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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Satan's Latter Rain

Valerie Gleaton - 08/25/2009
(David's notes in red)

I wanted to ask about a dream I had in 1996. I told my friend about it the next day because it was a little frightening to me. A few days later, we were at Blockbuster and I ended up renting a film on Nostradamus. (Nostradamus was a false prophet who used occult practices, witchcraft and divination.) I must tell you, I never had an interest in him, nor could I understand why I was compelled to rent this film. I went home and we began to watch the film. I was working on my laptop at the time and really wasn't paying attention to the movie and all of a sudden, I looked up at the TV and witnessed my exact dream unfolding. My friend looked at me and clearly exclaimed, "That's your dream!" I've never shared it with any of my former pastors for belief they would not be able to help me understand. It would be great if you can provide me with understanding on this. This dream is still as vivid to me today as if I had it last night.

The setting was an Old English-type. I had exited from this old, stone building leading out to a cobblestone street. (The stone building is God's true Church of old times, for we are the stones of His Church when we "contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered unto the saints". The stone street is walking on the Word of God.) There was a black full-size car parked across the street next to a two-foot, stacked, stone wall. Just as I reached the rear of the car, I looked up and saw the clouds turn dark gray and they began to roll like storm clouds. (Coming tribulations.) Then they rolled back and black rain began to come down on my children and me. (Satan's latter rain of false anointings and doctrines coming to attack the church. Nostradamus was used to symbolize these. He not only was into divination, a false prophecy anointing, but was also devoted to Catholicism and its false doctrines. "Catholic Church" means "Universal Church" because it was a unifying of false religions, including apostate Christianity, into a one world order religion, a type for our day. This black rain is as the Dragon/Serpent of Rev.12:15,16 spewing a river of lies out of his mouth to catch the woman and her children, but the earth swallowed these lies.)

Crying with panic, I ushered my children in the car and told the driver to get them out of there. They were crying and did not want to leave me. As they drove off, they were up in the rear window, crying and reaching out for me. (The immature will have to be carried out of this deception to the secret place of the Most High by the mature -- Rev.12:14; Psa.91.) I picked up a bicycle and prepared to ride it, as I stood and watched them go down the hill. (Children have to be carried on four wheels but riding a bicycle represents balance, without which one falls, and forward motion, without which one falls.) End of dream. In the film, it was exactly the same, except it was a Caucasian man and his two children, a boy and a girl, whereas I had three children, a girl and two boys.

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