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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

The Dragon Rules the Harlot Church

Samuel Paguaga - 11/09/2011

Note from David: This dream illustrates that the dragon rules over the apostate church but it does not have to rule over us personally, if we are on the right side of God where few walk. The dragon beast, which includes all who walk after the beastly flesh, has always tried to herd the masses into their preferred form of religion and then anyone who was against it got persecuted by them. The beast system props up the harlot system and those who don't obey her are persecuted and/or killed to keep unity and control under the beast, similar to what Constantine did. You can see below that even the leadership was duped. The dragon's doctrine is always powerless to deliver from sin and its curse because Satan cannot cast out Satan or his kingdom would cease.

I found some photos that kind of illustrate what I saw.

I drove through this huge parking lot around a building that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, kind of like those new neighborhoods they build in the middle of a woodsy hill. There was a huge parking lot and the building had the shape of a modern church building with a large entrance, glass front and a few pairs of glass doors. There was a man speaking through the speakers outside, inviting everyone to come in. The man was inviting everyone kind of like a circus ringmaster does: "Come one, come all... the largest screen ... state of the art this and that "... and on and on about how hi-tech and entertaining it would be to come in. I could see there was already a large crowd going in. I felt led to go in to just see what these people were doing in there, fully already knowing that it was some type of fake church.


I went inside and sat in the first row toward the right, where there were two-to three-person benches in a row from the center out, facing a different way than the rest; for some reason those were mostly empty. All the other benches were facing forward, just like you see at a church. I could see all the place just about filled. There was a large stage, where a man was waiting for everyone to come in; this was the man talking on the speakers outside and now welcoming everybody. There was a vast number of seats on either side of the screen set up for the choir, but like stadium seating, each row higher than the one in front.


The event began with the man on stage saying some funny things. I don't remember what he said but people laughed and were being entertained. Then some videos were shown. I wondered what the jokes and videos had to do even with a fake church because they had nothing to do with any type of message. The video was about some type of rapper and how he had made it big. There was a vague message about life and maybe a music-type video afterward. In any case, there were lights and surround-sound and everyone seemed to be well entertained. Then they sang a song, not any song I heard before, but all the people sang it together; it seemed like the song was half about the theme of the video (some type of positive message) and half about some kind of worship song.

Then, all of a sudden, something weird happened. The man on stage said something like they were going to pray and all the people started to hold hands. I wondered how weird it was because they really didn't even seem religious when they came in and all of a sudden they were holding hands and about to pray. They repeated after the man something and then they all started to get on their knees and began to worship something to the right of the stage on a shadowy part of the wall. I did not take anybody's hand and was determined not to go along with it and kept standing. Nobody told me anything and I kind of expected someone to call me out, but as I looked around, they really just all seemed to be in a trance, not really knowing they were worshiping something off to the right of the stage. They were all bowing in the same direction. So I looked over there and it was just a black square box; though, as I looked at it, it was made of dark, smoked glass with gold-colored joints. To me it looked smoked black, just enough to see what was inside.


It looked like some sort of gargoyle, but without the wings. I couldn't make out the features but I could just kind of see the shape; it looked like it was made of stone. I either thought out loud or said, "Um ... people ... don't you all see that you are worshiping a demon inside the box?! " And they just kept bowing and saying some type of chant. At that point I had seen enough and without thinking or planning or even before I knew what I was doing I had picked up the box and thrown it onto the steps of the stage. The box didn't really break but the lid flew open and the stone gargoyle thing came out and as it bounced off the steps, its head broke off. As I looked around, the people seemed to be in a state of confusion and began realizing they were worshiping a demon in a box and I heard some people shouting, "It's a demon! " And, "What is going on?" And those type of out-loud comments and questions, as if everyone was waking up from some type of trance. Even the man on the stage seemed to be awakened from a trance and he looked in front of him and saw another black box. This box was directly below the stage, where the first row would be. I wondered where it came from, as I don't remember it being there before.

At this point, a few people had started to head out of the building but most were looking on and asking what was in the other box. This box was rectangular and I could also see through the smoked glass, but I guess the man and the others just saw black because he asked, "What is in this box?" And he came down the stage with a crowbar to open it. I began to say, "I don't think that's a good idea. Can't you see there is another demon creature in there?" It looked like some type of four-footed creature with a tail. Its head was facing away from me, so I couldn't really tell, but I knew it was some type of dragon-looking creature. Then I thought I saw its tail move a bit and said something like, "What are you doing? Don't open it! " But he kept prying open the lid and when he had cracked it open, he saw inside and the tail moved, so he tried to close it. I didn't feel led to go near it, but I began backing away, looking for the strategy to get out of there, as I thought to myself that it was going to come out and begin attacking the people. Sure enough, by the time I looked back, it had broken out of the box and had attacked the man.

[.]     [.]

It had wings and it began to fly and attack people, I thought to myself that it should not see me, as I had not worshiped the first demon made of stone, but at the same time I thought, well, it's a creature and it will just hunt on instinct, so I'd better get out of there. Of course, by this point, people were screaming and running out of there. I looked to the right of the stage, behind me, and I could see a side door that led down a hall to the front exit. So I started to walk fast to get out of there. I thought I should just fast-walk so as to have solid steps and because everyone else was running and crashing into one another. I made it outside the front door and started to run as soon as the crowd cleared up. I was running toward the car. (I remember during this whole ordeal that I was never scared or concerned of my well-being, as I felt sure in my trust in the Lord.) But as I ran I looked behind me and didn't really see anybody. All the rest of the people must have parked and run to the other side of the building because this side of the parking lot was empty. I could see my car parked way out there.

As I analyzed my surroundings, I began preparing for an attack from the creature, as I thought once the creature came out the main entrance, it was either going to turn one way or the other, and if it turned my way, I was the only one on this side and no doubt it would attack me!


I calculated all the types of attack moves that the creature would attack me with and what my counterattack would be. I looked behind one more time and saw the creature turn the corner my way and was quickly approaching. When it was close enough, it swooped down with its open mouth to bite me. I turned around and jumped toward it. I grabbed the top of its mouth and with the other hand the bottom, shut its mouth and did some kind of super move to throw it down to the ground with great force. Before it could even react, I had grabbed it by the tail and swung it around and hit it on the floor two or three times. Its life was gone. It was dead and I don't even think I broke a sweat.


For some reason, I carried it over to the white truck I was driving and threw it in the back. I started driving back to the front of the building, I guess to show them the dead creature, but the truck stopped. Even though I would press the gas, it would not move. Then the truck began to drive itself! It started going in reverse and I was a bit confused as to what was going on and wondered where I was being taken. I tried to gain control by turning the key off and turning the steering wheel but the truck's control was beyond me. It drove in reverse back down a little S-shaped road, trees all around, and unto what seemed like a narrow bridge or dam road. On one side it looked like dry, deserted land and there was a big drop-off, but one the other side, there was clear water. As I looked at the side with water and wondered where I was, I woke up.


My first thought as I awoke was that I didn't need to take the dead creature back to the front door of the building so they could see I had killed it. It seemed like pride and that's why, I thought, the truck didn't let me. So I repented from any pride I may have, so that I always give the glory to God, for it is only by His grace and power that we endure and have overcome the evil one, by the blood of the Lamb -- Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in us and thru us!

Below is a quick layout of the setting.


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