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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

The Bride's Supernatural Provision and Work

Eve Brast - 09/13/2008
(David's notes in red)

I had a dream. It was midnight My grandmother had died and I had received a large inheritance from her estate. All of a sudden a golden car appeared in front of me. (Eve here represents the Bride, the true child of the ancient Church, who gave us a large and valuable inheritance: the way of Christ.) I had been walking along a city street heading north. Hurricane Ike was tearing up the south portion of Texas. (This shows the timing is upon us now. Also, Ike is short for Isaac, the promised Man-child, who will bring judgment on the world as Moses did and the white horse rider will in hopes of repentance from the people of God. The Man-child is also the head of the Bride like Mordecai [meaning: little boy] brought Esther into the provision and protection of the King's house.) It was starting to mist in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area but I wasn't getting wet. (Wet here would represent the curse of the "water of the Word", which, according to our inheritance, the Bride is not under -- Gal.3:13) The car did not have legal tags on the license plate. It was brand new. I got into the golden car and started driving it. A small white sticker appeared in my hand and I placed it on the rear license plate. (This is not the way of those under the natural laws of the world but the way of the sons of God who will begin to walk in the spirit.)

I felt desperation and an urgency to go and check on all the brethren! I supernaturally drove all over South and East Texas, checking on my brethren and ministering comfort to them. (As in Esther, the Bride ministered from the ability and safety of the King's house; she will care for the people of God who are in the world.) The golden car never got wet and neither did I. (As the water from the storm, Ike, destroyed many like the curse, but not any who have appropriated the inheritance.) As I drove around, I was being watched everywhere I went and there were very few people in stores or on the streets. It was very dark. (As the Bride moves about freely, she will see no electricity and the stores empty, with Martial Law, which are a sign of things to come.)

I had started in the south and headed north. Then, as I had finished ministering in east Texas, and was headed west to my new home that used to be my grandmother's, (the house of holiness and power that the early Church Fathers had -- the house of the King) four men had spotted my illegally placed tags on the license plate and had alerted Michael Chertoff (Secretary of Homeland Security), who then ordered a massive search for me. ("Michael" means "who is like God" in Hebrew. "Chertoff" means "of the devil" in Russian. "Homeland" reminds everyone of the Nazi era. Anyway, the beast in whom the devil lives will be looking for the Bride, just like Haman did in Esther.) I passed a police officer with a radar gun standing outside his squad car. I drove past him, unconcerned, and he acted like he didn't even notice me. (The Bride will travel in the spirit, breaking the laws of nature, even during Martial Law, and will escape detection when it serves God's purpose.)

I pulled into the driveway of my grandmother's home that she had left to me. It was still raining outside but I and the car were still dry. I felt like I was walking in another dimension (in the Spirit of the Kingdom) because I could feel great desperation and devastation all over Texas but my world was calm and dry and peaceful. I saw darkness and misty rain and law enforcement everywhere, but I knew that most others were experiencing heavy rains and winds and floods and great loss! (The curse from Ike is a sign of things to come that will be even more terrible but it will bring revival.)

I was not married in this dream, nor did I have any children at this point. (Eve is the Bride-to-be of the last Adam, Jesus.) I went inside the house; it was elegantly furnished and immaculate. (The Bride at the beginning of the seven day Marriage Feast has all the benefits of a Queen.) There was a double stainless steel refrigerator packed with food and full pantries stocked with all kinds of provisions. I had never owned any of these types or qualities or car or home or food before in my whole life. Nor had I ever experienced such peace and comfort. (There will be perfect peace and provision for God's people. PTL!) I had lived "hand-to-mouth", on the edge of destitution, up until this point in my dream, always just trusting God. I had owned nothing. (The great trials of faith are coming to an end for the Bride. God's provision in times of the curse is complete, if we believe. {Phl.4:19} And my God shall supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. The Bride will distribute the benefits of the King's house to the Queens, concubines and virgins, as in Song of Solomon.)

I had pulled the tag sticker off the rear license plate and wadded it up and stuck it in my right front pocket when I had gotten out in the driveway. (She no more has to appease the world; she is now fully walking in the Spirit.)

After I had checked out the kitchen, I went out in the garage and there was a large, full moon-shaped grave dug on the right-hand side. I thought, "That was a strange shape for a grave!" In the grave was a Texas State Highway 60 MPH speed limit sign. (The full moon-shaped grave with the 60 mph sign means 100% death to the old man.) (The height of the beast in his dominion [law] over the people of God was 60 cubits in Dan.3:1) As I looked at it, I was a little sad but relieved at the same time and, at the same time, disgusted! I reached into my pocket and threw the wadded tag sticker into the grave. Then the car license plates appeared in my hand and I threw them in the grave, also. (The law of the sticker, plate and speed limit were on the old man who has now died. She will be dead to the law of the harlot church which the beast will persecute her for, as in Jesus' day. The heavenly spirit man who can move at the speed of thought is exempt. I once was translated halfway around the world, breaking all the natural laws of man. I broke every speed limit, didn't even buy a plane ticket and bypassed customs. I have prayed for gas and didn't have to pay for it; prayed for money and didn't have to borrow it. I was, according to the law, medically neglect because only God healed me.) I walked back into the house and changed my clothes. (Put on the new life and walk of Christ -- Rom.13:14.)

Suddenly, my son Elijah appeared in front of me, holding a bowl of ice cream and he thanked me for it. I just looked at him and smiled. I didn't say anything to him because I knew I couldn't take any credit for the provision! (Elijah was the spiritual man who was translated, breaking the speed limit, and couldn't be killed or arrested by the 50 soldiers who sought for him -- 2 Kings 1:8-10. He had every supply by the ravens, brook and angels. And it was all grace from God. As Jesus raised up two corporate witnesses among the Bride who followed Him, so Moses and Elijah will be raised up with the Bride's provision.)

I walked into the living room and looked at the front page of the newspaper on the coffee table. There was a picture of the four men who witnessed me driving with illegal tags. Two of the men looked like Brad Pitt and the other two looked like John Travolta. The picture on the newspaper started moving and I could hear their false accusations of me to the reporter and to the FEMA people. (Rich, powerful and famous people will bring false accusations against the Bride. Just as actors were found by the false prophets to falsely accuse Jesus, so they will find those who will falsely accuse His body.)

At that point my cell phone rang and my friend Cindy said, "Eve! Do you realize that you are being sought by 70,000 people right now?!" I said, "No, I had no idea". This didn't bother me. I was happy because I knew they would find me and learn what the Truth was. (The Bride's gift to be preserved and above the laws of nature will cause many to seek her out. In 2 Sam.24:15, 70,000 Israelites died of the plague but Jerusalem, the Bride, was not affected.)

After this, I looked out the front door and there was a police truck parked on the street facing left in front of the house. It was dark inside the truck and I couldn't see the officers but I knew they were watching the house, but I also knew they were forbidden to harass me or arrest me. Then I woke up. (Jesus delivered us from the curse of the Law, having already become our curse -- Gal.3:13. God is sovereign. "When a man's ways please the Lord, He maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him".)

See also Bride Escapes Judgment.

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