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Bryan Hinton - 01/14/2013

(Mar.11:23) Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou taken up and cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that what he saith cometh to pass; he shall have it.

David was a prime example of this when he spoke to Goliath. He said, "You come to me with sword and spear and javelin but I come to you in the name of The Lord of Hosts. This day I shall feed your carcass to the birds of the heavens".

And that's exactly what he did. He did what he said he was going to do.

You shall make a decree and it shall be established for you.

Job said, "I know that when he has tried me I shall come forth as gold". After he repented and was restored, his friends gave him money and he had an understanding that he didn't have before the trial, which is wisdom. Which proverbs says is more precious than gold.

We, having the same spirit of faith, believed; therefore, we speak.

Abraham said it; he made a decree. He said, "God himself will provide the lamb". And, sure enough, God provided the ram for his offering and the lamb for us.

He also made a decree when he spoke to his servant before going to offer up Isaac. He said to the servant, The boy and I will go and we will come back". He believed and he spoke and he did what he said.

We know our Lord made a decree, saying, "The son of man will be delivered into the hands of sinners and the third day perfected", and we know that was fulfilled then and is being fulfilled now in our day, as well.

When God commanded Joshua to go kill the king of Ai.,Joshua went and gathered an army and told them, "You shall do it according to the Word of The Lord". And they killed everybody in Ai with the sword and took their spoil.

(Pro.18:21) Death and life are in the power of the tongue; And they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

When Hezekiah was healed from his sickness, he ate a cake of figs. It had to be something he said as a confession because it says a mans belly shall be satisfied by the fruit of his mouth and with the increase of his lips shall he be filled. A parable of making a bold confession and eating the fruit of the tongue.

Elijah did eat and sleep when he ran from Jezebel. It had to be something he was confessing because at first he prayed to die in fear. But he ate and slept. We're always eating the fruit of what we say. We know in Exodus to get the manna they had to go and gather it. So they had to work to go and get it.

For us when we go, we stir and labor and produce fruit. It produces food for us and those who hear. It's like cooking a meal. We're cooking a meal of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. What I've learned about cooking is, we just have to go. When I'm sharing or responding to an email, The Lord just says, "You're going to have to go". Jesus always said, "Go and bear fruit". "Go and learn". "Go and do likewise". "Go and sin no more". He told the lepers, "Go show yourselves to the priests". And as they went, they were cleansed. I believe it's because when we go, we produce the fruit of what were believing for.

One time, I was speaking in tongues and then sent an email. I started confessing how my back is healed. And how my legs are healed. I confessed that my the cartilage in my knee is healed and right as I did, it got healed, right as I said it. As I was making confessions, my body was shaking and benefits were being supplied. And even now, I have not worked out running for months and I did some running yesterday and today and I am faster and stronger than I have been in years.

It's like God showed me how to bypass all the time it would take to try and repair it by working out and showed me how to redeem the time by confessing the good confession.

I confessed that my tooth had grown back and the Holy Spirit came upon me in power and was beginning to perform the miracle. Still working on that.

The other day, I was hungry and had no money. A guy passed by me and had those Mexican corn sticks with corn and Parmesan cheese. I wanted one but had no money. I started praying for it and God brought back to remembrance how I used to eat it with my son. And as I told the guy, he stopped the cart, made me one for free and went about his business. "I will bless those who bless you and make you a blessing".

I started reading about faith and have been learning to walk by faith recently more than ever and wanted to share with you something I believe might encourage you. Faith calls the things which be not as though they were. I noticed how Mark 11:22 confirms this. I saw how God displays this in Genesis 1 when He created the heavens and the earth. He says, "Let there be light". There was no light but He said, let it be. Light was a thing that was not like Romans says, "the things which be not". He called it as though it was. He said, let it be and He allowed it. He didn't ask. He called it forth as though it was, saying, let it be. Basically, he spoke it into existence.

I have been seeing how we are given the same authority to do the same. For certain needs or prayer requests, after praying, I will send works to prove my faith, saying, "Let them have or let it be", or just declaring it so. Just as God created the natural creation with the Word, Jesus also created the born-again creation with the Word. And we do the same. We have that same authority. We call it forth as though it is. Even when we don't see it, we speak it and it comes forth. An example of this was when a brother, Andy, was on the computer looking for a job and it didn't work. We prayed in agreement, commanding it to work. He went back on it and I went about my business. When I came to check on him, I asked if it was working. He said no; then I said, "It works". Immediately after I said it, it started working. One time, when commanding the toilet to work, a sister used it and she was trying to fix it. I said, "Leave it alone and let's to on a walk and it will work when we come back". Sure enough, when we came back to the house, it worked. Another time a sister's computer got a virus and she couldn't do much on it. God gave me faith to command it to work; then I said, "It works now", or something close to that of faith. Immediately after, it worked.

I noticed in Romans 1:5 how Paul says that through Jesus Christ they received grace and apostleship, unto obedience of faith among all nations. What stuck out to me was obedience of faith. I though about how one time a sister from work wanted to come to my house to hang out. She was desiring some kind of affection physically. And I didn't want that and I confessed to her I was following Christ. But God kept giving me faith for her to come over and I kept casting it down but it kept coming, so I finally believed it and was obedient to the faith He was giving me. As she came, there was a little warfare from lust but I cast it down and when she came after a short time, we began to fellowship and she was blessed and ministered, too. So I learned I had to be obedient to that faith. One time, a sister had confessed to me she was willfully sinning and I felt compelled over about a week's time to tell her to repent. I didn't act on it, but I kept getting faith to do it. One morning, she texted me and I had faith again, so I gave her some scripture on willful sins and how she needed to repent. That night, she came to my house and repented and broke up with the guy she was fornicating with and God have her a Word of prophecy that she would meet her husband in three months. Sure enough, three months later, she met him. And he got arrested for a false charge and was facing time; they prayed earnestly for his deliverance and all the charges got dropped. Another time I saw this come to life is when a sister in the church came to my ex-girl friend and told her something private and my ex told me; she instructed me not to tell anyone. God gave me faith to pray in agreement with her for us not to say anything but for God to sovereignly intervene. Not long after, the sister's parents perceived that something was wrong with her, with no one saying anything and God intervened. So I have found God gives us faith and, as we are obedient to it, we see His power move.

And this is that I with you be comforted in you, each by our mutual faith. Things I have heard you say over the years have begun to digest and now I am understanding things better. When we prayed for The Lord to take away the desire for a wife and cause me to focus, He has done that 10-fold. It's been a blessed process of restoration. God has blessed me with so much faith. Today, I went walking to go do something. God told me go and He'd give me something to do. I found a subway ticket on the ground worth $6 and some change. It paid for my fare to go to the city and when I went, I planned to work and labor as I went, and also stop by a hotel to do future business. But as I ran into people along the way, He gave me faith to preach to them. I kept running into poor people and they were hungry. And we had such a joyful time rejoicing in God giving us sunlight and warmth while preaching the Word.

One time, I noticed a brother outside, hungry and down, and I shared Matthew 6 with him and as I was speaking, someone came and brought him food. I was waking to Subway one day and saw a guy downtrodden, so I prayed for him. The thought came that I could stop and bless him, so I stopped and shareed with him. God stirred me so much so that a brother came by and heard and asked for prayer and confessed his sins and got healed of cancer and diabetes. The very first day I left the house, I asked God if I could leave and He said it would be ok. I found a subway ticket on the ground to help me get where I needed to go. I asked God to confirm it by opening up a place to stay and the next day I had a place to stay. The last two months I haven't worked for anyone, just Him, and he has paid my rent without any problem. He tells me either who to pray for or what to do. And I go out and pray for work and He opens the door to go and share or serve. The other day, I saw a woman in-shape and asked her if I could walk with her. I followed her home and asked if I could come in. I sat down with her at her kitchen table and she kept falling asleep. I prayed for God to take over. He reminded me I had my Bible, so I began to read it and preach and she came out of it. Turns out she was high on heroine. But there is nothing too difficult for God. I went to her house for two days and spent time with her and God has cleaned her up.

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