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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Roof Restoration and Protection from Hail

Kaile Hamilton - 08/13/2008

On the way back from our trip from Florida, my mom and I received a call from my sister on Wednesday who was at our house taking care of the house and the animals. She proceeded to tell us that it was raining really hard and when she got to our house that night the light fixture above my bed was leaking water and causing the lights on that side of the house to flicker. There had been a water spot where the light fixture was since before we moved in but it hadn't gotten bigger or leaked any water in a rain storm until that night. When we got off the phone with my sister, my mom and I began to stand in agreement. As I was praying, I remember asking the Lord to dry up any of the house that got wet from the leak, restore any of the wires that got wet, and restore the roof to perfect condition; and all of this in the Name of Jesus. After that prayer none of us talked about the roof or light fixture leaking until Saturday.

My grandfather called my mom Friday night to let her listen to the up to golfball size hail that was falling on his house and my mom then said to him, "Daddy, you know there are angels that are protecting the house and your pickup; we rest in the shelter of the Most High!" Shortly after she said that the hail suddenly stopped and he commented that there must be a bunch of angels or they must have really big wings. My mom praised the Lord and said that both of those were true and said, "See, Daddy, there really are angels watching over you!" My grandfather thanked the good Lord for taking care of him. We then found out later from my sister that everyone in my grandfather's neighborhood had holes in their roofs, houses, and even vehicles because of that hailstorm that lasted 20 minutes but there was nothing to report on my grandfather's house or vehicle. Praise the Lord!

Where we live there have been bad hail storms in the past and because of that the roof had many shingles that were missing and just weren't in very good shape. When my grandfather came to our house on Saturday, he went on top of the roof to check out how many shingles he would need to put on to patch the roof. To his surprise, the roof looked brand new and came down from the roof and proceeded to tell us that he didn't see anything wrong with our roof. At that moment my mom and I started praising the Lord because we were reminded of the prayer of restoration of the roof and wires. Praise God! We then told my grandfather that God restored it and he said, "Those angels must be working over time then". We all then started rejoicing in what God had done.

Praise God! What an awesome God we serve. Anything we ask and believe that we have received, we shall have them! To God be the glory!

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