husband because I knew the baby was being born and wanted him to be there. End of dream. (Obviously, the Man-child ministry will be fully anointed or crowned before the ministry is born. This was true with Jesus; He was anointed and then went into the wilderness to be tested and then the Man-child ministry manifested this crown to the world weeks later. I was thinking this manifested crown could be December 16th or 17th, which would be about four weeks. :o) Come, Lord Jesus!

Upon waking from the dream, my first interpretative thoughts about it were about my life "bearing fruit" in the kingdom and of course this was quite an encouragement to me. However, after listening to Sunday night's program (11/17/13), I wondered if the dream may have to do with the birth of the Man-child ministry and the ministry being "fully crowned". (Sounds good to me. If the crowning is done just before birth, this is the birth of the Man-child ministry coming after the birth of the Man-child.)

I also reflected on the numbers of the date: 11, meaning judgement; 16, meaning love; and the sum of the two, 27, meaning preach the gospel. (11/16 is the date of Tecumseh's sign of the coming treat comet, which was 30 days before the New Madrid quake when his crowning as chief of the united tribes was manifested to the world. In parallel, the great Comet ISON brightened on 11/16 as it was next to the star, Spica, meaning the branch, the sign of the Man-child. Then it goes on to corona borealis (northern crown) 30 days later. This will begin the Latter Rain anointing and the revival.)

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