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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Revival Signs

Joe Boes - 07/09/2007

After listening to the Bible study last night online and hearing David talk about the great revival which is right around the corner, I have this strong desire to share this testimony with you. I have been following your ministry for at least 4-5 years. I can't really remember when exactly I started, but I visit your site daily and burn most of David's teaching onto CDs and listen to them on my way to work and back. Over the years God has given me signs and dreams to show me my way, sometimes really small but yet very effective and sometimes a little bigger. I thank the Lord daily and read His word every chance I get. I don't understand everything but that's why He brought me to your ministry and over the years many of my question have been answered this way. PRAISE BE TO GOD.

When I heard the testimony from Dr. James Brooks about the great revival I was surprised that I did not find this earlier on your site. Like I said, I do visit your site on a daily basis. Anyway, prior to this Bible study last night, earlier in the weekend this is what happened to me:

On Saturday, 7/7/7, I was a bit curious as to what this day would reveal. The reason I'm saying this is I have been seeing triple-digit numbers (111, 222, 333, 444, 555) quite often over the years and I know the Lord is trying to tell me something.

I usually have my clock radio set for 4:05 am and I get up and spend the first hour of the day with the Lord after that, if I have still time, I run for 30 minutes and then get ready for work. On Saturday, since it's the weekend, I decided not to set the clock radio and sleep in maybe 'till six or so. Early Saturday morning I heard a 'beep' just like the one my wristwatch makes, those little hourly chimes. I opened my eyes and looked at the clock and the time was 4:44. Knowing God was calling me, I got up, made coffee and went into my little study room in the front of the house, not to disturb my wife and daughter. After over an hour of reading and praying I went on with my day, doing normal Saturday things. In the afternoon I had some time and went online to look up Leonard Ravenhill and listened to one of his sermons called "Judgment seat of Christ". Later in the evening I sat at the couch and the thought entered my mind to see what books Leonard Ravenhill has written. I went on Amazon.com and looked him up.

The first book I found from him was "Revival Praying: An Urgent and Powerful Message for the Family of Christ"... and the price for the book (used) was, you guessed it, $4.44.

Here's my receipt:

Amazon Marketplace Receipt

Date: 07-July-2007

Order #: 058-8561113-2676342

1 of Revival Praying: An Urgent and Powerful

Message for the Family of Christ... $4.44

Buyer: *******@earthlink.net
Seller: **************@sbcglobal.net
Shipping & Handling: $3.99
Your Total: $8.43

Needless to say, I ordered the book and a second one which is called "Revival God's Way, repack: A Message for the Church [Paperback] by Ravenhill"...

At that time I had no idea about the Bible study on Sunday night and the revelation of the revivals. But I know within the next few days I have "two" 'revivals' coming. GOD IS SO GREAT. GOD BLESS YOU, BRETHREN.

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