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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Tell My People I Love Them

Janet M. - 11/23/2012

Around 8:00 PM, as I was laying in bed, the Lord spoke to me, saying, "Tell My people that I love them". He had a great urgency in His voice and He did this three times. Over the course of almost an hour, He spoke to me and showed me things. But of all the things that He said, He put the greatest emphasis on the message: "Tell my people that I love them".

He started by answering a prayer of mine: I asked the Lord, "Please confirm that You do not want us to participate in Christmas". The Lord explained that He never asked us to commemorate His birth and yet people make the mangerscene of Jesus into an idol. He is not a baby in a manger anymore. There will be no Christmas in Heaven and God does not honor that day. The Christmas holiday is a creation of man. He continued that it grieves Him how selfish people have become, all the exchanging of gifts is merely vanity for pleasing the flesh. Jesus already gave the greatest gift of all. How can man ever top that?

He showed tremendous emotion as He spoke. I saw Him cry with trembling concerning those perishing in sin. We must repent (turn from what we know is wrong). We must forgive those who have wronged us, so that God will forgive us. Jesus died so that we can be redeemed to the Father. The blood of Jesus was that perfect sacrifice to restore fallen man unto God. We must come out from among those who covet evil and be separate from the pleasure and distractions of the worldly "Egyptian" system. Then, the Lord showed me how sin separates us from Him. I saw a narrow path and Jesus waiting at the end of it. As the people traveled the path toward Jesus, the devil would place many temptations along the way to widen the path and divert the believer from Jesus. If the believer endured, the path would again narrow, as Jesus drew them ever closer to Himself. Eventually, the believer would be near enough to abide in the Lord (they knew Him and were sure of Him). That is the place where you can reach out and touch the hem of His garment.

When I saw the sincerity of the Lord as He spoke, I feared for my relatives and I pleaded to God to have mercy on them. He replied, "Believe on Me and you and your family will be saved". I asked, "Should I do anything?" He said intercede for them by lifting them up in prayer. As it is written, pray without ceasing. Since an idle mind tends to be the devil's playground, think on the things of God, for where your heart is, there your treasure will be also. And when it comes to the devil and demons, the Lord said, "I have given you power and authority over the enemy; use it".

As the Lord saw us praying and travailing for others in obedience to God, He smiled. His smile was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I cannot describe it. I did not see His face but I saw His smile somehow. His smile had real feeling to it and was so reassuring. His smile was light, love and perfect. God then showed me how He freed my husband and me from the oppression and deception that blinded us for so long. Then I saw the chains and something like a heavy weight that bound the people who desired to stay in the world system and refused to repent.

He also said that we should be willing to open our home and our hearts to the poor on more than just Thanksgiving Day and He asked us if we would do that. As He spoke, He took me up in the spirit and showed me some things that are important to Him. I saw Jesus pointing to the Earth. The Earth looked to be about the size of a tangerine compared to Him. Somehow, I was standing next to Him. He pointed to the Earth and said, "I have commissioned you to tell them, 'Tell My people that I love them'. Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Start the conversation by telling them that I love them. It is your job to tell them. The Holy Spirit will convict them".

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