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Samuel & Tiannah Marychurch 

A man we used to fellowship with mentioned about the Numeric Bible to us. (We had been asking God for ages what is the closest Bible to His.) We then watched a video of David Eells talking about the Numeric Bible, and so we bought the UBM version from Lulu. For some random reason we also bought all David Eells books with it, even though we hadn't listened to his other videos at that point. When we received the books we only read the Numeric Bible and we put all the rest of David Eells books away in storage.

Months later we went to get all our stuff out of storage and found that rats and mice had either pooed, peed on, or eaten through ALL of our stuff including evangelism tracts and King James bibles. The only thing that had absolutely no poo, no pee and had not been eaten through, was the cardboard box with David Eells books inside. All our other cardboard boxes had parts of it eaten through and poop and pee all over it. We felt it was a sign from God to travel with the books and listen to his videos.

We listened to his videos and felt for a long time to join the zoom, but at the time I was really introverted and listening to shame & rejection. So we didn't join for ages until we did and are sooo grateful to The Lord for getting us to join the outreach.

We shared this testimony with a sister from UBM and she said it's symbolic how the poo over everything was showing what was unclean (leavened) and the food in David Eells books is clean (unleavened).

The brothers and sisters in the outreach are actually growing in Christ and manifesting God's love and Grace (which we have not found elsewhere). We feel part of a loving family! We are so grateful for all the spiritual food in David Eells books and videos! Thank You Father God, ALL glory is Yours ❤

(This reminds me of the dentist in Gulf Breeze, FL who was given some of our videos by Bernice to watch but he kept putting her off and not watching them. One day his office burned down and the only thing left was those plastic DVDs that miraculously survived the fire, setting in the middle of it on a metal coffee table. The dentist was so shocked he contacted her and told her he was not going to put off watching those videos anymore.) See supernatural propagation of UBM materials: Supernatural Warnings to Prepare for the Bride - UBM [David Eells]

UBM Books and DVD Sets Multiplied

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