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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

The Mark, Wilderness & Faith For Children

Deanna Blakeman - 01/06/2008
(David's notes in red)

My husband and I were walking next to this line of people that went on for miles leading up the steps to the top of a giant slide. Looking at the line, I could tell that the multitude of people in this line were waiting single-file like robots (controlled by men) to climb the steps of this giant slide. At the top of the slide they were issuing the mark of the beast and then they would slide down. (Like a slide, this mark is irreversible and will separate the sheep from the goats to purify the body.) My husband and I walked to the side to go around the slide -- it was not our destination but we were heading to the land behind the slide that went up and overa hill to a barren desertwithout grass. (Peter and Isaiah said",All flesh is as grass". This is the wilderness tribulation of death to self.) I remember thinking, is this the land appointed for our nourishment? (The wilderness where God tries the people and supplies every need for us to grow up in Him.)

An officer stopped us and asked to see a passport. (Leaving the kingdom of the world for the kingdom of God on earth.) Realizing I didn't have one, I looked over at my husband who said, "God will take care of it, He will let us through". (God's officers, who are His five-fold ministry, pass His elect into His kingdom.) I gave a brief prayer while the officer looked over my husband's passport; inside the passport were 3 children's pictures -- my husband's childhood photo, my childhood photo, and a photo of my son Isaac. (Our passport to our nation is to become as a child, as Jesus said. Our fruit is as Isaac, the promised seed.) The officer looked at both my picture and my husband's, compared them, and said we were destined to be together. (One in Christ) Then the officer asked us if the third picture was our offspring (he was referring to him as our "seed", our "works"). We confirmed that he was. (The seed of our works of righteousness is "Christ in you, the hope of glory" but also our natural children.) The officer handed back the passport and pictures. The man then was lying on a bed as my husband spoke to him for a moment. (God's officers abide in His Sabbath rest from their own works. This will differentiate them from the worldly five-fold ministries. In the meantime I looked at the three pictures and realized they were all very similar; they all looked like the same person in the pictures. ("Christ in you, the hope of glory".)

The officer excused us to keep going and he got up to walk back. My husband then asked me while we were sitting there, "Do you think this is Great Tribulation?" I replied, "Yes, I suppose it is". (If you have to ask it can't be that bad but the mark of the beast will be given in the Great Tribulation.) My husband explained how proud he was of me, and how far I've come in Christ. With that we stood up, I grabbed the purse I had with me and a marker, which I put the top back on when we stood up and held it up in my hand. I said to my husband, "I don't know how my children are gonna get there, but nevertheless, they'll get there; Let's go". (Our children are marked with God's mark by our faith. We need to confess the Word for them.) We continued up the hill, and as my husband spoke on his cell phone to another brother on the signs that had been accomplished for this to be happening, I wondered, why just one passport? And within me it was answered, "A Lamb for a house". We continued up the hill to the land, careful not to look back and become a pillar of salt. (Lot was going to the "little city" of refuge when his wife, who cared too much for the world, became salt. Household salvation is in the Word. Acts 16:15,31; 11:14; 18:8; 2:39; Ex.12:3; 1 Cor.7:14)

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