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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Saved Against His Will

Suani Guzman - 05/20/2010

My dad was already 93 and had no plans of settling down. He would leave on long trips by himself and still wanted to get divorced and remarry. He had backslidden so much that we often despaired. Once upon a time, he used to follow God but the love of money and other things led him on a downhill slope to many terrible things.

My brothers and I lovingly confronted him about his salvation but he only got angry. We always prayed and worried about him. Lately, the Lord began to give me faith in prayer. We prayed that God would bring him to the U.S. (he lived in Mexico with Mom). Last October, we got a call from the San Diego police saying that they had Dad, that he seemed confused and that we should come get him. Dad was always stubborn and he didn't want to come but found no way out.

Almost immediately after we arrived, he started talking about leaving again. We stalled him as long as possible but finally had a showdown where he said we were holding him hostage. I told my brothers that if he insisted that I would let him go and trust God to save him. He was sick of several things and in and out of the V.A. Well, right about then he fell and broke his hip. God made a way so that he couldn't leave.

He almost died in the hospital from choking but we prayed that he wouldn't die until he was ready. He had several main issues to repent of. He loved this world and the things of this world and he needed to forgive. The Lord had us read him the Bible, talk about the issues and pray for the Holy Spirit to grant him repentance. Many times it looked impossible. But little by little the Lord started to work. First he began to say that he was reprobated because he had sinned willfully. I told him that he would get chastised but that he could still repent. The story of David helped. He had been into the New Age movement and while praying over him the Lord set him free of the spirit of witchcraft. He also repented of robbing God's glory. God had my half-sister call him, too. They had not talked for about 40 years. They expressed their love for each other. We talked to him about forgiving and he called that person and forgave them. Some time later he called that person again and said that he really wanted to forgive them this time because the first time he didn't really mean it.

Dad had been tormented by demons all his life. We took authority over the demons and saw a lot of improvement. All the brothers joined us in praying for him. The Lord put it on our hearts to redeem the time because his end was near. We all loved him and cared for him, even when he was ungrateful for it. I did not volunteer the medications because I trusted God and so that he would be lucid. He began to suffer a lot of pain in his intestines and stomach. I would cry and suffer with him. I am amazed at how much he could endure. All the way, the Lord reassured me that He was a good Father and that Dad's suffering was in His hands. I was tormented by Satan. He said that I was bad because I didn't take away his pain. If Dad wanted, I would take him to the hospital and give him the meds. All the way the Lord was in charge.

Dad didn't want to repent but because of the pain and the very real possibility of death, he was pushed into repentance. Dad was always afraid of dying. But at the end he began to say that he wanted to die. The last day that he was at home before the downhill came he repented of the idolatry of covetousness (this was one of the greatest strongholds in his life). Later that day, he said he couldn't take it anymore and asked to go to the hospital. Right away they put him on morphine. I asked him if he remembered having repented of the love of money and if he really meant it. He answered, "yes". I also asked him if he was trusting in Christ to be his righteousness and he answered affirmatively again.

I wanted Dad to live and be healed but the Lord gave me a dream the night before, in which a baby died but Daddy lived. I called some sisters and told them the dream. The Lord spoke to me through them what the dream meant: Dad needed to go home to Christ while he had been granted repentance. He would surely backslide if he lived. So I went to his room and put my hand on him and said, "Ok, Lord, I release him". He passed away soon after that. We had prayed that he wouldn't die alone and God answered above our imagination. About 15 of us were home. We sat around his bed, praying over him and singing worship songs. We saw him go home to Jesus. It was one of the most amazing things that have happened to me. I praise and thank my dear Heavenly Father for having mercy on Dad and on us. I don't know how many people get saved against their will. Thank you, Jesus!

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