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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

The Righteous Offend the Beast and Harlot

Vincent Xavier

  1. I am coming to do great injury and wrong to that which is not of my Father. My nature contends with the nature of the beast. This nature of the beast is in the heart of men who have not been sanctified by My Spirit.

    That which has not been fully sanctified remains an offense to me and I will be an offense to it! Yes I will offend the beast in this hour! I will release a shockwave of glorious power that will cause the beast to reel to and fro like a drunken man! The nature of the beast has cleverly entrapped my people and has caused them to error in their hearts concerning what is acceptable to my Father.

    A learned practice of what is acceptable to men has been the standard by which men have been judged, yet that standard shall be fully violated in this DAY. Religious leaders have led my people into complacency and have lulled them to sleep with their fairytales and ideas that originate in their own minds. Their words are not my words for their words carry no sanctifying power. Their words carry no influence in the realms of darkness to the liberating of the captives.

    The nature of the beast is empowered by sin and the message of the religious leaders have not emancipated the conscience of those who believe in me. It is the SIN CONSCIENCE that must be dealt with. It is the SIN ISSUE that must be fully realized as the open door to Satanic power in the soul of them who believe.

    My nature will make war with the Beast within the soul of men and will execute judgment upon the Beast. Be prepared, for many shall be offended in the last days and it will be I that is causing the offense! Those who are righteous indeed will be an offense to those who are religious indeed.

  2. I am going to exceed all bounds of decency and reasonableness. Follow my life! Look at me! Was I approved and acceptable to the approved social order of my day? Was I subject to those who were in control of the day? Was the Roman government my head? Were the religious leaders of Judaism my head? NO!

    My only supreme was my Father and I always did what my Father told me to do, even at the risk of upsetting the standard order of the times. Yes it was I that entered into the temple and turned over the tables of the moneychangers. This was an acceptable practice for those Jews at that time but their practices were not ordained of My Father.

    It was I that caused outrage in the hearts of those who would take me to the cliff to throw me down the mountain! It was I that stirred the crowds into chaos and confusion causing divisions among men! It was I who upset the religious mindset of the day when healing on the Sabbath and doing good to those who were in need. It was I that caused offense in the hearts of the hypocrites! Yes it was I and I say unto you that I am going to upset the world again and I am going to turn it upside down.

    I am going to shake the world of all its social graces and practices that are an offense and abomination to my Father. Two thousand years ago I sent a people into the world and they, according to my will TURNED THE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN!

    So it is on this, the THIRD DAY that I am going to release my people once again from the caves of obscurity who have hid from the religious leaders of this Day and bring them out into the open and oh what an offense they shall be to all the social orders men have labored so hard to erect and put in place.

    Consider my servant David and the men that went out to meet him in the caves of Adullum. These were not the kind of men that were subjected to the religious order of Saul and neither will these be that I release in this hour. Surely I say to you that they will enter into your places of worship and contend with all that is not of My Father. They will be an offense to many and will reveal the hate and control in the hearts of the leaders who have refused to LET MY PEOPLE GO!

    Consider my servant Joseph. He was thrown into prison by his OLDER brothers. Surely he shall arise in the earth having great authority and will rule over those older brothers in the days to come. Yes, those who were an insult to them because of their pride and jealousy will bow their knees to them and will acknowledge their authority and will know of a truth that I have loved them with an everlasting love from before the eons of time, or else they shall perish without a word.

    Let it be known that I AM an offense to the world for the world is surely an offense to me!

    I have watched the world and have watched my people in the world and those who claim to be mine. I ask, what have you learned since you believed? Have you not yet departed from that which is an offense to me? Have you not read that friendship with the world makes you an enemy of mine?

    You have not yet COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE! Therefore you shall incur judgment against yourselves for I have determined to destroy Babylon! I am not speaking of the Babylon in the Middle East but the Babylon in the middle of your heart! I am speaking to your Babylonian ways and mindsets!

    When I walked upon the earth I did not call attention to the Roman authorities but to the condition of men's hearts! Yes, I am coming to topple that which appears before men as most religious. That which is so acceptable today is an abomination to me! That which has become the social order of the day, the acceptable form of worship is coming to an end!

    For I have determined to FINISH the house that has been in building for two thousand years. Yes, out of the ashes will arise a new building, complete and perfect, a people who are in the exact image of my Father! I am not concerned with social graces and what is acceptable to men, I am only concerned with that which is belonging to my Father!

    How will I come? I will come to you in the form of men and women! I will come to you with great power and anointing when once I release my reserved ones. I come! I come in them to stand before the multitudes in order that I may bring truth to my temple! I come! Surely I come!

  3. My presence will be very shocking and offensive in this DAY. A heavy blow will come to the earth! For heaven has witnessed the actions of men in the earth and their actions have been weighed in the balance. I will cause to stagger all nations by the news they shall hear.

    What men have deemed as "good taste" shall surely become bitter by what I am about to do. Indeed, that which was once approved of men and acceptable in the eyes of the admirers shall become a revolting offense, even disgusting.

    My people, who are seated with me in heavenly places are prepared to appear in the earth before the eyes of men. These shall be the reason for the "shock syndrome" that will come. For that which was once accepted in my house by men shall be seen as a detestable thing in comparison to the holiness that my sanctified ones shall walk in. Their presence shall reveal the disgusting abomination that has been hidden in the hearts of men while doing many outward works of righteousness.

    I say that those works of outward righteousness shall be seen for what they truly are, mere religious robes covering the filth of an unsanctified life. My pure presence within my beloved ones shall cause the heart to fail in those who are unrepentant.

  4. My appearing shall be violent in action and disposition. When I come I will come with a violent disposition that will cause men to pale and pine away. For I will take the nations by violence and I will destroy that which is false with a strong overthrow.

    How will I come? I will appear through my servants the prophets! Their words shall be as a hammer violently breaking in pieces that which is an abomination to my Father. A destroying fire shall come out of their mouths to the burning up of all chaff in the hearts of men! There will be no arrogance when they come. Those who would oppose their words will come under swift judgment.

    For these are my battle axes, my weapons of war who have been reserved for a time such as this, yet it is I who am working in them beyond their own understanding! They have yielded to my will and have surrendered their lives so that I may live in and through them. It will be I who is contended with by those who would oppose them.

    I have said that Violent men take the Kingdom by force and it will be at this time that the Kingdom shall be taken by those full of divine energy and power. Satan shall be cast out of the heavenlies and thrust down into the pit. I am speaking to the hearts of men. For it is within the heart that all evil comes. Not outwardly in the skies above but within the very soul of man that Satan has taken his seat along with the Beast and the false prophet.

    These evil spirits have held the dominion but shall now come under a violent blow that shall shake them from their high places in order to release my Kingdom in the hearts of those who believe.

  5. Because I am going to exceed all bounds of right, morality and decency known to man, I will be INTOLERABLE to the modern religious and social leaders of this day. My people hear me! What has been erected as decent, moral and acceptable of men is truly an abomination to me. You live in a time where men call evil good, good evil, bitter sweet and sweet bitter. It is a DAY wherein light is called darkness and darkness is called light.

    Because of these conditions I will come as an INTOLERABLE force of emptying magnitude. I will so completely overturn that which is hypocritical that nothing will remain. Understand that what I have tolerated for so long will no longer be tolerated. In my intolerance I will lead a militia of chosen warriors through whom I will shake the earth!

    Many will find my ways intolerable from behind the pulpit in these moments of time for many in the congregation shall be offended because of the righteousness that flows from the ministers lips. Yes, I have ministers, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Teachers and Pastors who have not bowed the knee to the image of Baal, who will demonstrate my glorious power in these days. To them shall many flock. For the true shall know my voice in and through them and will know them by their fruits.

    Man has played with power greater than himself and by so doing has opened the gate to a great flood of evil. But no man has ever witnessed the magnitude of my intolerance as what shall be witnessed in these days. My presence will become unbearable to the wicked. My words will be too severe for the hypocrites! I will appear as a cruel one to those who have been cruel!

    Many will not be able to bear with me. Yet to my beloved shall I appear with an intolerable love and grace! Yes, many will not be able to bear my love, mercy and grace that I will bestow upon them and these shall be swept away in rapturous moments in my glory. These shall be overwhelmed with my love and blessings!

    Many great and wonderful blessings shall abound to their account and their inheritance shall be released unto them. These are they who have come to maturity and have grown up beyond the mere religious practices of many. These are my sons and daughters who will set the creation free even as I did when I walked upon the earth.

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