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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Saved from Satanism
Christopher T. - 11/30/08

I have gotten to see that very realm, the spiritual realm, which most never get the chance to see in this life.

I was born and raised Christian but after getting out of the Army, things started to go downhill. I slowly faded away from my faith, only to find myself staring down a copy of "The Satanic Bible" by Anton Lavey. After reading it I pretty much agreed with the book in that it's just supposed to be "philosophy" with no belief in the afterlife, God or satan. So here I am an atheist proclaiming I'm a Satanist, meanwhile I have no belief that such a character even existed. Well was I wrong...

I now live in Colorado but when I was back in Virginia one night I was going to bed. All of a sudden out of nowhere this itching urge came over me and it's as if I was just a puppet. I started inciting blasphemous things, blaspheming God (things I would rather not say nor type). While I was doing this I was getting a huge buildup of pressure/energy in my solar plexus/solar chakra area (in the occult world there are seven key points ranging from the base of your spine, going up to the crown of your skull, called chakras, in which these are the central points of the body where energy goes through). On the moment of me finishing my last word my left foot twitches and kicks/goes off the foot of the bed... funny thing is there's nothing off the foot of my bed but air; however, when my foot went off it literally hit something. I then heard this object I had hit make a tumbling/falling noise. After about 3-4 seconds of this object falling -- BAM -- it's as if someone had dropped/crashed a bowling ball directly through the floor right beneath me. It's also as if this energy/pressure that built up just shot off directly below me and caused this impact. On the moment of impact everything started shaking violently, as if a huge earthquake. To make things stranger, I would have my cell phone charging next to my bed and the light from that and my alarm clock would usually illuminate off of my white wall paper enough that I could see at night; however, everything went completely pitch and utterly black. I then had the feeling as if I was just falling through this blackness. While I was falling I could start to see as below me immerged fiery red flames coming out of what looked like lava pits just shooting up. I then detached from my body and watched it plummet into the fiery abyss. On the moment of my body vanishing out of sight I was immediately back in my room, at which point this huge, insane, immense, feeling of raw, carnal, physical power overcame me; it was like nothing I had ever felt before; it wasn't even comparable to anything, at the time it felt so great.

Well that taught me two things at that point in time:

1. There's more to life than just atheism.

2. There's real power to be had in the occult/Satanism (however, most people don't realize there is a real demonic power behind this).

So at that point I was on a huge power trip -- seeking, searching for ways to grow in esoteric knowledge and occult power. At which point I wanted to get in with the elite of the elite in the Illuminati for there lied great esoteric power, and one way to go about achieving this was to become a freemason. Of course I want to find out just about everything before hand. Well, during my searches and studies I came across a guy named Bill Schnoebelen who had trekked down the same path through the occult as I had and then some, only to now be a born-again Christian. At that point in time it put that "why" question in my head (Why did this guy who had all this occult power give it up and come back to Christ?)

Anyways it took quite some time, but continually over my course seeking for truth above all things the truth began to grow on me. I used to despise the Bible and Christians and would try to disprove everything. But it (the Bible) began to grow on me as self-evident, eventually leading me to know that what was in it was true which led me back to proclaiming/accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and a closer walk with the one true God Who has created all things.

To give you an example of how things affect you, such as tattoos, on my right forearm (I got this particular one done before I was involved in the occult) was the "angel of death" which I prided myself on (and we know pride isn't a good thing). Well, during my occult ventures I had a feeling as if something was within myself (I realize now how many demonic entities I had let in but didn't at the time). Even then I had a feeling as if something was in me that was alien to my body. To make this short, none the less, it was an entity who proclaimed himself to be "Azrael", which name I had never heard of before. Come to find out later that in the first book of Enoch in the Quran, the being Azrael is also known as the angel of death... But wait!!! I thought the Quran was a false deception and not-true as it is not of God. You're RIGHT! However, most people don't realize that behind all these false religions is a real power. Yhese people aren't worshiping stone statues; it's none other than Satan himself and his many followers, which are capable of what most would perceive of miraculous feats (although they are far from this). Also, don't forget that Lucifer himself is a light bearer; however, there are many false lights. Without God/Jesus you can't distinguish between them. After all, I had all the light I could ever want, but it was of a falseness. Bill Schnoebelen words it best when he says "the illusion of light can be the deepest sort of darkness".

What God would have us do now is read his Word. That's right, for it does say that man is not to live on bread alone, but by every Word of God. And the Word of God, after all, is the Bible! Friends, we are VERY -- and I mean it when I say it VERY -- close to the end. I cross-reference everything with the Bible to see the validity behind things, and I tell you what is going on behind the scenes (the info is there for those who seek) but everything is falling right into place with the new world order right now as I type this very testimony. Jesus just instructs us to keep watch for His return, which is what would should be doing.

There are many other things which I have seen and many other stories as well but perhaps for another time.

Above all, I just know I want to live my life for God and bring Him all the glory He deserves. After all, if it wasn't for Him I wouldn't be here.

He has told me He's going to make me a preacher, which I'm working on. I would love if you guys could perhaps pray for Him to set me in the right direction. However, he is using me in great ways right now. To give you one example, at my old job I worked at a correctional halfway house. The lady in charge of the meals there was Christian. She was telling me about how the modular building next door was haunted and that when she would go over there at night she would hear footsteps and things would turn on and off (computers, lights, etc.). I told her how we as Christians have power over these spirits, as there are many clear statements of such in the New Testament. I usually go over there every night around midnight (as I worked then from 6pm-4am) to restock on supplies and such in the basement. So I figured, why not say a blessing of prayer? As I was doing such I for the first time ever since I worked there I heard something move and felt the presence of whatever spirit was there. The spirit then overcame me and I really got onto it, binding, rebuking and casting it back to the bottomless pit in Jesus' name. Afterward, I then gave God thanks and praise and sang Him a few worship songs. After getting the supplies together I then walked out and locked the basement door. As I was walking up the steps outside I looked up and saw a white orb/ball of light no farther away than 10 feet from me and about two inches in diameter which did a vertical loop and then shot off clear in the opposite direction. Not entirely sure what this was but I figured it was the spirit that had no choice but to flee from that place.

Which reminds me of one more story.

When I came back to Jesus/God I had a huge bonfire of all my occult books, etc. Also, my mother-in-law came out of witchcraft at around the same time. The last book, which was "Memnoch the Devil" by Anne Rice, didn't want to burn. My mother-in-law began to say a prayer over the book and began pleading the blood of Jesus over it, at which point I looked up in the sky and over the horizon a huge bright white light appeared about 20 times the size of a star and on the moment of my eyes coming in contact with it, it immediately began to disappear. Not entirely sure what this was, but interesting none the less.

All I know is there isn't much time left and we will begin to see many miracles, as He told me in the end days (which we are living them right now). His Holy Spirit is going to over pour and we will see miraculous things as never before. Though don't forget the biggest miracle ever: That Jesus Christ died on the cross for through His blood the forgiveness of our sins... How great! I wept when I realized how great a price He had paid and what He had saved us from.

Above all, I feel my purpose is to inform -- inform fellow Christians that "HEY! the spiritual realm is real and I have seen it, not to mention our time draws nigh". And especially to all the non-believers, even more so people involved in the occult/Satanism/witchcraft/New Age religions. To give them the good news of the Gospel and spread the Word of Jesus Christ, also to tell them my testimony through the occult/Satanism and coming back to walking with Jesus/God, if nothing else to put that "why" question in their mind, just as Bill Schnoebelen did, then the Holy Spirit can take it from there and work on them the same way it did to me!

I'm so glad I found a place were I could share my testimony. I hope you guys have walked away with more than you knew before reading. I'd like to say a prayer: "Dear God, we come together before you, for You say when there are two or more gathered that Your presence is there. I just want to thank You for everything, and for places like this on the Internet that we can come together and congregate in fellowship. I thank you for your son Jesus Christ and giving Him up to die upon the cross, and I pray that You only bring everyone to a closer walk with You every day as we progress through this journey. I also pray that we as men of God be lifted up that we may be able to carry out Your will upon earth as You would have it and that You would use us in such a way as to bring You all the glory that You deserve and that we would give it all to You and not for ourselves. Lord, I just again want to thank You and praise You, for You are so great. I don't believe there are words to explain; however, You know and can read our hearts, I pray that we all see through all the delusions, illusions and deceptions and to the truth, and I thank You for giving us Your Word, for Your Word is the truth. I pray these things in Jesus' name. Amen!

God truly is AWESOME and I now see how He will constantly keep changing me (i.e.: decreasing me evermore while constantly filling me with His Holy Spirit). Others have noticed the change, including my wife. Of course we give God the glory for bringing about this change. How great! For now I feel/know I can speak of the Word to bring God the glory whereas before people might have said, "Wow, what a great man -- saved by his own intellect", people will realize how great God is and say, "Wow, what a great and awesome God Who is true and has saved this man by grace and raised him up in the Body of Christ!"

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