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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Shortages of Gas and Food

Deborah Horton - 05/04/2008

In a dream or vision on 5/04/08, I found myself for a brief instant looking at the 76 Truck stop that's at the top of the hill near the entrance to our subdivision. This is a big truck stop, with at least 20 regular (car) fuel pump stations and a convenience store, in addition to the diesel pumps; it also has showers for the truckers.

It was daytime and I'm guessing the time of year was early to mid-Fall, based on the sunlight. Although I always dream in color, the scene appeared to be muted-out into the grays, with the exception of the orange traffic cones.

I was viewing from up in the air somehow and wasn't in the dream/vision personally. My eyes started out focused on the car gasoline fuel area, which was toward the left and moved toward the right as the scene progressed.

There were orange traffic cones beside each fuel pump, and the orange color was almost vibrant, as if they were being emphasized somehow. I remember thinking briefly that some of the pumps had been shut down and maybe only a few were still open, but as my eyes swept over the scene, I saw that every single pump had an orange traffic cone and was shut down. I looked beyond the pumps at the convenience store, which for some reason I had thought was still open, but it was completely deserted. Closed. Then I looked over further toward the right side and saw several abandoned cars and semis. It was absolutely depressing, so gray, so desolate and forlorn.

The whole thing reminds me of the time I saw New Orleans mostly underwater and knew that it was abandoned and would never be rebuilt. It had the same feeling to it.

Marion Carney

In a dream on 4/28/08 I turned a corner and ended up in front of a gas station; there was a line of cars that went all the way down the street because people were trying to get the last of the gas. I walked up to the window of the service area and handed the man the paper that I had in my hand. I told the man I only had $19 and that I also needed gas. He had me come inside and I pulled up a chair by a computer/register; he told me to wait there. When he came back he told me that my car was setting outside the service area. He then told me to go to the pump. I then had to hurry to my car. I sped around to the pump. One of the men that was inside the service station opened the gas tank and pumped in $22-worth of gas instead of $19. The others that were in line before me started to beep their horns. The other cars were black; my car was its regular color, silver. The gas pumps were all black and silver.

I dreamed in April of 2008 that I was walking up upon some very large hills that were in the middle of the street I grew up on. I was trying to get to the house I grew up in; however, the hills were to large to climb. There was construction on the other side of the hills and there were cars that were going in a one-way direction. I thought I might be able to get around the hills that way; however, once closer, I saw that there was a break in the street and I would have to try and jump over the break/crack in the road. There was a problem, though. I would also have to jump over the cars that were coming. I climbed a short distance on one of the hills and stood up and took a big leap over the cars and the break in the ground and landed on the other side of the road.

When I turned around I was standing in front of a store front and I could see that there was hardly anyone inside. I grabbed a shopping cart that was setting on the side of the doorway and I proceeded in. As I looked around, there were only a few people in the store, scrambling around and trying to get what food was left in the store. As I proceeding further into the store one of the workers was looking around for food so I asked him where all the food was and he said, "This is it; there isn't anymore". I replied, "This is it, there's no more food?" He said, "That's it; it's all gone". I then picked up a small package of corn on the cob and I placed it in the cart. I then went down the different aisles, looking to see what I could find. There were people running around me, trying to get whatever food there was on the floor of the store. All I had was a pack of corn and there wasn't anyone there at the checkout counter when I went to check out. The impression I was left with was there was some type of destruction that took place and the store was cleaned out by others, and just a few people were left.

In a dream in April of 2008 I saw despair, hunger and illness. I was standing and watching many people on the streets somewhere standing in a line. Some others were roaming around crying; some were very ill and were looking for someone to help them. As I walked around, looking at all the people in this area, I was trying not to be seen by those who were in charge. Everyone was sectioned off. Some had blue markings on their faces; those people were the ones who were allowed food. The others who did not have the bluish paint on their face were not allowed food. Some others that were sectioned off were ones who were sick and you had to look at them really closely in order to see if they had a marking on their face or not. There were two colors of blue, one for one line the other for the other line. I just remembered looking very closely at some of the people as I tried to see what group they were in.

It wasn't a marking of 666; it was like a sky blue, and the second color was a powder blue with a hint of purple in it -- that was the color on their faces. It looked like it was paint, almost; it was smudged on people's faces. The ones with the sky blue on them were the ones who could get food and those without the markings weren't allowed to be in line; they were the ones who were sick and showed much despair. I wasn't able to determine what the others in the groups were there for, as they had the powder blue color on them. I was trying not to be seen as I walked by them. I was being very careful not to be seen in this dream. That's all I can remember; however, the images of the people with the blue paint was very strong and they are who I was shown more so than the others.

[.] Note from Mark: When Marion told me of this dream the first thing I thought of was the UN colors of blue. Marion had no idea about the UN or any colors they use. I had her do a Google search on the UN and see if it was the same blue and she got goose bumps as the two colors of blue in the picture below are exactly what she saw in the dream!

Note from David: It appears that shortages of gas and food will lead to martial law and U.N. oversight. The sky blue could be heavenly people and the U.N. blue the beastly.


Food Stores Bare
Gloria Greenwood - 09/29/2008

I dreamed I went to my local grocery store. Once inside, I found many of the shelves to be almost bare. It appeared all the produce and meat items were gone, just some can goods were left. I remember seeing long lines of people buying the little food that was left to buy in the store. I remember walking out; I did not buy anything.

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