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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

The Master's Plan Is Given

Gabe Watson - 11/21/2010
(David's notes in red)

Part 1: I went to pray on Saturday night for full reconciliation for someone who was falling away. I could not pray. As I tried my prayer returned to me. The word came to me, "I'm moving him out of the way to make room for another from the west".

Part 2: I had a dream Sunday night. It took place in the future. David had just received this email from me, which I wrote above as Part 1. David responded to the email by handing me a master plan. (The email was sent to me on Monday, 22, 2010. I responded by sharing this interpretation of the parable of the master plan. This is the David's/Man-child's mission, to receive and give revelation from the throne of God's plan on earth. Moses went up the mount to receive this and came down with his face glowing. Jesus also received this master plan and gave it to the disciples.) I knew this master plan to be the work needed to be done by the people in the ministry.

The master plan appeared to me in a hologram-form shaped as a square. As I looked at the square before me, I knew it to be the uncomely parts of the body. (There are many, many uncomely parts now but they will change through the Word from heaven. Remember this started with a falling away in Part 1 and now we see a raising up in Part 2. {Luk.2:34} ... Behold, this [child] is set for the falling and the rising of many in Israel; and for a sign which is spoken against... This is the master plan.)

The hologram began to change, like a slot machine changes its images as it goes around. Different numbers began flashing and in my mind I knew them to be the different workings in the ministry. (The falling of the old order and raising up of the new five-fold ministers, the deacons [ministries] and the gifts in the ministry.)

I also realized that the positions were growing into greater honor in the body and they started to become chess pieces. (These growing in the image of Christ.) I was waiting for the hologram flashes to go up to the highest honors in God. But as I was watching it go up, it came to the rook piece and I was taken out of the dream. That was the last thing I recall from this dream. (The revelation didn't go up to the king, who is normally the highest honor, because in this dream the King gives the highest honors to those "in God", as the dream says. The game is centered around the King and He is never taken. The highest honor didn't go as high as the queen because the Man-child is the head of the Queen on earth, just as David was the head of Jerusalem, which is the Bride, according to Revelation 21:9,10. The rook is the second most powerful piece on the chess board and has the highest honor the revelation went to and represents the Man-child.

Excerpt from Chess Rules for Movement of the Rook:

The rook, shaped like a castle, is one of the more powerful pieces on the board. (The rook is represented by the lookout portion of a castle. Where "watchman" would stand and fight to protect the castle. An MC has power to defend the Castle of Zion.) The rooks, grouped with the queen, are often thought of as the "major pieces". (An MC can be seen with the queen and has a major advantage against a foe.)

Rooks are worth a bishop or a knight plus two pawns. (MC's are greater than bishops or overseers and knights or warriors.) The rook can move any number of squares in a straight line along any column or row. (MCs only move on a straight path that is not impeded.) They CANNOT move diagonally. (Never a crooked path.) The rook can move or capture only on this straight line. (Can only take leadership by walking on the straight path.) The simplicity of the rook's movement is indeed what makes it powerful. (MCs, like Jesus, have a simple life and walk, with power.) It can cover a significant area of the board and there are no areas which an opponent's piece -- moving one square at a time -- can slip through. (MCs can move supernaturally to far places. The enemy cannot deceive them or outmaneuver them.) The rook may also make a move in conjunction with the king. (Like Jesus said, "I do always those things I see of my Father".)

Witnesses Winning
Thalia Dowling - 11/29/2010

I could hardly believe it when I heard Debra Stanley's testimony on Sunday about her "hearing" vision of the baseball game and the pre-called plays and the cheering and the whole scene was incredible. Well, I also had a dream about the same time, only I was in the stands of the games being played that she was listening to. I saw the two witnesses playing against the evil forces and we were winning. In the dream, the knowledge of the fact that we were winning was so incredible and I was in the stands shouting and worshipping God so much that I was sobbing and sobbing with emotion at the way the "game" was going. We knew the major event was coming up and I saw the two witnesses winning. My mother came into the room and woke me up, to my chagrin. And then the window closed. I pondered the dream and have tried to hold on to it but, alas, as all dreams do, they fade away. I wish I could hold on to the emotion of the dream.

This dream fits perfectly with Debra Stanley's "hearing" vision. I just thought it ought to be shared with the body.

I also have a friend, when I told her about what happened and the confirmation I received Sunday by her testimony, she remembered she had a word from the Lord when her brother had a death-bed conversion and then died. The Lord sent her a word which she is sending to me that I will send to you when it comes that also fits amazingly. The Lord told her that He was putting him in the cloud of witnesses to cheer on the game players or something like that. Amazing stuff!

I hope this will be a blessing to all, as it has been to me.

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