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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Saints EnterWilderness;U.N. SwallowsWorld


In this dream, I sawan image of the world as it appeared tosuck into itself. A voice said",It is using itself to support itself". The voice also said",The U.N. will suck everything into itself, including the U.S., taking every source and resource to support itself in the order to come".

A feeling of dread and painful sacrifice came over me. I thought that I had already sacrificed a lotfor the Lord but not as much as they were looking for. I was taken to a scene in a desert and the voice was telling me about a strategy that this desert served. I heard the voice say, "This is a training ground for a select group of people and those whose hearts and minds are ready will go through it and have life. However, one will lose his life in this desert area".

I experienced the feeling of suffocation and excruciating pain in this desert area. Again, one will die going through it. I started heading toward it and death started to overwhelm me.A force came, trying to pull me back, but at the same time letting me go, which added to the suffering.It also seemed to be tickling my arm at the same time. I could hear the voice say, "One cannot go through this preparation and death without their mind and heart solely on the Lord. You will die,if you don't have your mind on Christ as the one who will see you through".

After I woke up, this came to me: You have to go through it wholeheartedly, not of selfish ambition, like Peter did in John 13:36-37. But for the love of the Good Shepherd more than yourself, as in John 21:15-18.

These passages later came to mind:John 14:1-6 and Revelation 12:5-6,11.

A song also came to me. It wentsomething like this:

Holy, holy are You, Lord God
Almighty, worthy is the Lamb
Worthy is the Lamb, for you are
Holy are You, Lord God Almighty

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