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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Seeing Others Through Faith

[ audio ]

Eve Brast - 06/13/2008
(David's notes in red)

The Shulamite bride in Song of Solomon had the eyes of a dove, meaning she saw things the way God's Spirit sees things. This dream teaches us to see others by faith as God does, to see that they have already been given godliness through Christ. {2Pe.1:2} Grace to you and peace be multiplied in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord; {3} seeing that his divine power hath granted unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that called us by his own glory and virtue; {4} whereby he hath granted unto us his precious and exceeding great promises; that through these ye may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped from the corruption that is in that world by lust. Spirit eyes see the end from the beginning.

I had a dream that began in an indoor swimming pool area. The voice of David Eells was talking over my right shoulder throughout the whole dream. He was showing me different people and situations, people that I had wondered whether they were saved or would be saved, or if these people were making the right choices or living their lives the right way, things that had disturbed me or concerned me throughout my life. (Rather than wonder about them we should have faith for them to be saved. {Php.1:6} being confident of this very thing, that he who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Jesus Christ: {7} even as it is right for me to be thus minded on behalf of you all, because I have you in my heart, inasmuch as, both in my bonds and in the defence and confirmation of the gospel, ye all are partakers with me of grace.) He would show me these different people, some of them were close friends or family members, others were people who were strangers whom I had never seen before or people I had only had brief encounters with.

At the indoor swimming pool, I was walking on the right side of the pool. David's voice was talking over my shoulder in my right ear from behind me. I could hear suddenly the voices of Noah and Nathan squabbling over a buffalo nickel; one of them had found it under the water and they were arguing over who it belonged to and whether it really was a buffalo nickel and whether or not it was worth anything. I walked up to them and wasn't sure how to handle their squabble and was frustrated with their childish foolishness over it. Then David Eells walked over to both of them and in a gentle way started teaching them about buffalo nickels. He calmed them with a gentle voice. He then showed them how to flip the nickel to settle whom it belonged to. Then the scene changed. David's voice was still in my right ear, teaching me. The more he taught me the more my spiritual sight opened up and I began to see these people the way God sees them or knows them, even when they are still living in sin or ignorance. (We have to be the peacemakers between the immature and teach them to let God be the judge between them, just as the lot parted between the brethren.)

This next scene was outdoors on some land that David owned; it was right off of a busy highway. (I questioned me owning the land but I felt like the Lord showed me that if UBM owned the land or we rented to anyone the state could impose law on who could live there or not.) The entrance had two curved small off-white brick walls with lantern-looking lights on top, one on each brick wall. (Robin saw the same entrance.) I drove up in a flatbed pick-up with food and plants and flowers and one small crate of special baby birds. I was giving or contributing these things as a gift to UBM. (No buying and selling but giving and receiving.) All of us lived on his land and had our different positions and chores or things that we were assigned to do based on what we were good at. (Everyone will work according to their assigned gift from God, Him working in them to will and to do of His good pleasure; this creates peace and rest.) As I pulled up in this flatbed truck I got out to unload the goods that I had brought for everyone. David came up to me and thanked me very graciously for the stuff I brought. There were several women who had come over to help me unload the flats of plants and food.

David noticed the flat of baby birds (which I was particularly fond of); he was excited about them and was asking me questions about what kind they were, where I found them and was commenting on their coloring. These baby birds were new hatchlings and had white down feathers and pink coloring on the tips of their bills. I thought they were really cute and sweet and so did David. (These represent baby Christians.) They were very tiny but had great big bills. They looked like baby pelicans. I knew I was going to have to feed them often because they were always hungry and would open their mouths eagerly whenever anyone would bump their crate or when they heard my voice. (They will have great hunger for the Word of life.)

After this David went over to encourage one of the men who was repairing the light on the right-hand curved wall of the entrance of the land to tell him what a good job he was doing and thank him for his work. (Entrance will be gained through the restored light of the Gospel.) The women and I carried all the food and plants and flowers into the greenhouse nursery to tend to them. I set the baby birds on the top right corner of a table in the center of the nursery that was made of a piece of plywood and two saw horses. (Baby Christians in the nursery will grow up like the Father's planting.) One of the women who was older than me (50s) with dyed dark brown hair walked past the birds and looked down at them with presumptive irritation and said, "What are those?" I started to tell her but she cut me off because her true intention was to make a point that she wasn't going to help me feed them or care for them. She said, "Well, I hope you don't expect me to take care of them".

I was offended at first by her presumptuousness. But David's voice on my shoulder explained to me why she said that, because that was not God's calling for her and then something amazing happened. All at once I was able to see her heart attitude and knew this woman intimately as God saw her! All my anger just melted away over those birds! And I loved this woman and was so grateful for all she had done for UBM. I was shown how precious and valuable she was to God and I cherished her like a hidden treasure! (All will learn to appreciate individual callings and gifts as the people manifestly become the body of Christ. No one will do without for the body will minister to itself as it was in the book of Acts.)

Update - 11/16/12: Well, this morning, I dreamed that David was much younger -- in his early 30s -- and was helping me traverse a steep ridge or cliff that was in a mountainous wooded area to get to the UBM refuge. (The Davids at 30 and anointed to begin their ministry.) David was the only one who knew the way. I had to walk very carefully, but he had no trouble at all walking along the steep cliff and was holding me up with his right arm. (Hab.3:19) The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, He enables me to go on the heights.

Then the scene changed and I saw a bunch of large white eggs that Josiah had placed in the clear water of a small fountain. He said they had to be in there under the water to hatch. I went over to take a closer look and suddenly they all started hatching one after the other. I pulled them out of the water as soon as each one hatched and rubbed them all over to dry and warm them and then I set them down near my feet. As they lay on the ground, weak and helpless, Josiah asked me, "Are they going to make it?" And I said, "Oh, yes, they are going to make it!"

This is the first confirmation that I have had of the dream below! The time must be getting closer. So, my baby birds and I will be there, hopefully sooner, rather than later!

After this the scene changed and the plant nursery turned into my grandmother's house. It was Christmas and there were gobs of Christmas décor everywhere. My mother's family was celebrating Christmas and standing around eating and talking to one another. My grandmother was being the good hostess that she has always been, preparing food and asking everyone about themselves but only half-heartedly listening with distracted interest. (In God's nursery the babies can grow up out of their Babylonish traditions without condemnation.)

Suddenly, I realized that my grandfather was there. (He passed away back in September 2007.) He was dressed in a colorful Christmas sweater and he looked so young and full of life! (Representing those immature who are dead in their sins can grow up out of Babylonish works.) At first I was freaked out - I thought he was a ghost or some kind of apparition. I was fearful and disturbed by his presence. I watched him as he walked around and interacted with the other family members. I tried to avoid him as much as possible and I was wondering where my mother was! My grandmother acted as if it were normal to have a dead man mulling around her house! My mom finally came in and I rushed over to her in a panic and said, "Thank God you are here! Grandpa is alive! And he is running around here talking to everyone!" I was fearful and horrified. My mother was surprised and concerned. She didn't know what to do except pretend like everything was normal and talk to my grandpa like he was still alive. My mom and I were the only two who realized that my grandpa had died. (Resurrection life will come to those in immature Babylonish habits when we see them and talk to them as though they are alive from the dead and new creatures in Christ. (2Co.5:14) For the love of Christ constraineth us; because we thus judge, that one died for all, therefore all died; {15} and he died for all, that they that live should no longer live unto themselves, but unto him who for their sakes died and rose again. {16} Wherefore we henceforth know no man after the flesh: even though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now we know [him so] no more. {17} Wherefore if any man is in Christ, [he is] a new creature: the old things are passed away; behold, they are become new. {18} But all things are of God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ, and gave unto us the ministry of reconciliation; {19} to wit, that God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself, not reckoning unto them their trespasses, and having committed unto us the word of reconciliation. {20} We are ambassadors therefore on behalf of Christ, as though God were entreating by us: we beseech [you] on behalf of Christ, be ye reconciled to God. {21} Him who knew no sin he made [to be] sin on our behalf; that we might become the righteousness of God in him.)

As I stood there I could hear David's voice over my shoulder again and it calmed me down and my fear melted away. (David's voice was constantly teaching me on my right shoulder during this whole dream but at times it was hard to hear him or I couldn't hear his voice at all and when he appeared in person in front of me, then I only heard what came out of his mouth personally.) Then that amazing thing happened again! I started quietly observing my grandpa as he talked and interacted with the other family members. He was beautiful and radiant. He was kind and his heart was child-like. I saw him the way God had seen him! (Yes, by faith and renewed imagination as a new creature in Christ.) He was going around really just pouring his soul into his children and grandchildren! I couldn't believe what a precious soul this was!

(My grandpa used to be a very hard man in his younger years. When I was a child I heard him and my father arguing as my dad tried to share the Gospel with him. A stream of obscenities would pour out of his mouth. He said he didn't need God. Later in his life during his 60s he had a change of heart. He got involved in a local Methodist church and went to Sunday school and church most Sunday's and dragged my grandma along, who also got involved with that church. They were really serious about it all. (As baby Christians we were all involved in a simplistic experience of Christianity so we should love these as Christ loved us as His babies who are learning to walk -- at the same time correcting the system and leaders who would keep them as babes.)

When he had been alive I judged them for their denominational choice and what I viewed as a shallow, almost worthless relationship with God. (Babies play in the shallow end of the pool until they grow up.) When my grandpa died last September, he was in torment on his death bed. He writhed around and loudly lamented his life saying, "Oh, Evie! I don't know if it was enough. I just don't know if I did enough! I love Him (Jesus) so much! But I didn't pay enough attention to the important things! I just don't know!!!" Then he grabbed my forearm as I was sitting next to his bed and looked at me with desperate sincerity and said, "I know he loves you, Eve! He loves you so much!" Then he fell back exhausted and moaned, "God, I just don't know!" (We have to speak justification by faith to them to give them the joy and confidence of their salvation.)

As I was observing my dead grandpa at this Christmas party, I was able to see his heart the way God saw him. It was incredible to me how I could feel how God felt and saw my grandpa! I saw that God cherished his child-like faith and his desire to help others understand things and mentor them and his desire to help others with their projects. (We have to see the immature as accounted righteous by faith.) At that moment I knew that he was with the Lord and not in hell as I had been concerned about it since his death.

The scene changed again and my grandmother's house turned into the apartment of two homosexual men. As I observed them they didn't know that I was there and couldn't see me. I was immediately disgusted that I was in their home. (We are forbidden to judge any of the lost for they have not grace yet to obey and are in bondage, to be pitied [1 Cor.5:9-13].) I was fearful of some sort of defilement or something. These two men were nicely dressed. I listened to them talk. They had several Great Dane dogs that were running around in the back yard. I wasn't happy about those dogs. (In reality I'm not a dog person and I really despise large dogs.) As I was feeling threatened by these men and their dogs, I heard David's voice talking in my right ear again and as I listened the threat melted away and I began to see these men's hearts. They had such compassion and loving kindness in their hearts! I watched them love and care for their animals, when suddenly I heard a knock at the door.

One of the men went over to open the door. There was a naked man who was obese and hairy all over his body sitting in a wheelchair with a colostomy bag taped to his lower abdomen that was filled with feces. He was homeless and needed a place to live and someone to help him change his colostomy bag every day. The sight of this man horrified me and I doubted these men would take him in. I watched as they happily discussed the possibility between themselves and eagerly agreed to take this crippled, naked man into their home and take care of him! I was astounded at their love for other people, their compassion and the blindness to the flaws of others. God showed me all the qualities that he had formed in their hearts, how He used the betrayal and rejection that they had experienced throughout their lives in order to form Christ in them! I was seeing the end from the beginning in these men (even though they were still in ignorance and lost in their sin). (Those who have been sinners and rejected can appreciate the acceptance of Christ though the Gospel. Some lost people have more of the nature of Christ than some Christians but they are not justified through faith in the sacrifice of Jesus. In everyone whom God will ultimately call to Himself, He prepares the soil by breaking it up through adverse circumstances and failure, so that through repentance and faith the seed of Christ is planted. Those who are forgiven of much are able to love much. {Luk.7:47} Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, [the same] loveth little.)

God told me, "These are mine!" And they were so beautiful!! So perfect in heart! Such compassion that I had never seen or experienced before! It just made me want to weep. I felt defiled by my own attitudes and judgmental self-righteousness and was horrified at myself. David's words had helped me to see things and people the way that God saw them. I was able to finally see my own heart clearly and repent to God. In my dream after this, seeing others the way God sees them became a permanent gift. (God sees us as a finished product from the beginning through Jesus' sacrifice and we must do the same for others and tell them the good news that they are free from sin. The sinner will appreciate this greatly.)

The scene then changed to Wal-Mart. We were in the bicycle section. I saw Cindy's middle son, Stephen, and another boy his age, Ricky, 12, from our old apartment complex. ("Cindy" means "light". The children of the light are sanctified through their believing parents. {1Co.7:14} For the unbelieving husband is sanctified in the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified in the brother: else were your children unclean; but now are they holy.) They were planning to steal a bag of marijuana that was being sold as part of a package deal with the certain bicycle. My oldest son, Noah, 11, was across the isle, looking at the water guns. I heard what Stephen and the other boy were planning and I looked over at Noah who was pestering me to buy him a water gun (which normally gets me in the flesh and angers me tremendously).

At that moment I just looked at all of them and saw their sweet dispositions and their innocence and their desire to be loved and accepted unconditionally! They looked so precious to me and I just cherished each one in my heart like a rare jewel! I didn't see their sin anymore or their imperfections. I wasn't concerned about their immediate states or what they were planning to do that was sinful or wrong. I just saw the end from the beginning and felt such rest! (Seeing our loved ones through the sacrifice of Christ by faith gives us rest that God will do the work in them.)

Not only did God settle my uncertainty about the salvation or spiritual condition of all the people whom I have prayed for or been "concerned" about in my family or other people's families, but He gave me the faith I needed to believe in the sanctification of others that we pray for and believe for their salvation. (When we pray for lost loved ones we are commanded to believe we have received what we prayed for and see it as done. {Mar.11:24} Therefore I say unto you, All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye received (in original Greek) them, and ye shall have them.) This has been an issue for me that I have worried over and struggled with a lot lately. These situations were representational of all the lost loved ones whom the saints of God are praying and believing for! Praise God for peace of mind! And for His great mercy!

To be balanced on this subject, we must not give grace to believers who walk in willful disobedience. {Heb.10:26} For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more a sacrifice for sins, {27} but a certain fearful expectation of judgment, and a fierceness of fire which shall devour the adversaries. {28} A man that hath set at nought Moses law dieth without compassion on [the word of] two or three witnesses: {29} of how much sorer punishment, think ye, shall he be judged worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant wherewith he was sanctified an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace? {30} For we know him that said, Vengeance belongeth unto me, I will recompense. And again, The Lord shall judge his people.

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