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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

The Card Before the Mark

Marion Carney - 01/06/2009

I had asked the Lord two days priorto this dreamto help me understand what the mark of the beast was, as I wastrying tocalculate the numberof the beast which I have been studying this weekin the book of Revelation. This is whatIwas shown:

Dream 1/06/09:

Dreamt last night ofbeing in the old area that I grewup incalled Ohio City; more in particular, a street called West 25th Street.

This is a market area where stores are lined up on each side of the street. It's a place where many people shop. On the strip there is a place called the West Side Market. This is a place where many vendors sell fresh produce, meat, poultry and dairy products. People come from all around to shop there.

I was driving in a car and I circled around the area a couple of times before going down a side street catty corner from the West Side Market. I ended up parking the car and walked in to one of the store fronts; it was actually a bank. This is not uncommon for the area, as there are at least three banking institutes on this particular strip.

I don't remember having anything in my hand when I got out of the car, not even my purse; however,as I walked through the doors of the bank I looked down at my hand and in it was my payroll check. I then knew I was there to cash it.

I walked up to the teller and handed her my check to get it cashed. She looked at the check then handed it directly back to me. She said, "I can't cash that for you". I asked why. She replied, "We don't cash checks any more".

I went on tosay that the check was good, that my employer had just paid me,and the check was not outdated or anything. I further explained that my employer had an open account with their banking institution so there shouldn't be a problem with them cashing the check.

The teller than showed me a card and said, "We don't cash checks because we have a new set of regulations". She went on to say that the bank used these "cards" instead. She then asked me if I had one of the cards that she showed me. I replied that I didn't.

She said that there were certain requirements in order for me to get one of the cards. Turning the card over to the back, she pointed at the options that were listed. There were three square boxes, each one showing what you needed to have in order to get a card.

She asked me if I had the items that were listed in the first option box; it wasa form of an ID card. It wasn't a driver license; it was another form of one which required two forms of ID. I told her I didn't have those cards.

She then asked if I had the second set of "requirements". I explained that Ididn't have those either. Before she could ask me about the third set, I said in frustration, "I don't have any of the listed forms of ID that the bank is requiring".

I told her that I did have my driver license which is a valid ID; however, before she could comment back to me I turned around and headed to my car, thinking if I gave her my ID she would cash the check.

As I walked out the doors I could see that my car wasn't where I parked it. It was gone. I looked on both sides of the street where I left it, as I had a feeling that it was towed. I have to mention when I parked the car I was on the wrong side of the road, parked on the right-hand side, whereas I should have been on the left.

There was a meter where my car was so I checked it to see if the time had expired on it, thinking that's why the car was towed. The meter showed that there was still some time on it; however, there was a sticker on it that read, "For all tows call the city's towing company", and the number was listed.

I walked back into the bank so I could make the call, when just then my cell phone rang; it was a lady who said she was with the city and that they had my car.

I asked her how she got my number and asked why they towed my car. She didn't offer an explanation, other than she told me that during the car's inspection (I wondered why they would do an unlawful inspection of my car) they found that the car's struts where broken and in order for me to come and pick my car up from the impound the car had to be fixed. I knew my car was new so the struts were not broken.

I then replied by telling her that my car was fine and if the struts were broken then I would have my mechanic look at the car and fix it. She responded by telling me that they had to fix the car and that "they", the city, were not going to release it until I paid to have them fix it. Then after it was fixed I had to pay them for the towing cost, as well. I told this woman that it was my choice whom I wanted to have fix my car, that they didn't have the right to choose for me. She told me again that I had to get the car fixed through them.

At this point I hung up the phone and called my friend Mark. I was telling him about the situation and was starting to tell him about the bank not wanting to cash my check when the same lady cut in on my cell phone line, knocking out the conversation I was having with my prayer partner, Mark.

This went on for a few minutes -- me making the comments that I didn't want them to fix the car, that it was my own personal choice. Finally, with assertiveness, I told her I was not having the city fix my car. Period. She responded, "You don't have a choice". At that point I was upset and said, "And what will happen if I don't like the choice?" The line was completely cut off, not even a dead tone; there was complete silence.

The dream ended.

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