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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Terrorism, Spiritual Invasion and Apostasy

Don Lett - 06/22/2008
(David's notes in red)

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Eph.6:12)

Future Terrorist Attack

(At first this appears to be a physical terrorist attack but the further you go the more it is revealed to be a spiritual invasion and attack on the U.S. and Christians.) Somehow I found out about a terrorist attack that was going to occur on an Air Force base that I was staying at. Although this base seemed like a normal civilian area. (The U.S. is the eagle of the "Lion with Eagles Wings" of Babylon. It is called this partially because of its air superiority. I believe the U.S. is the air force base in the "normal civilian area".) I was in a bathroom hiding and I could see a group of Caucasian, American-looking men had captured most of the leadership on the base. (The enemy looks like average Americans but have a foreign ideology and spirit.) I looked behind me and saw that the General of the base was incapacitated and a little bloody. He wasn't able to stop this attack. The terrorists were looking for him but couldn't find him. I decided that he was OK and that he would be safe hidden in this bathroom. (The corporate beast spirit body from the pit has infiltrated and captured the minds of most of the leadership of the U.S. and is using them for their one world order purposes against the saints.)

In another room to my rear I could see a baby being watched by an adult. They were safe for the time being in a glass room, but I had no idea about what was getting ready to take place. (The alien terrorist attack is happening to raise up this dragon/beast entity over the U.S. and bring down the freedoms we have known in the past. The baby is the newborn corporate man-child that the beast entity wants to extinguish, as Herod attempted in the Gospels and the dragon will attempt in the Rev.12 end-time parallel; but this baby, although visible, is safely caught up to heavenly places in Christ. The beast that is taking over all nations is the real terrorist that will make war against the saints.)

I was scared but I also noticed that there was an escape route to the rear. I had to warn the authorities on the base. I went straight to the guard shack at the check-in point. When I told the guards that I needed to talk to someone immediately about something that was going to occur an MP car pulled up. They suggested that I tell the MPs in the car. They rolled down their window and I leaned down to begin to tell them about the terrorists. But then I remembered that part of the plan was to infiltrate the base with other terrorists. I wasn't sure if these were real MPs or terrorists in disguise. I asked the MPs in the guard shack if they had ever seen these individuals before. They said no. (We really don't know who can receive our warning of this invasion. Some whom we think are brethren we find out are really the enemy.) I went and spoke to another MP that they did recognize. As I was explaining to him about the terrorists, several people from my past were walking by and casually listening with interest, but not alarm like J------. The MP seemed interested but not alarmed either. But it appeared that he would take someone to investigate these claims. (Most authorities will not take this spiritual alien invasion seriously and others are already taken over by it.)

The Rise of Spiritualism

Next thing you know I was sitting at a long table with a group of other civilians who were eating. Most of them, it seems, knew that I had found out about this terrorist attack. Some family members then began to brag about T----, who they said was getting these amazing words from God. The method that she was getting this word was from occult spiritualism or witchcraft-type practice. (Many times masquerading as Christian gifts.) They thought of her as a white witch. When they explained this to me I told them right away that this is not the way that God works and that she was being influenced by a familiar spirit, but they didn't believe me. Just then a very old friend from my past, S-----, began to tell me what a hypocrite I am because of something I had done to him when I was a teenager (30 years or so ago). I told him that I was sorry and explained to him about forgiveness and how I had completely forgotten about this incident that had held him in captivity for so long. I asked him to let it go. (Many will be taken in because they are turned over to the tormentors for their own unforgiveness.)

I turned my attention back to T----. My family members continued to press me about how God was speaking through her and that she was a good witch. And I reiterated that God didn't work this way. I told them that if they would meet with me outside I would lay hands on her and cast this demon out. They still didn't believe me but decided to meet with me, probably to prove that she was getting the word from God. (Many today pay no attention to the source of knowledge and power in these fakes since they are infiltrated with the enemy, but if we hold fast to the scriptures we will know them.)

False Christianity and the Harlot

While walking to meet with her I got mixed into a Catholic procession. They were singing "Amazing Grace", but I could not get in tune with the way they were singing it. I tried several times and eventually got frustrated and stopped walking and singing with them. (The righteous will not assimilate into the larger end-time Universal, meaning Catholic, religion of the new world order that turns grace into lasciviousness.) I ended up in a different room. I noticed T---- walking with the group as they were walking in a line up a ramped corridor. The wall between us had an opening about one foot high at the neck so that I could see the faces of those walking. T---- was walking with them. I remembered that she looked pretty but something was very odd about her countenance. Everyone seemed to be walking in an almost trance-like state. (Those who are into the witchcraft of rebellion to the Word will be assimilated by the alien spirits.)

The Enemy Inserting Doubt into Our Minds

I had to go downstairs to meet with her and found myself on an elevator with a bunch of other people. This elevator was wide open without even a handrail. As I was going down the elevator I was praying that God could do this work through me. I was concerned that I had not been close enough to God lately to cast this powerful demon out. (Closeness to the Lord enables us to be useful in the deliverance of our brethren.)

Entertainment as a Distraction

When I came downstairs, there were a lot of activities. A lot of people I knew were playing basketball. I wanted to join them but I had to take care of this first. I was still very concerned that I wouldn't be able to cast this demon out. Several people stopped me on the way to that side of the room to say hi. I quickly said hi and continued to move toward my cousin. (Most are caught up in the game of competition and scoring points between the sects of Christianity and are unaware of the spiritual alien invasion in their midst.)

When I finally made my way past the basketball court more acquaintances whom I had not seen in a while wanted to say hi. I gave a friend of mine a hug and said hi and continued to move on. Finally I got face to face with T----. I told her that I was going to lay hands on her and just as I began to lay hands on her, a very shapely woman whom I had never met dressed in a turquoise stretch dress that was cut very low at the breasts and high on the thighs came out of the blue and approached me to hug me. None of this made any sense to me that such a beautiful lady whom I had never seen before would come up to me and decide to give me a hug. I knew this had to be the work of the enemy. (The harlot of apostate Christianity seeks to seduce those who seek to deliver its adherents.) I thought about some of David Eells' teachings and I held my hand out and said, "Lord, take this demon away from me". (Or maybe, "Don't allow this demon to touch me".) I was astonished by what happened next. This lady was lifted off the ground about an inch or two and slid backward about 10 to 15 feet and landed in a chair. She had her back arched and you could see spiritual demonic activity above her chest. This startled me so much that I awoke from the dream. (The Word will cause the elect to recognize strong delusions of apostasy.)

My Interpretation

The Air Force base is the U.S.

"This building (the Pentagon) will be attacked 3 million times today". It is protected by the Air Force from cyber-attacks.

Terrorists are not the Muslims, they are ordinary looking Americans.

Christian babies are somewhat protected, but they are totally unaware of the dangers. They are protected for a time but the room is made of glass.

These people have infiltrated a large part of our police forces.

People will listen mostly out of interest but not out of concern.

People have no problem listening to false prophets, but don't believe the Word of God.

Satan will attempt to divert us from our mission by using:

False prophets

Past wrongs you committed

Family members

False religions

Question your confidence in your walk with the Lord

Extra-curricular activities



Personality Profiles:

J------ - nominal but professing Christians, with very little biblical knowledge and virtually no relationship with Christ

S----- - former Christian having fallen from the faith. Atheist or agnostic at best

T---- - little or no biblical knowledge, professing a relationship with God

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