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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

The Last Day

Debra Klein - 08/21/2009
(David's notes in red)

I was at a friend's beautiful, large house, who is presently unknown to me. It was a gathering of sorts, i.e., a barbeque. All the guests -- men, women, children, including myself, were gathered on the front lawn, some sitting in large white, Adirondack chairs, children playing, a bright sunny day -- a family affair outing. My youngest son, Jason, was there also, but was only about 15 years old in this dream. (This represents the "family" of God "feasting" at the "ingathering" of His "beautiful, large house" at the end of the seven days of tribulation. {Exo.23:14} Three times thou shalt keep a feast unto me in the year. {15} The feast of unleavened bread shalt thou keep: seven days [tribulation] thou shalt eat unleavened bread, as I commanded thee, at the time appointed in the month Abib (for in it thou camest out from Egypt); and none shall appear before me empty: [All must come with fruit and eat the unleavened bread of the pure Word.] {16} and the feast of harvest, the first-fruits of thy labors [Man-child to the throne], which thou sowest in the field: and the feast of ingathering, at the end of the year, when thou gatherest in thy labors out of the field [The rapture, as they call it]. {17} Three times in the year all thy males shall appear before the Lord Jehovah. The Marriage Feast was also the last seven days, after which they went to the Groom's home in heaven and the marriage was consummated, for the Bride, represented by Debra, said He was "presently unknown to me".)

All of a sudden, on the near horizon, approximately two miles away, a huge, shiny, aluminum-bodied, B-20 bomber appeared in the sky, flying low and heading straight for us. It did a nosedive and FELL OUT OF THE SKY and exploded in the green, grassy, open field directly across the highway! (This is a symbol of the Psalm 91 Passover protection given to the saints on the last day. The B-20 bomber was on the drawing board in 1938 but was never built, so it's no danger to the saints. :)) You can imagine the shock and dismay. Everyone started yelling and screaming and running in sheer panic, but I stood there, totally calm and peaceful in my spirit, my eyes fixed on the sky and the Lord said to me, "THIS IS THE LAST DAY".

During this outing, a neighbor who lived in a large, high-rise apartment building across the highway, cattycorner to my friend's house, asked me what was this all about. I turned and told her, "IT'S THE LAST DAY!" She screamed in fright and said that she had to go and warn the tenants in her apartment building and proceeded to run across the highway and into the apartment building. She no sooner entered the building and another low-flying plane approached from the right and the entire engine detached and flew out the back of the plane directly into the neighbor's apartment building, exploding and killing all the residents on contact! I watched and stood still, not moving a muscle since the first plane crash, gazing on that building and weeping for the souls inside, all the while having total peace in my spirit. (The apartment building that was destroyed at the last day represents the apostate harlot church, which will be destroyed by the beast, as in Rev.17. It is many apartments, representing individuals, built together for a temple that was supposed to be for God. Their fear and unbelief is a reflection of souls not right with God.)

The people at our outing were screaming and crying, asking me what was going on and I told them it was THE LAST DAY, the day we have all been waiting for was finally here and to gather the children and get in the house. (The Bride's job in the last seven days is to get the children of God into His house so the blood of the Passover Lamb could protect them.) After we were all in, I told my son to gather them all in a circle and we knelt and prayed for protection. During that prayer, the Lord directed me to get them all up in the attic. So I directed the parents to grab every blanket they could find for themselves and their children and to immediately get in the attic. (The high places of God.) Once there, I told them to wrap up in the blankets and not make a sound because now the foot soldiers would be on their way in. (The invasion of America will come at the beginning of the last day of the Lord, which is one year in which the Harlot and Beast are destroyed for persecuting the saints: {Isa.34:8} For Jehovah hath a day of vengeance, a year of recompense for the cause of Zion. As with Noah's ark, the saints leave 40 days after this flood of judgment against the wicked begins. They will be in the protection of the ark of Jesus.) I explained to the little ones the extreme importance of not making a sound, that their lives depended on it and that if they had to cough or sneeze to cover their mouths with the blanket to muffle the sound, even if they had to pee to not worry about it and just do it and they all understood and obeyed.

Next thing I knew, I was handcuffed with my hands behind my back, my son Jason holding on to my left arm and being escorted by a soldier dressed in green fatigues with a flat-topped cap and a black ban on the left arm of his green uniform jacket and pistol drawn in his right hand, inside this huge warehouse filled with tall boxes on either side of the middle cement corridor to a room at the back. I knew he was going to shoot me in the head once we arrived at the back room. I had total peace about it and thought, finally it will all be over in just a few minutes, but was so very disappointed that I wouldn't get to see the Lord coming in the clouds, my Beloved coming for His Bride, as I thought I would. We arrived at the back room, my heart pounding in anticipation of that gun to my head and the noise as he pulled the trigger. He turned me around and I knew this was it, but to my surprise he smiled at me and I thought that he was going to beat me, pistol-whip me first; instead, he reached around behind me and unlocked the handcuffs. I asked if he was going to shoot me and he said, no, and preceded to remove his uniform cap and jacket and told me he was a believer and we all three rejoiced and thanked the Lord and I woke up. (God will preserve, "We who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord", in various ways until the end of the 40 days that the ark sets on the earth while the rains and flood rise to destroy the wicked. "Only with thine eyes thou shalt behold the reward of the wicked".)

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