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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

The Bull's Final Crash

Kaile Hamilton - 03/29/2008
(David's notes in red)

It started with my mom and me in Lubbock, Texas. We stopped at a convenience store and ended up parking alongside the curb past the parking spots and gas pumps. Right after we stopped, there was a black Ford Taurus (black bull market -- in the economic world "black", when used before a day of the week, i.e. "black Monday", signifies a huge loss in the market) that hit us in the back. (Hit in the back signifies the unexpected crash of the new bull market.) My mom and I were a little stunned and got out of the car to see what happened. We then saw that there was no damage to our car. Praise the Lord! (Those who have no investments in the bull market will not lose anything but will still be affected.) (The market will have a fast bull run which will cause an increase in investment prices and confidence in the stock market. Unfortunately, as fast as the market will rise it will have a sudden crash. God is sovereign and He has already marked this economy to suffer an unexpected great blow to show His children that He is their only hope. (Matt. 6:19) Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon the earth, where moth and rust consume, and where thieves break through and steal: (20) but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth consume, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: (21) for where thy treasure is, there will thy heart be also.)

At first glance there was no damage to the Taurus (or bull market) but upon further inspection, there was a gray piece of duck tape on the left headlight. (The duck tape represents that the stock market has already been impaired. The damage that has been caused in the past has not been properly fixed and the market can no longer see clearly and it is only a matter of time before another crash will come.) (The fault of the crash will be the lack of light on the left because of their shoddy fix.)

The guys who were in the Taurus then got out to survey the damage and asked if we would help them jump the car because it wouldn't start anymore. My mom and I agreed. (The government will try to convince the public and Christians to jumpstart the economy. In real life Kaile and her mom don't invest in the market but in this parable they didn't represent themselves but what the Church and some of her children will do.) (The market crash coming is one that will stop the market dead in its tracks.)

My mom went inside to use the restroom (She was leaving the wrecked bull behind. A restroom is for getting rid of unwanted waste from the body and leaving it behind., while I got in the driver's seat to move the car so it would be easier to jump the Taurus. To my surprise, the guys moved the car into the convenience store (free market) which I thought was strange, but I had told them I would help them so I followed. (The banksters will try to convince consumers and Christians to move into the market to jumpstart the economy, but don't do it.) (The convenience store could represent the government attempting to take the convenient way (or socialism) out of the economic situation but in this case the convenient way was not the right way.)

As soon as I was about to start the car, an on-looker came to push our car. I then told him that he was doing more harm than good because the car was drivable. (They will attempt to push consumers into the market.) So he stopped and I didn't see him again.

I then began to drive the car into the convenience store and then maneuvered it to be hood-to-hood with the Taurus. ("Be not unequally yoked with unbelievers".) The weird thing was the Taurus was elevated on a red brick wall. (Communism, which is famous for "red" and "walls", cannot artificially elevate the economy in a free market. "Red" in accounting terms represents a deficit or loss, which is not an elevation of the economy, it is a deception.)

I didn't really want to drive my car up on the wall because I thought it would damage the car (our car is our M.O., our mode of operation, which will be damaged if we contribute to those plundering a failing stock market) but after measuring the wall with a measuring tape, I determined that it was okay to drive up on. (Some Christians will calculate that they can safely enter the market.) So that's what I did. I recall getting ready to jump the car but I do not remember seeing our car or the Taurus ever drive out of the store. Then my mom and I got ready to leave the convenience store. (The government will try everything they can to restart the economy but to no avail. (Those, including many Christians, who invested in the bull market and those who jump in when the prices are low will lose all.)

Before we left the store, I remember I was reading a news story of my mom and I jumping the Taurus, which was the car belonging to a band called "Fall Out Boy", (the government will try to use the media to proclaim false victories to build confidence but the fallout will be there for all to see) a band that I have only really heard of in passing with some of my friends, I don't even really know what they look like or what they sing. Then the dream ended. (After researching the name and origin of "Fall Out Boy", I learned the name comes from a character that has to do with nuclear explosions. Since "Fall Out Boy" was driving the car, it could represent the ones driving the economy will bring destruction, no matter what they try to do to save it.) ("Fall Out" is the great destruction that will come to lives after the explosion of the economy. There may also be a natural side to this nuclear fallout since we have been expecting another attack on America. There would be no better time to destroy the economy. Some of the fallouts to follow quickly will be war and a New World Order with its bankster-controlled market system, the card and the mark of the beast.)

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