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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Safety from Nuclear Fallout

Eve Brast - March 2011
(David's notes in red)

I had a quick dream of David and I working on old-fashioned but brand new royal blue air filter casings that used to be put on vehicle engines. I was sitting to the right of him. (This air filter is the life of the engine; without it they don't last long. The engine represents our life. It is royal because it stands for the King and His sons. It is their right by inheritance to have air clean of any curse since Galatians 3:13 says that Jesus bore the curse for us. Royal blue is the color of Heaven, our spiritual abode, in the late evening just before complete darkness overcomes the world. This is where we are now.)

We had shiny, new socket wrenches and were tightening a shiny, new nut on the top instead of the wing nuts that they normally use. (Wing nuts are used for easy access so you can clean the filter regularly but this filter is supernatural and needs no cleaning so a more permanent nut is installed.)

We were smiling and talking as we were doing this but the rest of the country was being badly affected by nuclear contamination. People were becoming sick all over the country in various states. But these air filters were like our assurance and protection. (Our only assurance and protection is that which we have inherited from the sacrifice of Jesus. He is our Passover Lamb, the Word of God, which we must eat to have the destroying angel pass over. This destruction came on all of Egypt as a type of the world.)

I am not saying the fulfillment of this is the Japan nuclear disaster but that is not over yet and neither are the reactors in the U.S. immune from coming earthquakes and many people have seen cities nuked in dreams and visions.

As we have seen, the nuclear fallout from Japan is blowing in the jet stream over America.

Here is some news from ABC:

Dreaded News: Plutonium Leaking and Spreading
Anchor reporter Bill Weir, ABC News - 3/25/11 (video report)

The tiniest speck of inhaled plutonium can bring lung cancer, experts tell us, which is why tonight's news from Japan is more dire than any since the monster quake and tsunami there. Authorities announce they suspect a large crack has formed in the core container of a reactor at Fukushima, meaning that highly radioactive material, uranium and plutonium, is exposed and potentially spreading through air and water. Here now is David Wright with the very latest:

DAVID WRIGHT: This was the news everyone here has been dreading for two weeks now since the nuclear crisis began: A suspected breach of the reactor core. Today the Prime Minister himself called the situation "grave and serious". "We need to be extremely vigilant", he said, adding darkly, "This is not a time for optimism".

DR. MICHIO KAKU (theoretical physicist): Think of the little Dutch boy putting his finger in this crack, in this crack, and suddenly a huge crack begins to open up.

DAVID WRIGHT: The canaries in the reactor were the engineers who bravely put their lives on the line to get the cooling system running again. Several of them were dragging a power cable in Reactor No. 3 when they stepped in a puddle and radioactive water seeped into their boots. Two of them were rushed to the hospital with serious burns to their feet.

DR. DAVID BRENNER (radiological research, Columbia University): Skin contamination is maybe the least of their problems. There are lots of organs inside the body which are far more sensitive than the skin.

DAVID WRIGHT: The doctors have since determined that the water they stepped in was 10,000 times more radioactive than water recently tested just outside the plant, leading the power company to conclude there must be a crack or a hole in the stainless steel chamber of the reactor core. They've now found water equally radioactive in Reactor No. 1 and possibly Reactors 2 and 4, as well.

DR. MICHIO KAKU: Unit 3 is so dangerous because it's the only reactor containing what is called mixed oxide fuel, i.e., plutonium. Plutonium is one of the most toxic chemicals known to science. A dust particle that you can't even see inhaled into your lungs could cause lung cancer.

DAVID WRIGHT: One huge concern now: Is it even safe for the workers to keep working?

DR. MICHIO KAKU: If it gets so radioactive that the workers have to evacuate, then it's abandon ship, then it's free fall; then we could have simultaneously three nuclear meltdowns in three reactors. That is way beyond Chernobyl.

DAVID WRIGHT: Authorities are now expanding the evacuation area from 12 miles to nearly 20 miles. These new atomic refugees left today from Minamisoma, 15 miles from the reactor. Housing them all is proving to be an enormous challenge and the government's being forced to be creative. This luxury hotel was due to be torn down later this spring. Instead it's about to become a high-rise refugee camp. Tokyo's drinking water had a brief scare this week when authorities tested radioactive iodine at levels considered unsafe for babies. Then the governor of Tokyo, who's up for reelection, quickly declared the tap water safe, even drank glass himself. But many don't buy it. Bottled water is still in huge demand, the public skeptical; [believing] they're not getting the full truth about the threat.

Things have been very quiet from the state media since this.

So what do Christians have to do to immunize them from such curses? Have faith in God's promises.

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