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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

The Bride, Ark & 12 Spiritual Tribes

Philip Sapp - 04/04/2011
(David's notes in red)

As we were all talking about May 14th last fellowship, I asked for a word concerning that date specifically. I did not feel to share it then, but want to share it now. I opened my Bible and put my finger on Ezekiel 38:19, which reads: (Eze.38:19) For in my jealousy and in the fire of my wrath have I spoken, Surely in that day there shall be a great shaking in the land of Israel; At the time I got the word, I was not convinced that this was a physical shaking and still do not know for sure.But the thing that truly comes up in my spirit is a separation of the true church from this world. An appointed time to be in the ark or to start entering into the ark. I mention the ark because of this ark dream I had a few weeks ago. (The shaking is what makes the Bride in the ark separate from the peoples of lands around her, which is spoken of below.)

In the dream, I was on a mountain-top, looking out over a lake. I could see 12 other mountain-tops across the lake and on either side of me and around the lake. These mountain-tops were spaced apart by valleys. The mountain-tops and valleys were shaped in a circular pattern. I feel the Lord revealed to me that the mountain-tops and valleys were patterned after a crown with 12 peaks. I felt these peaks were like the 12 tribes of believers, since we as Christians are like one of those 12 tribes, spiritually. I felt these 12 mountains represent all of God's people which are different parts of the body. Each peak had a different gift or different part of the body. This lake was in the middle of this crown.

This lake is the head of the Bride filled with the water of the Word in the middle of the 12-tribed crown in {Rev.12:1} And a great sign was seen in heaven: a woman arrayed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars. This woman can be seen as the larger church with the position of having the doctrine of the 12 apostles around her head. Or, as in this parable, she can be seen as the Bride with the manifestation of the 12 apostles' doctrine and leadership of the 12 spiritual tribes as stars around her head.

Also, it is the Man-child, typed by Philip (meaning "lover of horses"), who stands on the top of Mount Zion who is the head of the Bride/Zion, who in turn is the head of the larger Church. The Bride follows the Groom, manifested in the Man-child, into the wilderness tribulation, as it was with Jesus, Moses, Joseph, Davidand in Revelation 12. The Bride is chosen to be the Bride before the seven day/year marriage feast begins. She grows to maturity, following Jesus manifested in the Man-child.

As I looked over this lake while standing on one of these mountain peaks, a great peace came over me. I heard a voice tell me, "I am giving you an ark". (As with Noah, the man-child was given the authority of the ark.) After hearing the voice, a bold confidence came over me like I have never felt before. It is hard to describe but my soul and spirit were totally severed from the flesh. (This is the experience of the Man-child.) As I stood there enjoying this separation, an ark came down from the sky and plopped in the middle of the lake. As I looked at my ark, I had a knowing that it was not manmade like the first ark and that the materials used to build it were not of this world, like the first ark. This ark was not made from the earth up but was made out of Heaven.(After I later meditated on the ark, I felt that it was both spiritual and physical. A place to grow up and prepare to help equip God's people with the Word, while being protected from judgments on the outside of the ark.) (Jesus is the ark in Whom the Bride abides. Also, as a spirit has a body, there may be a physical manifestation of separating the ark from the earth by water soon. First Philip felt his spirit man separated from his flesh. Then the ark came down and was separated from the earth by water.)

The ark I was given landed on the water, representing the Word, which separated it from the earth representing the flesh. As I watched the ark, the waters began to rise until all the mountain-tops were gone and covered in water totally. This crown is the crown on the woman in Revelation 12. This crown sits on the mind of the Bride and the mind of the Bride is the mind of Christ. This water from the Man-child through the Bride goes out and reaches the people in the land and the different members of the body to heal and equip. (This is the same process: the Word went from Jesus to the Bride to the rest of Israel as a type of the Church.)

I feel the Lord saying that when the mind of the Bride gets full of the water of the Word and shares this with the 12 spiritual tribes, there will be no distinction. The Church will be one in Christ. I feel these dates are a calling of separation.

The Shepherd of Hermas has a wonderful parable and later the interpretation called the "The Twelve Mountains of Arcadia", which should be read with this dream above. It is under "Similitude Ninth" and starts on page 61. Philip had never read this but in this parable Hermas was on top of a mountain, surveying the 12 mountains around him, just like Philip. Stones perfected from these mountains were brought to where Hermas was to build the tower, which Micah 4:8 says is the daughter of Zion that John said was the Bride. This tower of the flock was built on the Great Rock, which represented Jesus.

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