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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Saved from Flood, Electrical Loss & Chaos

Garrett Crawford - 01/17/2011
(David's notes in red)

There was a great flood coming, sweeping the land. It did not come from the sky but came roaring through the terrain like a ferocious river from a source beyond my vision. It seemed there were two waves -- the second was greater than the first. When the second came, it destroyed everything and water covered the land. (This could have both physical and spiritual meanings: The destructive economic waves we have seen; an earthquake bringing water to surround the refuge area, as in Brad's dream of the land surrounded by an abyss and then in Warren's dream the water coming in the abyss.) As I saw the wall of water rushing toward me, I turned around and saw two Eiffel Towers in the distance. I ran to the one on the right; it seemed bigger and stronger. I climbed up it and was saved from the water below. (There were two towers in one chapter -- Judges 9. One was weaker, symbolizing the modern tower of Babel, and fell to the beast, symbolized by Abimelech in verses 46-49. These are the goats on the left. The sheep tower on the right was "stronger". It was named Thebez, which means "whiteness", symbolizing Zion and holiness. It withstood the beast and he died attempting to assault it in verses 50-55. I suppose the wider view that could be applicable in this dream is that the tower of religious Babel was not a safe place while the tower of the flock, Zion, was, as in Micah 4.)

After this scene, somehow I found myself back at my house, which set high on a hill, safe from the water. (The house of God on the hill of Zion is the spiritual refuge worldwide. Psalms 15, 24 and 125 reveal the righteousness, faith and safety of those who make up spiritual, New Testament Zion. Isaiah 60 speaks of the restoration and blessing of Zion and its people. No violence or unrighteousness in her in verses 18 and 21. In Zephaniah 3:11-14, God will separate all the wicked from spiritual Zion only. In 2 Kings 19:30-37, Zion was the only safe place from the beast outside, not necessarily meaning a war but certainly chaos and lawlessness.)

Many people started to come into my house; they were stranded travelers and, although I had no electricity or heat, I had a lot of food and a warm fire to offer them. (Stranded travelers could well happen because electricity is down and gasoline pumps don't work. In the physical, not having electricity and electric heat could well happen in the refuge here, where Garrett resides and fellowships, after an economic collapse, as the dream below; or quake, as in one other dream; or both. A quake could destroy dams where there are hydroelectric and nuclear power plants over faults in the TN valley. Interestingly enough, we have been getting prepared for wood heat, chickens for eggs and poultry, gardens for fruit and vegetables, and miracles to multiply them. Loss of electricity would cause chaos in society with homes, government, law enforcement, hospitals, businesses, etc. out of action. Everyone would be out of work -- a recipe for lawlessness and a time for needed safety.)

I walked out of the house, down to the bottom of the hill and there I ran into a small band of militia; they were on patrol and would not allow me to pass; they seemed to be self-appointed. (Chaos and anarchy could very well be caused by electrical loss, along with the militia scenario. True Christians are not in favor with government or militia forces.) I did not trust them and knew they were on the lookout for valuables they could snatch. I walked back up the hill to my house and I knew that we were kind of stuck here in the house but we had plenty, so it wasn't too much of a concern. (The militias represent chaos and division. This sequence of events could be leading to the Civil War we have seen in dreams and revelations. The tower and hill represent Zion in the refuge area. One brother saw that outside the area the military was rounding people up, probably at a later date. The bottom of the hill represents being outside the refuge of Zion. "Stuck in the house" means it is a refuge from the chaos and the wicked and possible war.)


I was inside a building that had a bank and a restaurant in it. The bank was on the left and the restaurant was on the right; they were divided by a wall. (The bank is the left wing economy and the restaurant is on the right like the sheep and is UBM, which is the spiritual Restaurant at the Top of the Hill where Garrett fellowships.) I was sitting in the back of the restaurant. I saw a girl in her mid-20s walk up to the counter and order some food. She was wearing a white outfit and a white tie. I asked her what she was doing wearing that and she said it was her work outfit; she was a waitress at another restaurant. She had colored strands on her hair and her hair was long. I asked her again about her tie and she said it was for work. (I feel this girl is the bride. She was dressed in white and she was a waitress who serves others. He hair had multi-colored strands like a rainbow, like Joseph's coat of many colors.) (The different colors in her hair represent the color bands or different attributes of light, which is Jesus. Her hair is long because she is in submission [1 Corinthians 11] to the bands of light. She is the bride coming to our spiritual restaurant to feed and going forth to serve in other spiritual restaurants.)

After this, we went to my truck and watched the place; then all of a sudden, the bank's power went out and that caused the restaurant's power to go out as well. The bank's sign was totally black and every light inside the building went out. The restaurant's power went out but there were a few lights on inside, maybe from emergency lights. But it was really dark inside, too. We watched and watched but the power never came back on. (The spiritual restaurant will have emergency power.)

The main power source came from the bank; it powered both units. Once the bank went black, the restaurant soon followed. The restaurant seemed to be still operating but only at half-power. I feel these are connected to what may soon take place; once the financial system crashes, the food industry will be somewhat crippled. (When the economy, represented by the bank, fails, the lights will go out for them but Garrett's local UBM fellowship, as a spiritual restaurant serving spiritual food, will have emergency lights. The economy enables electrical power for both. The economy and/or an earthquake, of course, could be a national reason for loss of electricity. I am glad we will have our own power source :o)

This appears to be an economic and/or earthquake-related electrical outage that will possibly happen before the flyby of Planet X when there will be solar storms worse than the 1859 storm, which triggered the telegraph fires across U.S. and Europe. Now we have an electrical grid which would have certainly been fried then but this could well be magnified many times by Planet X and its electrical discharges with the sun. This, along with the failing magnetosphere, which normally protects us from solar storms, could literally cook people and cause quakes and eruptions like we have never seen. It could put industrial nations back to third world status without electricity. Since Planet X looks like electrical outage for a different reason, it is possible the above outage would come before then.

Just as I wrote this, we received this dream from Marilyn Klinke:

A few days ago, my 21-year-old daughter called and shared the following dream with me. I feel led to share it with you, as my husband and I believe it relates to the days ahead. Just briefly, I would state that the Lord has given our daughter many meaningful and prophetic dreams since she was a child.

In the dream, she said that she was talking to me by phone. She was telling me that all the news channels were reporting that an object was approaching Earth from space and that this object would cause the world to end the next day. She said people were terrified and totally "freaking out". I told her that the world would not end the next day because we were not through the tribulation period yet. End of dream.

After she relayed the dream, I was able to tell her that, yes, there are things coming toward Earth from space, but we are not to be afraid. The Bible warns us of these things and with so many people afraid, it will be a great opportunity to share the real good news and many will be saved.

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