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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Simple Lives & Ministries Bear the Best Fruit

Anonymous. - 8/11/07 (David's notes in red)

I saw myself in Brother David's house for three days. This house was surrounded by an awesome garden, beyond what words can express. It looked heavenly.  (These are plants or children under UBM's care who are bearing fruit.) The exterior and interior of the house looked extremely humble and simple. There was nothing extravagant or palatial about it.  (In exterior our ministry doesnt look like much.)  I entered Brother David's home and was standing at the door. I saw Brother David sitting in a square living room with his natural children.  (These are types of UBM's spiritual children.) In the center of him and his family, I saw a fair baby happily sitting upright by itself.  (This is the promised first-fruits of Jesus in our midst.) Everybody was fellowshipping with one another and also admiring this baby. (This represents just before the beginning of the first year of the tribulation because this baby could imply that the man-child is born in our midst.)

Brother David was full of joy. He knew the name, character and works of each child. Each child then started to give a good testimony about their loving father. As I heard his children's testimony, an accounts book was opened before me. I am doing accounting and finance, but I have never seen such accounting records before! I saw date, details, debit, credit and balance in the accounting records. The simple rule of accounting is when you debit one account you have to credit another account so that you can balance accounts at the end of the period. Also, accounting records monetary transactions and not anything which cannot be translated into dollars and cents.

In every line, I saw a date; next, details of his family's expenditure; then, under the debit column, a price would be recorded.  (We have not spent but stored up our treasures in heaven for God’s restoration to come.) However, on the credit column and the balance column I saw these words which stated "Simple Life".  (The cancellation of all of our debts through the grace given to abide in Christ's sacrificial life that is not after the lusts of the flesh.) Every line of different expenditure details was balanced with the same words: "Simple Life". If I was a secular accountant David's accounting records would fail miserably but in my heart, with a right conscience, I checked everything as correct and right before God and man.

Brother David then came and stood next to me and greeted blessings to each and every child as they went up the stairs to sleep.  (The father's spoken blessing will cause the children to enter into rest in heavenly places through faith in the promises.) Then, I too followed and went up to rest.

The next morning I saw myself in Brother David's living room, which was converted into a workshop with 3 long tables with 2 benches on the sides of each table. The tables were labeled from 1 to 3. I was assigned table 1. I saw both men and women seated at each table. We had to make something with our hands. Brother David was the instructor. We were instructed by someone (I believe the voice of the Holy Spirit) that if we had any difficulty in our tasks we had to approach Brother David for guidance as he had experience in the work of the Lord and knew exactly how to help us on the right path to finish our task.  (This represents training disciples in the tribulation. "Anonymous" didn't know that I have trained disciples "in my living room" for many years and now this training is going forth by radio, Internet and TV from there. Mary had a dream 25 years ago of this room, except it had a glass ceiling and front wall. Brilliant Sonlight was streaming into the room with many plants growing up there that we knew were the saints.)

I was assigned to make a trumpet with the Word of God under it.  (To give warning and a call to war.)  I was given metal, which looked like dull silver, to work with. My understanding is that metal is pliable only if it is melted with fire. However, this metal was different as it had the consistency of clay. I had to put it through a dough press which was operated manually, by turning the handle on the side. I had to feed this metal in at the front and pull it out from the back. As I was doing this it started to change color to a bright silver. As I continued my task I saw a transparent film which was not part of the silver, like a hard plastic come out. Thus, I had to separate this film from the silver. As I continued this tedious process the metal became softer and finally the silver changed into gold.  (This is growing into the image of Christ from glory to glory and becoming the vessel through whom the Lord can warn the saints.)

I then took that gold and did my work and made my piece assigned to me. By this time the gold had hardened by the atmosphere. I then brought my work to show Brother David which he accepted and then I proceeded to go upstairs to sleep, for the day was over.

On day 3 (resurrection) I was having a walk with Brother David around his beautiful garden. We were admiring the beauty of this garden. The strange thing is that there was a hedge around this garden. The hedge was in a radius which was about my height.  (The hedge about the garden of God's fruit is tall enough to protect the whole man.) The hedge was not very thick. This hedge was like a dark, unkempt jungle which was inhabited by wild animals and creeping things.  (God will prepare us a table in the presence of our enemies, the beasts of this world who live outside the bounds of the life of God's people.) I don't know why, as I was walking around that garden, I accidentally tripped and fell into that hedge.  (This actually happened for a time to confirm this dream. "Anonymous" represented here a type of some who stumble into the world.)

I was lying on my back and looking up, without any ability to see anything because there was no light there.  (Leaving the light will cause us to stumble into the beast's territory.) However, I was not scared whilst I was in that darkness. Brother David then pulled me out of that hedge.  (Our teaching will cause some to come out from among them and be separate.) There appeared 2 holes or fang marks made by a snake on my leg. (Some will be infected by Satan's lies.) I was lying on the ground but did not feel any pain nor dizziness, etc. It seemed as if nothing had happened to me except the visible fang marks.  (God will turn the experience of many who have failed into good because they will remember their failures as a warning.)

While lying on the ground, I grabbed Brother David's hand. I addressed him as "father" and asked him to pray for me. (But the bible says not to address any man as father. Could it be in reference to spiritual father?)  {Mt.23:9} And call no man your father on the earth: for one is your Father, [even] he who is in heaven. The carnal man who dwells "on the earth" cannot be the father of the spiritual man who dwells in heaven. We have many spiritual fathers who sowed the seed of God's Word in our hearts to bring forth the born again man from heaven.  {1 Cor.4:15} For though ye have ten thousand tutors in Christ, yet [have ye] not many fathers; for in Christ Jesus I begat you through the gospel. {16} I beseech you therefore, be ye imitators of me.) My exact words were, "Father, I don't care if I die physically, pray to God now that I will be with Jesus in His Kingdom". While Brother David was praying, I immediately got up from my sleep.  (This is a spiritual resurrection of the dead; meaning these will overcome the stumblings of the old man.)

Simple Lives and Ministries Bear the Best Fruit (2)
Anonymous. - 8/18/07 (David's notes in red)

These past days I have been meditating on the garden of God: "Simple lives bear the best fruit". I saw three different ministers showing me the three different gardens of their ministries, at three different times. I have been administered to in their fellowships, including Brother David's. I still keep in contact with all three ministries or servants of God, who by revelation, are called of God.

Some common things to these ministries are: they operate in signs and wonders and have raised the dead, they live in faith without salaries, and they stress the Word of God and holiness. All reject the prosperity gospel, once saved always saved doctrine, and preach that unless we lose our self life we cannot gain the life of Christ to be with Him in His kingdom.

All the houses shown to me by the ministers were white bungalows with a huge yard or estate all around it. Ministries 1 and 2 had brick houses; only Brother David's was made of wood.  (The structure of the ministry is not man made but natural for the kingdom. God's children are likened unto trees. This represents the simple life and ministry that Jesus and His disciples gave us an example of.) Brick, to my opinion, looked better than wood. The design of the brick houses looked better than Brother David's wooden house. (Jesus’ ministry was not the grand palace the Pharisees had.)

Ministry 1 was the most beautiful house of the 3 but had the worst looking garden! It was beautifully covered in grass and I saw only a few shoots of plants. I also saw the vine growing on the ground with good grapes. It was like here and there. I happened to taste one grape and it was sweet and very good. But that garden looked bare and unattractive apart from the grass!  (Peter said, "all flesh is as grass".)

Ministry 2 got a second rank from me. Its house design was also 2nd in rank, better than Brother David's but not as good as ministry 1. They had a beautiful garden. I thought of Eden when I was looking at their garden. I saw a waterfall. The leaves were very green and lush. The leaves and plants were extremely huge. There were trees and everything was exquisite. However, I did not see color.  (Colors represent the attributes of the Light, who is Christ.) There may have been a few flowers but I can only remember the greenery. (It appears the more beautiful the exterior, seen by the world is, the less good fruit is there. Jesus sat on a rock and taught and rode a donkey.)

Brother David's house was the worst looking in terms of beauty and design (no offense). It was extremely humble, simple in design and I would NOT even take a second look at that house!  (I've always said that we are not much to look at.) It was not dilapidated but just unattractive. But his garden was the most beautiful of the 3. It was awesome beyond words can express. I saw very exotic gigantic plants with flowers and leaves etc. Each flower was different. The flowers (representing saints) were in all the spectrum of the rainbow.  (These colors of the prism are the attributes of the light, Who is Christ.)  In this garden, the flowers were the attraction.  (Flowers are the fruit desired of that kind of plant. They are planted for beauty to please the beholder, like the bride. This fruit is to eat with the eyes, not with the mouth.) Brother David was also walking with me, pointing and naming those individual plants with flowers. Frankly speaking, I was not paying attention to him because I thought I was in heaven. That garden looked heavenly until I tripped and fell! (When a person falls into the beastly way their opinion of what is good changes.)

Why are all the gardens different?  (There are different needs and different gifts and different amounts of devotion to God with different fruits born of the Word in the ministries.) Why was Brother David's the best garden I saw among the 3?  (By God's grace. No man can take credit. The fruit is the fruit of the Word from God.)  Why did the worst looking house have the best looking garden and the best looking house have the worst looking garden? Does the house also speak about the life of the ministers?)  (Jesus' spiritual house was not much to look at but He had the best fruit; the best flower in God's garden. :o) {Isa.53:2} For he grew up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comelinessand when we see himthere is no beauty that we should desire him. God did not want his people to be enamored with the physical appearance of His servant in a fleshly worship. He wanted them to be impressed with the spiritual man inside. The house of Jesus' ministry was not much to look at either. He was born in a stable and taught in a wilderness. He had no fancy temple, synagogue or people. He preached to the poor and was rejected as He sat on the ground or a rock. He is an example to us to respect a simple life and ministry. All of the great latter times ministries will be this way.)

I don't feel comfortable putting things on our site that could appear to give any credit to me. I told the Lord that I would not put this last note below by "Anonymous" up on the site unless He gave me a sign. I asked for four heads and got them. I feel it is important for you to know that we are financially accountable to the Lord for our stewardship to see that it goes toward the purpose He has sent it for and not for any personal gain.

"Anonymous'" notes: I always pray for God to reveal to me whether a man is a servant ordained of God or not. God would often show me a physical sign (a tangible presence of God would descend on the servant of God's written or spoken word), I would see something in dreams or visions or get a Word from the Bible. I have been given many confirmations on God's servant, Brother David Eells. Before I saw "Simple lives bear the best fruit" (which was the 3rd confirmation from God) I had prayed specifically for God to show me what I would see if I were to be physically present in Pensacola, Florida, and check the financial accounting records of the ministry of this man of God.

Two days after my request, I saw the dream, which has since been uploaded, Escape Judgment by Clean Works. Judgment starts in the house of the Lord. This dream showed me that Brother David Eells had and desired to have clean hands or works because he was constantly approaching me to get the white cloth which I was using to clean my cup, for his own use. I then went on to reveal to Brother David Eells my prayer concerning him. He replied to me that he was not offended and went on to give me the humble details of his life before God. When I opened this email of August 7, a tangible presence of God descended upon me (which was the 2nd confirmation from God). I give ALL glory to God for Brother David's life and obedience to God's call in his life.

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