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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Page Title

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Double?

Sandy Shaw, 1/10/19

(Video) httpss://vimeo.com/311552800

The way this dream starts, I’m in a surgical room. I cannot be seen. There was this petite person being operated on. I heard the surgeon say, “We are going to do the biopsy on the right first. Then when they finish on the right,” He said, “Let me see the x-ray of the growth on the left. That's a little bit bigger-- lets just take it out.”

I couldn’t see what they were cutting. But when they opened it up to take it out, that’s when they hurried up to close it, they couldn’t get it all. They knew that she wasn’t going to make it for long. And they wheeled her out to the recovery room. That’s when I saw that it was Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Supreme Court Justice.

Time had gone by...her eyes are open. She whispers for her assistant and says, “You need to get me home and do it discreetly.” It took them a day to set it all up and now it is night-time. They have her on a gurney and are moving her in a new shiny black cargo van to take her to her house. There are about ten to fifteen people there. They are getting her comfortable in a hospital bed. Someone asks, “Was she in pain?” She said, “Just give me half a dose.

Then she said, “Is my double ready?” Some of the people left the room. She wanted to see the double. A man said, “Ginsburg?” Then the door opened and I could see her standing on the other side. She looked exactly like her! The same man walked to her and closed the door and said, “Now is the time to act and talk like we trained you. We have payed you a lot of money. Now don’t mess this up! So now till the day you die, you are Ruth.”

Then she went into the other room with the real Ruth. The real Ruth told her, “You still have a little time to get ME right. Don’t undue my lifetime of work or my associates will see to it. There is no lifetime for you.” The double leaves and the real Ruth goes to sleep.

The people that are in the room are all dressed in regular office attire. They are having a conversation, “How long do you think she will last?” The assistant said, “Well, she has a very strong constitution. She will not leave until she knows that everything is in place.”

Time passes...she’s awake again. And she wants to talk to her assistant and that man, alone. She whispered in a frantic voice, “You must promise me that Trump will not find out and not be able to appoint another justice! You must keep our plan.” And they promise her and they’re sitting by their bedside, and it got quiet and she went back to sleep with the night light on.

Even though I knew they couldn’t hear me, I was begging and pleading with them to get it right with God. “You cannot be this evil that your orchestrating things beyond the grave.”

Two men came in and whispered something to the first man, and I don’t know what. The man touched the assistant’s shoulder and said, “I think she’s gone.” They get a little mirror to put it under her nose...she’s gone.” They pull the sheet over her head and wheel her out but I don’t know where. As soon as they did this they made up her room just as before.

So then for a few days, they had been working with the new Ruth. She had on a bath robe as if she were recuperating. They had been practicing with a laptop so that when she talked to the proper authorities she could pass off as Ruth.

This is when something happens in the world. I don’t know what it is, but they all started to panic. (Gitmo?) But they know they can’t follow through with their LIES. They say, “What are we going to do? Instead of the new Ruth we’ll have two!” The assistant said, well, “We’ll just say, ‘She died now.’” Half of them didn’t like it and said, “No, let’s just keep it going.” So they were all arguing. And those that agreed with the assistant, “Set it back up.” So she made the phone call.

Time had passed...and they killed the assistant (Who didnt agree with them) and they made it look like an accident.

Now I’m standing in front of Trump (And he doesn't see me). I praying, “Lord, please, let him hear me like he can hear me, like a ministering angel. Autopsy, autopsy, do an autopsy.”

Vice President Pence then knocked and then opened the door. “Mr. President, Justice Ruth is dead.” Trump’s reply, “Make sure they do an autopsy.” Then I woke up. This was dreamed on 12/27/18, 1/5, 1/8, and 1/9 of 2019.

(Ruth may be dead or about to die. I read a rosy picture how that she is recovering well from her surgery (the double). From what we see above the opposite is likely true. Through your prayers this will fail and will ultimately be known.)

David’s Update 1/20/19: I sent Sandy’s dream to the President three times in different forms and then we posted it in other places where he would see it too. Then today Deb Horton sent this: Almost at the very, very end of this audio httpss://beforeitsnews.com/v3/prophecy/2019/2502714.html

24 minutes in, there is a meme from the Q Mega Meme folder that says: "RBG is dead and Dems are searching for a body double”. You can fast forward to it. Don't need to watch the rest of the video.

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