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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

The Harlot's Final Moments

Jenni Davis - 06/30/2009

I had a vision the other night. I cannot believe it took me a couple days to understand its meaning, as it is so incredible and obvious to me just now after God opened my eyes.

In my vision, a group of people, including myself, were kneeling around an old, dying woman who was on the ground, taking her last breaths of air. There were other people standing around watching the scene, but a small number of us were knelt beside her. She was a very old woman, heavily wrinkled and ancient-looking, to the point it was clear she had shrunk in her old age. She was decked out in the most humorous way to hide her age. She had an enormous, thick, long, blond, curly wig on to hide her balding, thin hair. She had decked herself out in thigh stockings and lots of fake jewelry. She was so "in costume" that she just looked hilarious, as she was trying to cover her age and recover her youth. She was fooling no one, of course; she looked like she was dressed up for a costume party -- like an old hooker.

As she lay there dying, taking her last breaths, suddenly, a horrifying-sounding demon started speaking out of her mouth. It was just like a Poltergeist movie. Here was this tiny old woman dying on the ground and this awful, male, evil voice started speaking in a language I could not understand out of HER mouth; it was clearly pure evil. I have no idea what she was saying but I could feel the evil in the air -- thick and awful --and her body slashed and flexed as she spoke these evil words forth.

Suddenly, all the other people who were knelt beside her started breaking into spiritual warfare to combat the demon that was speaking. They were flailing their arms, pointing their fingers, binding demons and speaking in tongues in their own chaos all around her. My mouth dropped a bit and my eyes widened a bit, watching this mad display going on around me as this old woman lay hardly breathing, but still managing to speak forth evil. I remember thinking, what in the world is going on here?

Like a mother who is tired of watching someone rock her whaling baby in a wrong way and she finally gets frustrated and screams, "Give me that baby!" and snatches the infant into her own arms, I did the same. I took the old woman's upper torso into my arms and pulled her to my chest (my heart), out of their flailing hands and away from their words, and I held her to my heart and said, "Jesus". One time only. Instantly, the demon(s) were gone! She was instantly healed and alive and she jumped to her feet and ran around happy and jumping like a little kid. Everyone was shocked, including me a little. It felt like such a natural response to pull her to me, that I was also shocked at the result. I only saw her for a second before the vision ended,but I saw that her wig and the rest of her costume was falling off.

I am embarrassed to say it took me two days to realize it was the false harlot church that is the old woman, who even now lays dying. (Note from David: I believe this old woman more specifically represents a body of people in the midst of the larger Harlot church who will turn to God because of the love of more mature brethren who will reach out to them like Jenni did here.) God knows what evil she will speak as she takes her last breaths (what more or new madness she will speak) and who will listen to it, but I do know how some will try and fight it. They will try and fight it with their own wisdom, their own power, their own warfare. It will not work.

Jesus is the hero, He is the answer and He is the dragon slayer. He knows how to fight; it is our job to call on Him. He lives in our heart; we are his bride if we understand and know His love. It is His love in us and through us that will conquer the demons that hold the church captive (harlot church). She IS loved and out of love and genuine empathy for anyone who is lost, confused, bewitched and evil, we should do as God says: "Bring them to me and I will give them life". All we do is hold them in our hearts and love them in Jesus' name and He will give them life. He will accomplish this --not us.

I am reminded in this vision of the day that God asked me if I wanted to know what the "Best spiritual warfare is" and I eagerly said, "Yes! Tell me!" He said this slowly to me: "Close your eyes, lay your head on my chest and rest". It is finished. It is all His work; we just call on Him.

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