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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

The Woman Escapes to the Wilderness
LaKeisha Davis - 04/22/2014
(David's notes in red)

In this first dream, there was a long hallway and a utility room was at the end. (Wikipedia: A utility room is generally the area where laundry is done. Utility room is more commonly used in British English, while North American and Australian English generally refer to this room as a laundry room.) There were three black men in the utility room. (A place for those who have walked in darkness to get their clothes or works cleaned.) They were trying to hide from soldiers who appeared to be German. (UN martial law troops after apostate Christians?) There was a little black box connected to the roof that held the lights in it. The men decided to hide in there. (They will be driven by fear of the Lord to hide in a measure of the light of the Word that they have and a measure of grace.) They were helping each other get in (to the secret place of the Most High). There was no physical way that even one of those men could fit in that box in real life. (The secret place is no bigger than the renewed mind of Christ. The mind is in the top of the spiritual building of God's people.)

They were all muscular and bald and too big to fit into that little box. (In their immaturity, they were strong in their lack of submission but they had come to the right place for them, a place of grace and safety in seeking God.) But I got to see inside the box it was much bigger on the inside than it looked on the outside. (As big as Heavenly places in Christ.) They fit in there but they were close together. (There is constrained and conformed unity for the denominational in the secret place of the Most High, for they have a common enemy.) One of the men decided to get back out for something. (Those who leave the secret place during these times endanger their lives. If the Israelites left their homes with the blood on the doorposts, the destroyer would kill them. This parable is showing that one out of three will fall away and be killed.) A uniformed soldier in black saw him. The black man wanted to go back in the box but he didn't want to reveal the others' hiding place. When the soldier shot the man to kill him, then I could see through his eyes. As he sat dying, the soldier made a slick remark about his family in a threatening way. (The family of those who seek God are threatened by the Beast. We have received many words about the apostates being given to the Beast for crucifixion, which some will be lost for refusing.)

The scene changed. I was in the backyard of a huge three-story white house. (House of those growing in sanctification: spirit, soul and body.) The grass needed to be mowed but it wasn't that bad. (A little work left to be done on crucifying their flesh.) I saw a big red truck in the parking lot that kind of looked like the parking lot with the wood chips on it up on Sonshine Mountain. Well, it was Michael L's truck. He was leaving. I became worried about being there alone. But just as he was leaving, I saw a white truck with a loaded tailgate on the back like Michael H has. But it wasn't Michael H. It was three or four men coming to work on the house. The driveway was steep like David's driveway. I was standing in the garage. I remember seeing one man there who was a little older and had a beanie on (representing one under the law). He was dressed in dark clothing and was a little grungy. (You cannot be clean under the Law. Cleansing comes by faith through grace, not works of the Law.) I didn't get a good vibe from these men, so I went into the kitchen through the side door and locked it. (The kitchen in the white house is a place of safety for the spiritual food of the Word is prepared there.) I believe I was on my phone, talking to someone about my concerns. I saw the doorknob handle jiggle. I didn't know if the men were there for a good purpose and I didn't want to offend them if they were, so I opened the door. And I remember the confused look on the man's face because I had locked the door. (Our association with those under the Law is for their good but they cannot come into the white house until they are delivered of the confusion of the bondwoman and justified by faith in the promises.)

I was now in the bigger part of the kitchen and I remember my boss Vicki being there. I believe I was getting something to drink as well. I knew that some soldiers were coming and she suggested that I hide in the basement. But I didn't think that was a good idea. (Hiding in the earthly will not protect from the Beast.) The house had three levels. But where the roof may be 10 feet high in a normal home, they were at much taller levels. And all the rooms were toward the back of the house. And toward the front of the house were all the stairs, windows and door. I went up to the third story where there were many lights on. (Rising to the most Heavenly level, where the most light of the Word is, will bring protection. Put the Word in your heart saints, for that which is borne of the Word is eternal life. {Rom.8:6} For the mind of the flesh is death but the mind of the spirit is life and peace. {1Pe.1:24} For, All flesh is as grass, And all the glory thereof as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower falleth: {25} But the word of the Lord abideth for ever. And this is the word of good tidings which was preached unto you.)

I walked into all of the rooms, turning the big lights off so that the soldiers would think no one was home, but I left the lamps on. (Keeping a low evangelistic profile, being weak to the weak when faced by the Beast.) I remember walking into David's room, too. It was very simple. Then I went into a larger room where others were. I remember Trish and Robin and at least one other woman from fellowship. There were also other women there and one man. (The Son of Perdition False Prophet head of the Harlot groups.) Some of the other women wanted some snacks, like sugar donuts and sweets. (They wanted to only hear sweet things for the flesh.) I advised against it but they left anyway and didn't come back. (The white house is being cleansed of them.) I went out the room into the hallway and I could see through the bottom floor windows a uniformed soldier in black about to enter the house. The weather was sunny earlier but now it was raining. I went back into the room and strongly suggested that they lower their voices because the soldiers were still there. Someone said to them, "A woman; they left already". I looked out the bedroom window and could see the red lights on the back of their leaving vehicle. (God's purpose for the Beast army is to capture those who need captivity for crucifixion, the apostates who had left the white house. The rest were safe. {Rev.13:10} If any man [is] for captivity, into captivity he goeth: if any man shall kill with the sword, with the sword must he be killed. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.)

I was then in the back of a van with others. A man was driving. I remember stopping at a school. I got out of the car with the man. We had to walk past a German soldier. He was wearing a black uniform. I walked past him but he didn't see me. (When walking with the Lord/Man-child, we can be invisible in the secret place.) The man went inside the building and came back out. A Hispanic-looking man became suspicious about me and went to rat me out (those foreign to the Kingdom, like Judas). But the man who was with me before looked a little different now and he spoke to someone in German and they let us go. (Like Jesus passing through the multitudes who wanted to capture Him. The Man-child will have the same ability to save the Woman. {Joh.17:12} ... I kept them and not one of them perished but the son of perdition that the scriptures might be fulfilled.) I asked him where the car was parked because I was afraid to walk past the German soldier again. He was there to check on who was German and who wasn't. Although there was no way he could have physically moved the van, it was far away from the soldier at the end of the parking lot. (The supernatural will be available to the Man-child to save the Woman.) I got in the van with him and I was in the back hiding. I remember being on the road again. Then I arrived to a small little house much like my own and it was in the middle of the woods. I was to be safe there while all this was going on. (The Woman of Revelation 12 fleeing the Beast into the safety of the wilderness.)

Second Dream

I was in a mall-like setting (the merchants of Babylon) and I went into the restroom (to be cleansed of their ways and teachings). It was unusually big. There was some others in there with me. I knew that there was a dinosaur purposely put in there. I just knew that it was a green female dinosaur that resembled a raptor, except it was a little bigger and it had a yellow underbelly. (In Revelation 12, the Dragon chases the Woman into the wilderness where she is raised and protected by the Man-child.) The women with me and myself went to the opposite end of the restroom, away from this dinosaur. It had awakened. (Tribulation had begun.) I've had dreams where the dinosaur was frozen but about to come to life; this one did come to life. We started to look for an escape route but there was only a little window. (A small window of escape that may be closed later.) We started climbing through it. I knew the dinosaur was running fast like a raptor and was hungry. I was one of the last ones to go through the window. The dinosaur tried to get me and clawed my ankle but I made it out. On the other side of this window were uniformed soldiers in black and I think a mixed-race woman was their captain. They all had guns and they were waiting for this thing. (The soldiers seem to be foreign UN troops which are part of the dragon. A civil war in the Beast? The second seal red horse rider? Perfect distraction for the Woman to flee.) Myself and the other women kept running. I knew the raptor had broken free and was attacking the soldiers. There was a little more to the dream that I can't remember right now. God bless you!

Some confirmations: Today a coworker said she is using a dinosaur kit which they hardly ever use. (These are decorations to put on a cake. This one had a toy dinosaur in it.) And my first customer ordered German bologna and I was using the restroom in the third stall and someone put a piece of paper there that read, "Signs of the last days and the second coming of Christ" with scriptures. I thought God was wanting me to pay attention to the dream.

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